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 The Adhoc Creation of New Archetypes5 comments
picture18 Nov 2004 @ 17:16, by Max Sandor

New archetypes are born from mutations of existing ones. This is following the ‘Prime Directive’ as specified in the Genesis of the Torah as ‘Copulate and Multiply’.

As such, this is less a dramatic event as one might think. It happens routinely every day around us. Some dramatic examples are the archetype of the ‘lonesome cowboy’, the ‘sadistic Nazi’, the various forms of punks, Hell’s Angels, to name a few. Essentially, every movie or TV star represents a new archetype, a new Orisha. In this sense, becoming a ‘star’ is an ascension to God-like dimensions while still on Earth.

A delicate question arises here: who really created the new archetype?

The person itself, it’s PR machinery, the masses who make the star their idol? Or, did the archetype already exist and just found an incarnation, or better manifestation, of itself at a given opportunity?

The people around President Bush believe firmly that ...

they are ‘creating reality’, and, from their perspective, this is certainly true. But, WHOSE templates are they following? Who wrote the scripts that they implement? What is the master plan, if any behind, those machinations?

Even with a basic understanding of the dynamics of polarities, it is plain evident what techniques they are using and how they manipulate the masses. But this doesn’t yield us yet the enitity (or entities) that are giving a meaning to those goals.

What kind of code of ethics are they using to coerce the compliance of the media managers and politicians? How did they convince those people to openly and blatantly lie? One could speculate that they are selling a perspective of ‘necessity’ of their clearly actions in the name of the survival of mankind. Are they invoking the monster of overpopulation and the ogre of the rule of anarchy by the uneducated masses?

Too many questions. I should concentrate on hanggliding. I am next in line and I am thinking way too much...

But perhaps those peoplelook at the world like a hangglider before the jump? The iron rule here is: NEVER look down in front of you! ALWAYS look up to the sky. Then you run like mad. Then you jump!

Of course, you better are strapped to some sails..

Oops, I'm next...

1,2,3 go!!!!!!!

oh my god!!!!

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18 Nov 2004 @ 20:26 by Edward Dawson @ : Yeah...
But the implication -- as I mentioned in my separate email to you, Max -- is that an archetype is formed from morphogenetic fields of both the living and the dead.

Which makes an orisha a creature of Earth... except for a couple: Ori and Orisha Oro. Note that both names begin with "or-". :)))

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