New Civilization News: New Moon Alert (belated): Medusa's head chopped off April 19th    
 New Moon Alert (belated): Medusa's head chopped off April 19th3 comments
picture22 Apr 2004 @ 12:45, by Max Sandor

Just got (too late, sigh!) the following (by June Collier):

"The New Moon, April 19, 2004, is a partial Solar Eclipse and the second New Moon in Aries this year, it occurs at the last degree (29 Aries 49) of this first sign.."


"The last 10 degrees of Aries or the 3rd Decanate has for its rulership Aries/Sagittarius ruled by Mars/Jupiter. It is the decanate of PROPAGANDA. It is mapped in the starry night sky by the constellation PERSEUS, with the wings of thought on his feet, the helmet of courage on his head, armed with the sword of righteousness, protected by the shield of beneficence, and holding the blood-dripping head of Medusa in one hand."

How patriarchical-chauvinistical, oh well... glad it's over by today..

More about this dreadful subject

(where I ripped off the simple drawing of the Pegasus constellation).

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22 Apr 2004 @ 16:52 by Jewels @ : ripping off heads and ideas
Beloved Max Man. It's ok to rip of the drawing, and my words from today... patriarchs for sure.


22 Apr 2004 @ 19:28 by skookum : and they wonder why
women wore ringlets in the old days.. lol  

18 Mar 2009 @ 20:01 by kk @ : mudusa
do you guys are dumb. mudusa is a mth not real guys not real  

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