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 'The Unfolding' (The 53. Attempt of a Translation)8 comments
picture20 Oct 2004 @ 20:44, by Max Sandor

[note: my computer broke down last Friday. I am using Valerio's laptop (mille grazie!). I received all my NEW e-mail be now, but I lost the e-mail that was on my old laptop. Pls e-mail again, if needed. Thanks mucho!]

Well, three (3!) mad days and nights of doing a little translation... Actually I started out many years ago but I never dared formulating it...

For this translation, I worked like this: first I threw away all copies of exisiting translations I had (they were in German, 3 different English ones, and in Italian). Then, after every translation, I removed the text of the new translation from my computer (after backing up, just in case). Then I meditated until I was sure I forgot everything I thought I knew (quite painful). Then I made me a fresh coffee and translated from scratch to a point where I was sure I had made a serious mistake in the prior sections. I restarted the way I described it for 53 times until I arrived at the last sentence (which contains quite a paradox!).

The first day I listened to 2 audio recitations of the text in an audio loop. But I found that some of it was leading me to a bias in separating the words and I stopped listening.

For a few names of classes of Superbeings there are just no English names that I know of and I left them untranslated. For some I know the Ifa names but it doesn't make sense to replace one strange name with yet another strange name. I used some words that are sure to confuse the reader, for example 'earth' for 'aretz'. It is meant to refer to the 'element of earth', not to our planet but it is too clumsy to use it every time. There are many other formulations for which better names can be found. For example: the mechanism to 'copy oneself' is called 'seeds' like in most other translations. It could be translated as 'DNA' but somehow I felt this is not appropriate because then one should translate the other items with names of modern Science as well, using the names from the 'particle/wave' model 'frequency/modulation', 'clones', etc. Perhaps a nice project for the future???

Just in case to not come too close to the actual truth of it, I deliberately introduced 3 errors and omitted 3 verses in the center. These three, although holding the key, cannot be possibly understood without understanding the rest first. I was advised that, for my own protection, it would not be good to publish it. That I publish this at all, may not seem to be a smart idea. But I was so advised and I honor the source of this advice.

My sincere gratitudes go to the Rabbi who opened this chapter for me many years ago. I am very, very sure that he does not want his name mentioned in this context.

Thanks also to Francesco, Luciano, Valerio and Matej who called me on the cellular! You cheered me up considerably!!!

So, here it is, my humble gift to mankind, to quote yet another madman, and then I have to seriously catch up on my sleep:

'The Unfolding' (The 53. Attempt of a Translation)

Shi unfolded Et. The Brotherhood of El unfolded Et's first Universes and Et's first solid. This first solid was upside-down. The original darkness hovered over the unmanifested deep. The breath of the Brothers of El moved over the surface of the original liquids. The Brotherhood of El vibrated in order to unfold Or and then there was Or. The Brotherhood of El realized 'it is done'. The Brotherhood of El separated Or and the first darkness. The Brotherhood of El gave Or the power of vibration and transformed the darkness to beauty. An era of unfolding passed. An era of folding passed: this was the First Eon.

The Brotherhood of El vibrated to cause a space and to cause a separation between the liquids and the liquids. The Brotherhood of El unfolded this first space. They separated the liquids below the space from the liquids above the space. As it was done, it so persisted. The Brotherhood of El gave this space the power over the element of air. An era of unfolding passed. An era of folding passed: this was the Second Eon.

The Brotherhood of El vibrated to cause the isolation of the liquids below the space into one single spot so that solid matter could be perceived. As it vibrated, it so persisted. The Brotherhood of El gave this solid matter the power over the element of earth and transformed the blobs of liquids to be the element of water. The Brotherhood of El realized 'it is done'. The Brotherhood of El vibrated 'Out of the element of earth shall come the Earthbounds. These Earthbounds shall copy themselves like Et. Also, Earthbounds that carry excess and that can copy themselves shall be above earth.' Then, out of earth came the Earthbounds bearing their own kinds of seeds, and Earthbounds producing excess and containing their own kinds of seeds above the element of earth. The Brotherhood of El said 'it is done'. An era of unfolding passed. An era of folding passed: this was the Third Eon.

The Brotherhood of El vibrated 'There shall be a Meorot within the spaces of the Universes for the distinction between vibration and beauty. Then there shall be the Leotot, the Ule Moadim, the Ule Yamim, and the Veshanim. After that, there shall be even more Meorot in the spaces of the Universes in order to populate the earth. As it was realized, it then persisted. The Brotherhood of El said to Et: 'There shall be a first Meorot, as a ruler. Et caused a Great Being, Hama Or, to rule the vibrations and another one to rule the beauty. Likewise, Et caused the lower ones of the Great Beings to exist. [...] An era of unfolding passed. An era of folding passed: this was the Fourth Eon.

The Brotherhood of El gave birth to the dragons, along with the crawling creatures, the creatures in the liquid realms, and all kinds of flying creatures. The brotherhood of El realized 'it is done'. The Creatures thanked the Brotherhood of El. The Brotherhood of El vibrated 'Copulate and become many. Fill the waters of the seas. Let the flying creatures multiply on the land.' An era of unfolding passed. An era of folding passed: this was the Fifth Eon.

The Brothers of El vibrated 'Out of the element of earth shall come particular types of wild creatures, particular types of gentle creatures, creatures above earth and creatures below the element of earth. As it was realized, it so persisted. The Brotherhood of El said to Et: 'Look, here are the particular types of wild creatures, particular types of gentle creatures, creatures above earth and creatures below earth. The Brotherhood of El realized 'it is done'.

The Brotherhood of El vibrated 'Let us create copies of us that have our essence and powers!' The Brothers of El gave those copies their essence. From their own essence, the Brotherhood of El unfolded the Oto, male and female. They unfolded all of the Oto. The Brotherhood of El vibrated 'Let them animate the creatures of the liquids, the flyers in the space, the flyers on earth, and all creatures within earth - and every creature above the earth.' An era of unfolding passed. An era of folding passed: this was the Sixth Eon.

The Oto thanked the Brotherhood of El. The Brotherhood of El vibrated 'Copulate and become many. Spread over the surface and rule it. Animate the creatures in the liquids, the creatures in the air, and every creature above earth'. The Brotherhood of El vibrated 'Look, I have given you every seedbearing Earthbound above earth, and every Earthbound that has seeds. It shall be yours for food. For every wild creature on the surface, every flyer in the space, and everything that is above earth, for everything that is animated by Oto: all of these Earthbounds shall be food to you.' As it was realized, it so persisted.

The Brotherhood of El said to Et: 'This is what was done'. Et said 'It is all done'. The unfolding of the Higher Dimensions and the First Universe of Solids was thus completed. The Brotherhood of El had finished that what was to be done in the Seventh Eon. The Brotherhood of El ceased to exist after having done what was to be done in the Seventh Eon. The Brotherhood of El gave their thanks to Et. The Seventh Eon now belongs to the Oto. The Brotherhood of El ended so that the unfolding of the Brotherhood of El could continue without them.

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20 Oct 2004 @ 23:28 by Ed Dawson @ : Re:
I certainly recognize the flow of the power of creation (oshe) coming forth from darkness (oyeku).

I recognize ela, the elohim, but many of the other groups I do not know. For example:

Oto? They have all life as food? Sounds like the

[**** censored by mx for the common good - first time I'm doing such a dispicable act *****]!

Fascinating description of the creation of a universe. Wonder what you omitted...

22 Oct 2004 @ 20:30 by mx @ : cool


the entire sequence goes along with the first wheel !!!!


Instead of vibration, one could also translate 'resonance'.
Interesting coincidence (!?) :For illustration purposes one could see 'yom' as a contraction of 'ya-om': 'to utter the sound om'.

All in all, one could say that this verse describes the setting in motion of the first wheel of the Olodu (in YOUR sequence, that is!, not the traditional one that describes yet another sequence)

all nice stuff for Polar Dynamics 2...


23 Oct 2004 @ 15:51 by Celio @ : The Unfolding
hi...good stuff.. can you tell me where is the source/tradition/philophical school of this. It is very similar with the contents of SEVEN STANZAS FROM THE SECRET BOOK OF DZYAN.
Cheers.. Celio  

27 Oct 2004 @ 02:21 by al @ : Earthbounds
Hi mx
Are there some reasons against (for) translation "Earth bounds" as Earth-forms (by analogy with Life-forms)?
And Where are Fire-forms then?

27 Oct 2004 @ 14:31 by mx @ : earthforms
Earthforms would actually be better than earthbound. In this text, the polarity is between 'the heavens' and 'the earth', but everything is embedded in a 'cosmic soup', and there is life in the element of water. In Ifa, one would say 'orun' and 'aye', and okun for the waters...  

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