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12 Mar 2003 @ 07:49, by Jeffrey Edelheit

Years ago during a time of insight it was revealed that the new light which is coming to the planet is called the Soular light.

Years ago during a time of insight it was revealed that the new light which is coming to the planet is called the Soular light. When we think about courses of energy we tend to think of the physical body as course energy and the darker or self serving our actions the courser the vibration. This is evident in human auras etc. The soular light is what will bring in what many are referred to as the New Age. What Christ or Yashua Buddah and many other spiritual leaders showed how to be in a physical body and bring fourth the light or energy of the soul. When the soul light is known there are no secrets as all are a part of the whole. When we can experience this light it is when we are most likely able to realize that all living matter has the exact same point of origin and everything by design has a true inner connection to all other matter.
On Saturday I went to visit Pyramid Lake in Reno Nev. and saw that as the soular light intensifies over the next 10 years or so until the shift at which time it will be come into its fullest manifestation, those whose action are course will now go into survival mode. Their way of being cannot continue to work the way it has in the past as the number of those accepting the soular light is gaining making it more of a challenge for the other energies. So we will see more and more what we call negative actions as they go into survival mode. We cannot change someone's light unless they are ready to see what created or manifested the heavier energies. Unless this happen the new light will be seen as a new marketing ploy for covering an old self serving way of being.

The other part of the equation is the natural way of balance as being in existence through the development of mother nature. WE cannot exist without the symbiotic relationship between all things. we as people must finally realize that we are in equal partnerships on this planet and without one the other will not be able to exist in its true form. An alteration will occur and make the embracing of the soular energies almost impossible. This means we need to all as individuals and groups take what positive actions we can to have the world constitution apply all life forms. Bring our water ways to a balanced state, renew the forest and lands. in summary embrace the true meaning behind sustainability. Allow no action to occur that takes more then we are willing to give back in return.


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