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 Young Entrepreneur
17 Nov 2004 @ 01:12, by Jose Overalles

Did anyone else ever try this one?

i got this one from the march 1964 issue of Fantastic Four Comic Book, one of a few FF comics i have in my possesion. I'd only have been two years old then, so the prices may be slightly off a bit from when i started selling Grit, about 11 years later. I think the price went up to fifty cents by then and my cut was maybe a quarter each. Ahh the freedom and responsibilities of the capitalist entrepreneur! I remember studying all of the selling points and going out with my first load of papers sent to me on consignment, and being quite pleased that i managed to sell all of them. I think they sent me a dozen or so. The thing was, it was a rural area i lived in then, so to find 12 customers, i had to cover quite a bit of territory. By foot. Probably a good couple miles of territory to pick up those quarters. But it was exhilerating to make money all of my own, for a while at least. The territory wore down my shoes after a while and i gave it up. Yep, my first job. My own boss. After i was done walking my route, i'd get my older foster brother to buy a pack of cigs for me. They were only fifty cents a pack then. Ahh for the simple times! I love the little question in the box to the right. Are you a boy? lol. no girls allowed? haha.

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