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18 Feb 2003 @ 20:20, by Don Dwiggins

This is a personal document, a record and companion of my journey toward understanding what I currently perceive to be (at this time) possibly the most urgent crisis for all of humanity, and what can be done about it (by me, and by “us”). I’m also writing it to an audience of others, some of whom I hope will help me flesh it out, and possibly lead to a group document.

Of necessity, it’s a work in progress, and will probably stay that way; that’s why I’ve added a version numbering scheme, inspired by my work in software development.

The crisis is triggered by the impending peak of petroleum production and its inevitable decline thereafter. The “short story” is that, according to several petroleum industry insiders (and their number seems to be growing), the peak is/will be occurring between about late 2002 and around 2010. After that, production will continually decline.

If this piques your interest, read the full document.

Note: It used to be posted here, but I recently noticed that the last of it was truncated. To view it in full, visit it here.

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18 Feb 2003 @ 21:47 by tdeane : Wow, Dwig!...
What an enormous challenge you have accepted! The way you are presenting it is so very readable, might I add. I'm going to make a copy, take the time to go to the websites you list, and if I can contribute anything, will be happy to do so. Not a pretty thought reality sometimes, but you deal with it beautifully and honestly, and you have made it a world project in asking for input from others, which I greatly admire. Thank you for sharing this responsibility for our Earth with us. Love ~ Tricia  

18 Feb 2003 @ 23:52 by shawa : Hey-ho!
Glad you made it to the Newslogs! :-)  

19 Feb 2003 @ 18:30 by sharie : A New Civilization
I appreciate your insights, your research, your commitment and your intention. There's a few of us here at NCN working on similar projects. Thanks for sharing your work here. I look forward to reading more.  

19 Feb 2003 @ 23:18 by sevenlamb : I agree...and join hands
And am working in similar domains. Specifically, to record and share a very general (non-dogmatic) lexicon of cognitive toys that save worlds. What led you specifically to this particular project? Was it revelation, or research?

my best to you in your ongoing efforts, let's collaborate! (co-elaborate)  

22 Sep 2004 @ 10:32 by maxtobin : Past the crisis
We all know how it will feel to live post crisis! Just a bit difficult to do it NOW for most.
Check the work of Dr Robert Adams (Nexus is a good place to start if google does not take you to {|revolutionary energy devices})  

22 Sep 2004 @ 12:36 by istvan : Aside from just words
I truly recognise the essence/meaning of your work and would like to participate in any way.
I am mainly interested in sustainable communities.
Contact me if you will.  

22 Sep 2004 @ 14:28 by qmal : On the sustainability path
Sounds like really cool project. I like your site, it flows and has great links. Yes' getting their individually in the brain is definitely the first step and personally taking action to such the second, I like it. I recently have taken a direction towards self sustainability, however I'm not too far along on the project yet. Mostly study for now. Have a few ideas. I think you have the time prediction down pat. I'll be back to it to read more, thanks.  

16 Jan 2005 @ 02:27 by astrid : This I like....
this I like alot!"....And this is not a matter of an examination of the types of governments, nothing to do with politics, nothing to do with economic systems. It has to do with the individual. Does the individual have the courage to really go along with the truth?" For every added Individual from the lines of Every-day People, who chooses the Step into Self Awareness, back into their own Genius, at least ONE person who used to hide within "Government/Institution/Organistation/ Group of ANY kind, will find their veil thinned, uncovering their Truth for Better or Worse a little bit more!... Eventually THEY too will be seen as nothing but individuals doing whatever they are doing!.... Hence accountability is growing among Mankind, tremendously, I believe!....This is exactly what we need!  

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