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 The Spectragon Theory
picture11 Mar 2003 @ 16:21, by Christopher Puccini

The primal desire that distinguishes man, among earthly creatures, is for an understanding of existence. The earliest approach to gain popularity was deductive reasoning or reductionism. This approach was based on the assumption that all things were composed of permutations and/or combinations of a finite set of fundamental elements. For example, Pythagoras’ belief that the material world was based on an elemental geometry of five-point symmetry that he termed the quintessential. Today we know that fractal recursion of fundamental relationships provide the underpinning of the manifested world.

Spectragon theory is based on the observation that three-dimensional space, by definition, has a geometry characterized by six-point symmetry. This theory demonstrates that this inherent property of six-point symmetry is a prerequisite for the functional integration of a temporal dimension.

The fundamental mechanical element required to allow this fourth dimension of Time, to manifest within spatial dimensions, is displacement. Displacement has two basic forms: linear and circular. Linear, for translation between loci, and circular, to allow a dynamic to exist within a fixed locus. In other words, the three spatial dimensions that constitute a domain for matter, are animated by temporality, which constitutes a domain for energy.

How is it that six-point symmetry is required to integrate linear and circular dynamics? There needs to be a link between linear and circular reckoning for the two to be functionally integrated. The radius of a circle serves as such a link. Using a chord the length of the radius to mark the arcs of a circle divides a circle into six equal sections (six-point symmetry). When four spheres of the same diameter are packed together the simplest Platonic solid, the tetrahedron is formed. In both illustrations, the forms are based on the equilateral triangle. The inherent symmetry of the equilateral triangle redirects a linear force vector into cyclic activity by oscillating each side in sequence. This happens because the direction of travel for energy from impact point (on a hypothetical equilateral triangle of dimensions resonant with the incident energy wave-length) will be determined by the grazing angle and the length of the “moment arm” presented by the side of the triangle, to initiate a cyclic cascade around the perimeter. Thus, the dynamic (temporal) component of our four-dimensional model of reality interacts with the static (spatial) components to bring it to life.

A classic example of this space-time interaction is found in the Sun’s radiant energy being transported to Earth as a wave (linear translation), which becomes distributed as a work-cycle as that energy is absorbed into the wave-guides inherent in the tetrahedral geometry of diverse atoms and molecules whose oscillations are phase-locked by their common energy source. This phenomenon of work-cycle synchronization among diverse collocated elements facilitates the synergy, driving evolution by favoring complexity over simplicity as an energetic strategy to oppose entropy.

Spectragons are the visual depiction of this functional relationship between matter and energy. In the Spectragon model, the six-point symmetry of the hexagonal grid is animated by the visible spectrum represented by the six physiologic hues. Each spectral component representing one of the six fundamental sectors of the circle as delineated by a chord equal to the radius. Therefore, each of these six sectors also corresponds to one of the six vectoral components of a wavelength, each of which connects one nodal point of a circle to the next.

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