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 A Clean Sweep
picture 16 Jan 2006 @ 16:25, by Jose Overalles

Out with the old, in with the new. That's my theme every January. Clear out the junk, to make room for the new stuff that's trying to come my way. The first step in this proccess was to clean out my basement. It had the nasty effect of scaring a rat into my furnace, but now that that little situation has been resolved, I'm glad I did it, as everything down there is nice and tidy and in its place.

Next came the attic. The attic is a tougher nut to crack. You see, the basement was easy, because it meant dealing only with my stuff. Being that it is a dank and dreary place, with spiders and other creatures trying to make it their home, I'm the only one, it seems, who is brave enough to venture down there. That suits me just fine. Just me and my stuff to sort out down there. Kind of nice. But yes, the attic is tougher to deal with. When we first moved in to Jmarc Castle, everything that couldn't find it's place on the first two levels ended up in the attic. So it was quite cluttered. And there is a "my side", and a "her side" to the attic.

Now, I don't want you to think that this is a War of the Roses
type scenario reader, it's really not. But if you are a minimalist as I am, and you choose to spend your life with and share your habitat with a packrat, then the my side, your side dichotomy is sometimes the only way to keep ones sanity. So after much sorting and sweeping, the front half of the attic is quite clean, with a nice open space in the middle of that section and everything neatly up against the eaves or hanging on hooks on the walls. I even managed to convince the packrat to go up there and do a bit of sorting on her side too. So all I must do now is go up there and push her stuff against the eaves and do a bit mor sweeping and that'll be done. Still, I wait, because, well, it's a bit chilly up there this time of year, and I really should push for a round two of the packrat resorting her stuff. This will be a challenge, as convincing packrats to throw anything away is a very touchy business. Best to take that one slooowly.

Next came my office, which was a much easier task, firstly because it also is my domain, and secondly because I can practically touch the walls on both sides of the room if I were to stretch far enough. Yes, it's a small room, but quite cozy, and the cleanup went fairly quickly.

Which led me to this here computer and the Bookmarks file. Now that's a real mess. I surf the net. I find things of interest and bookmark them. And then I promptly forget them. So it's one big jumble in there, let me tell you. But I've made a bit of headway. I'm probably about a quarter of the way through tidying up this little bit of my cyberverse. Some of the stuff I came across was outdated. Dead links. Other ones like blogs were'nt updated for a while so I chucked them. Others, for the life of me I can't remember even bookmarking. Some were interesting and some on second look were quite dull. Delete. Delete. Delete.

It's an interesting and side-tracking proccess going through them all and sorting them. I find an interesting one and I get totally sidetracked and just keep reading on, temporarily forgetting my original goal of sweep and sort. It reminds me of my High School and College days in the library. I'd go into the library with the good intentions of research on whatever the project or paper was, but would invariably find myself sidetracked by some other interesting article that caught my eye. That would usually lead to me being the guy that stayed up 'til two am the morning before a paper was due. Yes, not only am I a minimalist, but I am also a procrastinator.

But enough about me and the mundane mendacities of my life. Here are some of the links I found in my sorting and sweeping. Some may look familiar to you if you're a regular reader on this network, because I'm sure I found not a few of them around these here parts.

Disclaimer: The views stated in some of these links may or may not reflect my own beliefs, etc. I do find them interesting though. May you find one or two that you like too. Now I've got to go clean out the garden shed / garage. 'Til later chums...

Oh, and I've adopted a new link colour. Maybe just for today, maybe for a while. Not sure yet. Its html code is #33CCFF if anyone cares. Out with the old in with the new..

17th century new England
Public Eye
How To Win Friends and Influence People
Eurabian Times
Binary Translator
Captain Dave's Survival Center
Naked Villainy
Evil White Guy
Vanishing Point - How to disappear in America Without a Trace
Fibre Artist
The Year 2015
Care2 Connect
The Old Car Manual Project
Restroom Revelations
The Anchoress
The Mind of James Donahue
The Underworld

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