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 I'm Ready !
picture 10 Aug 2005 @ 21:06, by Scotty

I am ready to accept positive changes in my life Now.

And to help me remember this I've printed out an Affirmations list and posted it on my wall !

Affirmations for Abundance & Prosperity

I NOW accept abundance into my life, as I am a deserving, divine being and always have been!
I AM responsible for all of my creations, and as of NOW I choose to be loving, joyful and positive in thought, word, action and emotion.
I AM now ready to manifest my dreams in the form of prosperity and abundance.
I AM aware that everything in the Universe is energy, and that positive thoughts, words and actions are attracted to each other.
I AM aware that the three steps to manifesting abundance are: Conceive it, Believe it, Receive it!
I AM aware that the tools for a happy, prosperous and healthy life are being loving, joyful and positive in thought, word, action and emotion.
I AM now willing to remove all clutter from my 3rd dimensional dwelling. This activity opens up new and sacred space, which I intend to fill with love, joy and prosperity.
I AM attracted only to positive people, and positive people are attracted to me
I AM the embodiment of abundance, which always manifests in my life as perfect health, plenty of wealth and constant happiness
My thoughts, words and actions are positive, loving and joyful. I AM in charge at all times
I AM aware that self-love heals me at all levels and reconnects me with my divinity
I create abundance by being impeccable in my choice of positive thoughts, words, actions and emotions. I am always lovingly truthful with others and myself
I AM truly grateful for everything that I have NOW
I trust and love myself, and I know that I have the power to create a positive, joyful and abundant life
I AM a magnet for divine abundance in the form of money, health and happiness
I choose to honor and love my body, my life, this day and every day. I AM thankful for everything
I AM aware that there is always more than enough for everyone on this planet, and that all souls deserve to live joyful, loving, healthy and abundant lives
I know and accept the universal law that sharing my abundance with others draws more abundance to me.
I AM happy and joyful about others' abundance and good fortune, as we are all One.
I lovingly and joyfully share my tools for success with others. I love to help to empower others whenever the opportunity arises
I AM aware that my dreams and hopes can and do create my reality. I choose to create a positive and abundant life for myself NOW
I AM aware that poverty consciousness is an illusion, and that the Universe is ready, willing and able to make manifest all of my heart's desires
My NOW is continuously filled with prosperity. I think it, feel it, believe it, act on it and create it at all times
I NOW choose to forgive all others and myself. I go forward on my new life's path in love and joy, creating abundance and prosperity with every step I take
I think, I feel, I believe, I love - therefore, I can do anything
I BELIEVE I AM able to create a life filled with love, prosperity and good health, and I manifest this by being loving to all others and myself at all times
I choose to believe that I am able to create my heart's desire, without limitation
I NOW choose to forgive all others and myself for any negative experience I have ever had, or ever will have. All of my experiences are simply stepping stones back to love, and I am grateful for the journey
I AM able to make my dreams of prosperity a reality by feeling them in my multi-body system, and by believing that they can and will come true for me
I AM NOW creating my heart's desire by being loving and joyful. I BELIEVE in myself and in this process
I AM divine, of free will and I choose to accept that abundance and prosperity manifests for me in the form of excellent health, endless supply of money and loving relationships with others. So Be It, and It Is Done!
I love every part of me, and I am grateful for all of my lessons offered. I AM ready to move forward into a loving relationship with myself, with spirit and all others, as this is the key to divine happiness
I choose to believe that I am worthy of love and all good things.

and here are some 'laws' to help me better understand how to have a better life .. [link]

(Still Life: The Abundance of Fruit ~Artist: Severin Roesen)

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