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picture1 Sep 2004 @ 10:08, by Max Sandor

Some more notes (make sense only for a few, but this is the easiest way for me to distribute this).

Some of the dire warnings as usual.. But then.. without preparation it is unlikely that these things work easily anyway...

But, as a reminder, it should be clear that one doesn't work with the Odu directly in these exercises but instead these are SOME of their manifestations as energies as they are perceived in one's emotional field. In turn, however, and this is important to note for the following, they WILL invoke the according Odu (which themselves are beyond but immersing space).

Direct Polarity Access (DPA)

With Girapoli exercises come new abilities. One of them is the ability to directly access energies from polarities. This opens up a new world but also the problem of overaccessing such a polarity. The problemn as such is already well known even though its parameters are not very well known at this time.

Overaccessing will result in an inversion of the polarity, going from full positive to full negative. See the attached graph.

Still unknown are: ...

- the range of the thresholds,

- a possible symmetry of its extensions,

- the automaticity of its occurence,

- the impact of other influences on those parameters, etc

For example, a light Eshu force such as the energies resulting from a joke or funny situations expand the thresholds whereas a heavy, negative force will like in a state of 'taking things too seriously' will decrease the upper threshold and increase the lower one.

Back to 'Direct Polarity Access' (DPA): it's intensity is so strong that it will instantly inverse the original intent which can lead to unwanted or even dangerous situations in life.

A temporary solution is of course the 'opposite Pole technique' as explained in Sandor/Dawson's original book 'Polar Dynamics'. In simple words, one accesses the state of a polarity 'opposite' to the one desired. This is still the recommended procedure in the state of 'medium' power.

In the case of a full-power DPA after mastering the basics of Girapoli exercises, another possibility is the *maintaining* of the direct access until the reversion occurs and *continuing* the access until it is back in the positive (see the graph).

THEN one MUST switch BACK TO EQUANIMITY to flatten the curve BEFORE another reversal

Equanimity is used here in the sense of the article about 'Ogbe-Yonu' (see 'Polar Dynamics'). Without the ability to enter this 'peakstate' of total neutrality, a direct access of a polarity is extremely dangerous. Hence the recommendation to do the Girapoli Uno exercise very early for the Ogbe-Yonu polarity (after life polarity and any initation polarities as applicable have been activated).

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1 Sep 2004 @ 13:23 by vaxen : Ah yes...
Going from Native State to Black Static Thetan.

A valence is defined as a false identity assumed unwittingly. AN identity is modified by valences. People who are seeking a way out of scarcity of identity may become fixated in false valences.

A rule is that a person assumes the identity of that which gets attention. Another rule is that the person assumes the Identity of that which makes him fail. (For he gave it his attention did'nt he?)

There is a basic personality, a persons own identity. He colors or drowns this with valences as he loses or wins in life. He can be dug up.

Only theta can convert entheta back to theta.
Entheta ca'nt convert entheta back to theta.
Two negative poles will not discharge the battery.

Hope all is well with you Max.  

1 Sep 2004 @ 13:43 by istvan : thanks
Especially the "previous post" reference to Ouran.  

19 Sep 2004 @ 18:31 by jstarrs : My consort...
...lives in Valence.
I think it's the real one since I been there...
"There is a basic personality..." So, I guess, it's unchanging and therefore permanent?  

11 Dec 2015 @ 20:11 by Azah @ : iheZNWCdPpuPVLj
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