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11 Dec 2003 @ 18:31, by Geral W. Sosbee

To all mental dwarfs - assassins : This update is dedicated to all of you in the fbi, cia and similarly chartered/motivated groups of the United States and all other countries of the world:* Your methods will soon be known to all , as people everywhere question at once how it is that you have been so long in power and why you so miserably failed to bring about peace and harmony to the earth's population. The continual killing, imprisoning and torturing of the most noble of this earth's inhabitants reflects your sinister goals and inhumane methodology.
Further, the fall of the United States into Totalitarianism now brings upon all the world additional and unnecessary suffering and death ; those who survive begin to realize that the terrorists of the various nations making up the authority of new world order (principally the United States) are (in the final analysis ) a reflection of the failure of the citizenry to take responsibility for the atrocities of their own government. Excuses such as mind control of the masses, general lethargy and cowardice will not help to explain this vegetative syndrome that blankets the general population. The people must now pay for their hideous lack of attention to the cries of their brothers and sisters . I am saddened by this thought.geral sosbee
* America is awash in its own murderous guilt, cannot see the rainbow of Humanity and has no conception of the potential for human greatness.
"Through our own recovered innocense we discern the innocense of our neighbors."
(Henry D. Thoreau)

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11 Dec 2003 @ 19:50 by b : You say the People are going to pay?
You post that the FBI are hurting brothers and sisters. Who is going to make us, the people pay? If you can answer that you will not talk in generalities and non specifics. Though a threat is a threat...  

11 Dec 2003 @ 22:45 by Ashanti @ : Not a threat, a fact
I didn't hear that as a threat, rather as a fact - the consequences of turning up the TV to drown out the sound of the screaming, the consequences of deliberately tuning out to the immense suffering in the majority world, is that the forces who are ravaging our planet have free reign - which means more suffering, more hunger, more weird weather, more "war", more destruction, to the point that it will eventually penetrate the cocoons of those in denial. The technology is in the hands of these people, and there is nothing that can be done now (short of Divine intervention) to stop the use of these weapons, and the ultimate enslavement of our planet. Apathy has allowed these weapons to fall into the hands of the Prison Warders - it could have been stopped earlier, had we all been awake and vigilent. That is my interpretation.

I for one, know that allegations of the use of these weapons on selected targets are not fabrications or "conspiracy theory" - they are fact. Ashanti.  

11 Dec 2003 @ 23:02 by ashanti : More facts
...can be found at the website of one of the best magazines around on the subject, IMHO, namely: New Dawn Magazine. Excellent articles can be found here:  

12 Dec 2003 @ 03:07 by jazzolog : Try Humor
Often in the States, as you know well Geral, a joke or 2 can bring down the most horrific regime~~~


Here's hoping...  

12 Dec 2003 @ 11:53 by rishi : More facts
Well said Ashanti, your comments are excellent and to the point. Jazzolog, I've never known "humor" to bring down any horrific regime...the last I heard the unwashed truth does that.

Bbee, the people are already paying, as Ashanti pointed out.  

12 Dec 2003 @ 12:11 by spiritseek : There is so much listed on the net...
it would be easier to direct someones attention to the fact that most information can be gathered on the net at your leissure rather then posting alot of them here, it would take up alot of room. So anyone who doubts the connection to the world problems are due to the few in power and the dogs they hire to do their dirty work, can easily obtain sites on many topics. Of course discernment of the truth is up to the reader. There is a responsibility when reporting things of such importance and that is to include dates and names as well as locations as best you can, without some of those things most people will ignore it.  

13 Dec 2003 @ 01:51 by vaxen : Thanks geral,
Please, please, never ever give up! The times are dark, that's true, yet even one little candle can spread its' message at the speed of light, and beyond, into all hearts everywhere. The divine is within us all and a dedicated band of people really can move mountains. Let them take their best shot. They wo'nt see us coming till it is too late for them. So bide your time, brother, strengthen and fortify yourself, within, and be prepared for the final battle. It is surely coming down the pike. Have faith in yourself and in your ability to comunicate the truth as you know it. As you can see you are not alone.

"All war is deceit." Sun Yzu  

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