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picture 18 Jul 2004 @ 17:03, by Scotty

I’m just wondering what kind of changes we’re going to to be seeing in this new Milinium .
Lot’s of people have been around to see new centuries – but hey – we’re just the second lot to see the begining of a new Milinium so – I’ve got to suppose that it isn’t given to everybody eh !
But I’m just wondering what it might mean for mankind – what kind of lessons are we going to learn from the past – what kind of future are we going to create with the acts that we do and the thinking that we have today !
I’m just wondering if religion will still be around for the next several hundred years or so – will we carry our religious beliefs and prejudges into the ‘next ‘ milinium – or will we maybe learn something first !

I’m kind of hoping that all religions will just sort of die out – fade away ! You see – I can’t help but feel that all religions and dogma’s aren’t really about ‘God’ at all ! (or whatever you want to call it) !
I can’t help but feel that all religions are about ‘I’m right’ and ‘You’re Wrong’ – or my God is better than your God - Our dogma’s and teachings are the Only ones that are True !
Etc etc etc !

For example – a lot of christians believe that if you don’t believe in Christ then you can’t get into heaven !! You know what ! That leaves out about two thirds of the worlds population !
It makes me think too that this kind of religious teaching only teaches Christians to think/believe that they are better than any other religion ... maybe they’d feel uncomfortable in admiting it – but it does end up with the kind of My religion is better than Your religion way of thinking that is predominant today !
( I take pains here to underline that I am not anti-christian – or anti-anything ! I say Christians as an example !!Choose any religion you want to put in the place of ‘Christian’ if that pleases you !)

No matter what the religion – if they believe that their way is the better way the only way – then it’s only a matter of time before a fixed way of thinking takes over and it eventually becomes my neighbourhood is better than your neighbourhood – and on and on and finally it becomes My Nation is better than Your Nation – and I think we all know where that leads us !!We end up really believing that ‘God’ is on our side and we go out killing each other left right and centre – and feel quite justified about it !

I don’t think the next new Milenimum will be anything like this one was – heavily bloodstained as I recall !!
I think that there’s a change happening!
I think that people are begining to waken up to their ‘spirituality’ – people are begining to look around and see that others too are awakening !

I don’t think there will be gods in the future – I think there will be spiritual people – that we will become more aware - more in tune with who we are and what we are – we might even learn to unify our energies - and eventually ‘Be’ !!

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