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 A Dream
picture 2 Feb 2005 @ 12:56, by Scotty

The Shepherd's Dream, from `Paradise Lost'
Henry Fuseli

I've just finished reading a book that Astrid sent me for christmas - The Shift by John England ! (Thankyou so much Astrid)
When I got the book I thought hmmm it's going to be more political stuff and sighed !
I started reading it all the same - and then I just couldn't put the damn thing down !
It's the best book that I've ever read !!!
It isn't the best written book that I've ever read - but !! I think it's changed me somewhere inside !!!

I can't help thinking that me - who's always been so 'anti-politics' - well - If I could ever find a party like the one in the book then I'd go with them - hell I'd even work for them !!

I ended up trying to find some kind of party on the net that even vaguely resembled them ( them - being the new party in the book) and came up with zero nada zilch nought nothing !
I thought hmm - maybe I'm supposed to try and 'dream it into existance' !

Sounds daft doesn't it ! hahahaha
I suddenly had this image of everyone trying to dream this party into existance - and I thought hmmm - maybe they are ! Maybe everyone who's read this book feels just like that too!

Maybe everyone is going to start dreaming of a Political Party that is going to be born - one that is going to change the way we look at and incorporate alternative ways of living - and begin to construct a path of change - so much so that the earth will begin to heal and we'll have something worthwhile to pass on to our children and our childrens children !
Maybe the book is going to be some kind of self-fulfilling prophecy !!!
One thing I do know - I want things to change - and the change has got to begin with me - and for the first time ever I KNOW that the Earth is my mother !

Martin Luther had a dream - and now I have one too !

Do try to read the book if you can - it's brilliant !

I believe this is SO important that I've decided to post this....

A note from John English and the Prophecy from The Shift

A new friend of mine has stressed the importance of posting the prophecy from The Shift on the internet, and since so many things that were written in the book have come to pass, I also feel this is a good idea. I am not claiming to be a prophet, it’s just that the prophecy in The Shift came to me in the same way the rest of the story did. I have always believed and I still believe that the future at all levels is up to us. This includes earth changes and impacts from comets, asteroids or meteors. I didn’t know when I saw the asteroid that I talk about in the novel that other people (prophets, remote viewers, etc.) had seen it also. It is all up to us; with this in mind I am sharing the prophecy from my novel The Shift.

A Prophecy From the Earth
As received and transcribed by the hand of Father J.
Morales during the year of our Lord AD 1999

The earth is facing a time of great change for the people who live on her belly. It is up to the people who rely on her for life to decide whether this will be a peaceful loving transition or a time when mankind’s population will be needlessly and drastically reduced. This choice is up to mankind. Mankind has always had free will to evolve to Christ consciousness anyway it chooses. “Armageddon” as man chooses to call it, is not necessary. The future has always been made of potter’s clay that takes a long, long time to harden. This clay is molded and shaped by the hands of man collectively. As time has passed mankind’s decisions have hardened the clay and made it less and less pliable. The Mother Earth has been watching and waiting for her children to wake up and remember several things. Indeed many of her children have been waking up, and practicing conscious living. The pace of this awakening has accelerated in recent years. This is very pleasing to God. The universe has asked the earth to delay her decision a little longer, and she has agreed.

The Mother Earth wants mankind to awaken from its slumber and remember its true destiny, which is to become enlightened, and realize its divine nature as apart of God. This is what all the masters have experienced, and is the destiny of all. How mankind realizes this destiny and what experiences it creates is entirely up to it. These are the requirements of the Mother so she can maintain her place as mankind’s caretaker:

Love your neighbor as you love yourself. If you don’t know what love is, or how to love, find out quickly and make it a priority in your life.

Live consciously and make a pact with me: to love and care for me on every level and in every aspect of your existence. Everything you have including your body comes from me. Be mindful of this and no longer waste my resources. This can be accomplished very simply by paying attention to what and how much you buy, how you eat and taking care in conserving the resources I provide you.

Remember you are a part of nature, and not apart from it. Mankind as a whole has done it’s best to forget this fact. Many of you have been trying to live outside the laws of nature, the laws that every other species lives by. Regulate your population. This is the natural order of things.

I cannot sustain a population that is growing so fast. I cannot and will not let the destruction continue. This destruction has no purpose and certainly doesn’t serve who you truly are.

The next part of the prophecy was entitled:

The Role of the Church

Apologize for all past wrongs against any of mankind. The inquisition, participation in the extermination and mistreatment of indigenous peoples etc.

Abandon your stance on birth control and encourage it. Population control is the natural order for all species. Mankind is no different on this account.

Declare that women are equal to men in all things. Allow them and encourage them to have any post they desire, within and outside the church. Women because of their ability to bring forth life, and their natural tendency to love unconditionally, tend to be closer to the divine than men.

Fear and intimidation must no longer be used to control people. This includes using the threat of eternal damnation that doesn’t exist. This is not helping people to achieve enlightenment, which was one of the messages of Christ. We understand that this will be a leap of faith for the whole Christian church, and all of my children. Yet these changes are necessary. They are in fact, requirements.

The next part of the prophecy was entitled:

The Choice

Two years ago I conspired with the universe to create a condition that would ensure my survival. I am a living conscious being, and most of mankind has forgotten this. I have used my consciousness to draw an asteroid to myself. This asteroid will wreak enough havoc to reduce the human population by 80%. I will then go about healing myself with the help of the universe as I have done before. Astronomers will become aware of this fact one year after the inauguration of the new American President. The truth about the asteroid will not become public knowledge at first. Astronomers will correctly calculate a time of impact at seven years, seven months and seven days from the day of its discovery. If mankind turns from it’s present course, and realizes it’s true role as my caretaker; if it proceeds with respect for me, with the intent to heal me, and at least honors the requests made in this prophecy, then mankind’s love for its Mother will deflect or make the asteroid disappear altogether.


Footnote : There is such a Party ! [link]

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