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17 Jul 2006 @ 21:40, by Bee

I have written a number of blog entries about the Newciv Gold Project and funding for a Newciv model community.
Originally what I proposed and have done now is create a company formation that is dedicated to discovery and devopment of gold mining in northern Neada, USA.

I have had a long and extensive experience with finding gold bearing properties, registring them and then proving them up.
I have taken an opportunity in 2006 to form the Majestic Discovery company in California to collect and register and devopment a gold ming property with proven reserves in Nevada. Gold is minded and milled in a variety of ways. The easiest types of gold to process is placer gold , that found near stream beads in gravel and quartz. There are many new high tech solutions available

I know a number of properties by personal experience and have kept in correspondence with technical people as to the most advantageous ways to develop these propeties.

I suggested all of this here at NCN to give some members opportunity to invest and receive a huge return on their investment in the form of this discovery company. It was my thought before making this proposal that of the 10,000 membership there should be qualified investors among the membership. People who have made investments in the past or are presently invested. Investments in things like mutual funds, stocks, commodities or even some members might have the knowledge and skills to play the market by observing the changing values and making puts andcalls. Or just investing in currencies. I have gained no knowledge of such members here.

From the responses that I have recieved to my various blog entries on these proposals and even my idea of using some of the profits to further and fund a model newciv community, I have had very little response. So I have taken the original proposal and presented it through several financial markets and there is interest in gold stocks, gold bars and precious metals that can be mined especially when the land can be restored after the mining.

So even if there is no direct participation by NCN members who don't or can't recieve profit I hope you wish me and these rojects well. I did and do want NCN members to profit from this experience. Even if there is little or no interest in individuals here possesing gold for keeping or for changing into goods or money. I still have some thought of benifiting members here whee I have been a long time NCN member. Maybe I will give each member one share of stock at the time when that happens. Would NCN membes accept a share?

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17 Jul 2006 @ 21:44 by scotty : Unbelievable
that non of the members chose to invest in your project .. I wonder why !!

Well - good luck anyway B.  

17 Jul 2006 @ 22:51 by b : Does that mean Scotty
that if I were to offer you a free share of stock in a gold mine, you would accept it from me?  

18 Jul 2006 @ 00:18 by scotty : What it means dear b
is .. I really do sincerely wish you the very best of luck with your project ..and if you were to offer me a free share of the stock I would thankyou very much and decline .. suggesting instead that you used it to help africans to become self sufficiant... or something like that .  

18 Jul 2006 @ 17:08 by b : Ha ha
the absurdity
of non participation
is communion  

18 Jul 2006 @ 19:56 by judih : b
i'm not in a position to invest anything but interest. Your project sounds fascinating and since you know the market and the commodity, i'm sure you'll do well.
Would i accept a stock? Sure, but i'd want to do something in return. I could help edit documents or other kinds of labour doable via the net.

In any case, best of luck!  

19 Jul 2006 @ 16:59 by b : Thank you Judih.
You are welcome. Not many others have volunteered to accept a free share of stock in a corporation. That may say something about my readers. I am going to make a post public offering value assessment.  

19 Jul 2006 @ 22:09 by b : By Extension, the Calculations,
and using foward thinking: at an initial public offering with assets of 250 million dollars in gold reserves and being mined and milled stock shares when issued public could be worth $200US per share with a gross value of ten billion dollars as a public company. So that one share per NCn member and there would be a cutoff time, is not ungenerous. Ignorance is not bliss when so few hee want more money in their pocket. I guess free does not mean that here.  

21 Jul 2006 @ 01:08 by expo001 : Devotion Costs

I'll take one Bee, and I'm sure Grogan would be happy to have one as well. Thanks so much for the generous gesture.

21 Jul 2006 @ 18:42 by b : Excellent, Expo
I will put both you and Grogan on the list to recieve a share. Of course the members here are going to have to agree on how to participate in creating and maintaining a model new civilization community that I am trying to dedicate here. Devotion does cost and I am prepared to pay.  

23 Jul 2006 @ 18:14 by expo001 : Much Obliged
Thanks B. Any way you can front me the share as times are tough? Out of curiosity, B, will the curtains be moving in the new civilization?  

24 Jul 2006 @ 18:50 by b : I am not selling shares
I guess that you missed the give word. I don't think there will be curtains in the new civilization, too much dust, maybe thought controlled tinting and untinting of windows. Of course we may all be hunkered down in bunkers. It's great to see so much response to this blog and the project for a new civilization. We need more newciv visions.
And Cheetah went somewhere?  

14 Aug 2006 @ 19:50 by swan : I would be happy
receive a share too, bee. I am happy you are pursuing this idea even though you are not finding the kind of interest at NCN that you had hoped. NCN might not be a good gage for success. Thank you so much for making the offer.  

15 Aug 2006 @ 19:14 by b : You are welcome Swan
I was surprised that more people at NCN are less interested in changing civilization for the better then in just not knowing. I think it will take a number of nevciv ocmmunities that are populated with like minded people for people to start to change their ways. I think that you will be happy with a share when it becomes public.  

16 Aug 2006 @ 23:16 by b : I see a new civilization being started
by creating many new communities dedicated to a new a better way of life.  

17 Aug 2006 @ 02:06 by swan : I agree
that it will take many like minded people who want to create a better world and creating communities is one way that will happen. Many people are doing other things that are just as important to change the world.  

18 Aug 2006 @ 17:46 by b : I have been receiving
many emails from people both members and public who have been reading these blogs about new civilization possibilities. I will share that in a new blog entry.  

19 Aug 2006 @ 07:21 by triggs : You are very generous b
You are very generous b and actually creating a model civilization is very intriging.
I have this simplistic idea that we can change the civilization we already have through a movement. I will use the hippie movement of the sixties and early seventies as an analogy. It was interesting that for a time if you were a hippie you knew that there were like minded people all over the world and so the movement transcended race religion and nationality. I think it is this kind of transecending that James Redfield tried to articulate when he wrote the Celestine Visions and spoke of a critical mass or a seedling idea within a small group of humans that grows and more and more people start recognizing it for the spiritual truism that it is until it reaches a criticle mass and is no longer an abstract idea but becomes mainstream.
Since I'm broke and cannot invest I will take you up on your offer of one share and donate it back to the model civilization because any attemp is a baby step closer to were we need to be and with some love and encouragement maybe that baby will get up and run.  

19 Aug 2006 @ 15:08 by jerryvest : Thanks for the grand offer, B. I don't
think that I would turn down a share of your stock. We can use all of the help available as we develop and expand our touch program with our Elders. I would love to give our student volunteers some financial assistance as an incentive to work in nursing homes and other resources while giving nourishing and healthy touch. Do keep us in mind. Best wishes for a successful venture.


21 Aug 2006 @ 23:22 by b : Thanks Triggs
I will be posting a new sentry soon about the new civilization and model communities. As for the shares they will have to wait until we are in a pre ipo state. Thee is a lot of work to do first.  

21 Aug 2006 @ 23:24 by b : OK Jerryvest :)
It is nice to see you here. I will keep in mind the seniors. I am one myself. There always be seniors in any community. As long as there is human procreation.  

11 Oct 2006 @ 02:32 by shadyjade : I just don't know
Maybe I'm naive or shortsighted, but if so, please help me. But my concern is: Won't this endeavor cause harm to the environment? There are probably other ideas that follow a similar model as this one but don't harm the earth in the same way. Does anyone have an idea along those lines? :)
Shady Jade  

12 Oct 2006 @ 18:24 by b : How do you see harm to the Environment?
This is creation not destruction. Too shady eh? We do need more sun to shine through.  

5 Mar 2007 @ 20:10 by b : Shiney sun
There is no harm to the environment with this endeavor.  

2 Oct 2007 @ 07:45 by Drew Dodson @ : volunteers
What exactly are you proposing NCN members assist you with? Are you simply looking for capital to develop this company or are you looking for partners to actually work for your company?  

10 Oct 2007 @ 18:15 by b : New Civ Visions
I preposed a joint venture with NCN members but no one wanted to party. There seems to be some countries that want to develop new civilizations but not groups of individuals. Not ones from here at NCN. You?  

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