New Civilization News: The Labyrinth .. of my MInd    
 The Labyrinth .. of my MInd
picture 10 Jan 2004 @ 05:11, by Scotty

Jeff said "watch your mind at all times"
hmmm ...he of course has never had a peek inside my head - thank goodness - for him!

He got me thinking though - and I thought - and I thought and ...I found myself in a maze !
hmm Now I know where amazed comes from - heh heh heh!
I got to thinking about mazes - and then I thought about a labyrinth.............

In contrast to a maze (a puzzle of choices and dead ends), a labyrinth is a circular, spiraling walkway with a singular path — you reach the center and return on the same path.

Modern labyrinth walkers often speak enthusiastically of heightened senses, renewed spirit, and awakened self-awareness.
The labyrinth is a "right brain" activity and to walk it, you shut off reasoning and welcome contemplation.

There are three basic phases to a labyrinth walk.
The first is moving toward the center - this is a journey inward.
The second is standing in the middle - this is for reflection.
And finally - emerging from the labyrinth - this is about letting go.

Easier said than done methinks !

I have real difficulty quieting the chatter in my mind long enough to hear what my soul ( or the real me ) is trying to tell me.
Meditation is the art of paying attention, of listening to ones heart and learning to be present in the moment.... this is not my strongest quality !

Sometimes without even realising it, I have a tendancey to withdraw from the present and live in the past or the future.
I know that staying in the past is holding on to learned negative behaviors and patterns that no longer serve me... this sometimes makes me angry or unhappy - what's worse is - this stops me from seeing that I can untangle myself from this horrible sticky spider-web - which if the truth be told is entirely of my own making.

I firmly believe that the circumstances of my life were 'chosen' even before I was born (by me of course) so that I can continue to learn lifes lessons - whatever they may be.
But until I learn these lessons I'm going to stay caught in this web of mine and only the circumstances will be changing... and more than likely looming over me larger and larger - as the need to learn the lessons grows.

Meditation brings us into the present and teaches us to accept the past and let go of these old behaviors.

One of the first things I have to learn - is to allow myself to come to the quiet place within .. to stop the panic in my mind ...that runs around in circles trying to find the noise and unrest that is my customary state of mind -
I have to learn to transform this fear .. and trust my intuition !

.....maybe I'll leave a legnth of string behind me - hoping that Jeff might come in to find me - if it becomes neccessary !

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