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 Things I've Done
picture 31 Jan 2006 @ 21:44, by Jose Overalles

Here are some of the things I've done in my life for money. A couple of things(the farm stuff) I did for room and board. Some of these jobs I'm proud of, others obviously, I'm not. I have other talents too, but haven't been paid for them so I didn't list them here.

I've chopped wood.
I sold newspapers
I was a gardener
I was a snow shoveler.
I've hayed a few fields and put it up in the barn.
I herded chickens one weekend.
I washed dishes in a breakfast joint.
I took care of stray dogs.
I was a surveyors assistant.
I took care of pigs, horses, a goat and other assorted farm animals.
I built a nature trail and a house all with hand tools with a group of 20 other teens one summer.
I worked on a loading dock of a trucking company.
I worked in shipping and recieving for a department store.
I buffed the hallway floors in a factory.
I assembled hybrid micro chips manually with AAA tweezers under a binocular microscope.The circuit boards were the size of your thumb, the fets I glued to them were as big as a grain of black ground pepper.
I worked as a janitor in a high school.
I sold and took drugs one summer.
I installed cable television.
I was a roofer.
I was a painter.
I've wallpapered.
I built and installed custom counter tops with fancy wood inlay.
I've installed floor tile.
I helped reopen a hotel that was empty for ten years.
I went door to door begging donations for a well known nonprofit conservation group.
I assistant managed a store that sold pools and patio furniture.
I sold vaccuum cleaners door to door.
I assistant managed a store that sold blue jeans.
I assistant managed a big and tall mens clothing store.
I made marble sinks.
I wound electric components that went into fuel pumps.
I was a telemarketer for an aluminium siding company.
I delivered snack boxes by van to various offices.
I built custom windows.
I washed windows.
I've repaired windows.
I was a handyman for a newspaper company.
I've cleaned out a few basements.
I incinerated a bunch of old(?) records for a VA hospital.
I was a furniture mover.
I built a couple of decks.
I was a gopher for ABC's world news tonight once.
I worked in a convenience store / gas station.
I counted formaldahyde soaked fish frye and eggs in samples collected around nuclear power plants by an environmental study company.

The last couple of months, I've had off due to an injury and a lack of direction. Thank heavens I saved for a rainy day before that.

There is probably more to this list, but I can't think of them right now. Have you had any interesting jobs?

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