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picture31 Aug 2005 @ 09:47, by Max Sandor

my personal fear, trademarked, perhaps, hehehe

Perfektions-Angst (TM)

Said the Fool to the Wise Man: why don't you tell me what you are afraid of most, Wise Man? I can see it in your eyes!

Answers the Wise Man: Fool, you can't see yourself! How can you see in my eyes what I don't know?

The Fool: don't you see it, Wise Man, or are you just afraid to see what you witness?

Says the Wise Man: Fool, you do everything to not be perfect. That's how you are always happy!

The Fool: you do everything to be perfect, that's how you are never happy!

The Wise Man: Dear Fool, this is the desire of everything conscious in the world: to become perfect.

The Fool: Wise Man, tell me, in all the time the Universe had to evolve... why didn't it happen yet?

The Wise Man: if something becomes perfect, it has reached its end. Hence, it ceases to exist! Ergo, it cannot be observed!

The Fool: neat trick, Wise Man. But tell me what happens exactly if something is coming close to be perfect? Just this tiny moment before happens what can never happen, what happens?


Wise Man: the artist says that thus the Golden Mean will have been perfected, the scientist says that when this happens for anything, this anything will enter an infinite self-referential loop governed by the Fibonacci function, the engineer says that when this happens the thing will come close to its Eigenresonance and create an implosion wave that will autodestruct itself, the ancient priest says that if something will be thus perfect, the world will have fulfilled its destiny - until then, we wait for the Perfect One.

The Fool: what happens to the rest of the world, Wise Man?

Wise Man: the optimist says it can never happen, the rationalist says the sum of the world would always add up to be in a balance and thus be perfect, the pessimist warns of the apocalypse before the end, the dreamer says 'what a nightmare this is!', lovers embrace themselves, trying to forget what they never knew, the artist continues to paint his own picture, unaware of what happens around him...

Interrupts the Fool: ...and you, Wise Man?

Answers the Wise Man: I'm am waiting for that moment to happen...

The Fool: very well so, Wise Man, but what do you in the moment before that moment?

Wise Man: the bride stops being in love at the wedding day, just when you thought everything is as good as it could ever be, disaster strikes, before reaching their height, entire nations go into madness,... and you, you Fool, what do you do?

The Fool: in that moment before the moment of perfect perfection? I take a glass and throw it onto the Earth so that it shatters in a thousand pieces and it can never ever be repaired.

Wise Man: you are smarter than I thought. Listen, Fool, everything was always OK and will always be. It just can't be perfect. Only the ordinary man thinks it could be that way, creating even more imperfection as he goes along. Thus, in an already imperfect world, man creates a living hell for himself and his fellow men.

Fool: is that the bug in the program? If so, was it there since the beginning?

Wise Man: what bug? What program? What beginning?

The Fool: never mind, Wise Man. But couldn't it happen by accident? By sheer accident, by random cause, perfect perfection could occur, couldn't it? What then, Wise Man?

At these words, the Wise Man stayed quiet.

The Fool: aaah! Is that the Angst in your eyes? Is it that you are afraid the End is coming? Accidentially?

The Wise Man: this is what I see is what we share, Fool: we carry the same Angst of Perfektion in our eyes!

The Fool: Not so! This is the difference between us, Wise Man: You have not learned your lesson and are haunted by the Angst of Perfektion! But I, Wise Man, have learned my lesson and gave up to be perfect!

The Wise Man: if so, you are dead amongst the living.

The Fool: and you will never be alive...

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31 Aug 2005 @ 14:32 by jmarc : ^
interesting dialogue. Do they ever reconcile?  

31 Aug 2005 @ 22:12 by Ed Dawson @ : archetype internal conflict
Perfection containss a weird combination of opposites: combiningness and separatingness for one thing. (in Ifa these are oshe and ofun respectively) One takes and combines in precision detail all exact parts of something to produce a creation of ultimate harmonized details. As such I must assume that perfection is an "actual GPM goal" (scnspeak), also called an odu (Ifaspeak).

To achieve a perfection one must start with all the tiniest details of which the perfection is to be composed. Then these are combined, again using great precision and exactness, to give the "perfect" creation.

In Ifa this is probably odu oshe'fun. This is oshe (blending together) as the DO (rootword), and ofun (analyzing, taking apart) as the HAVE (endword). The problem is keeping this from falling apart due to the ofun...

Two Ifa archetypes which are prone to struggling with the above are the types called Oshun and Shango.

Oshun is a female (receptive) archetype. Oshe is a female olodu. And because of this an Oshun does the oshe (creating, merging together) easiest, and struggles most with the details (ofun).

Shango tends to also struggle with the details, but because he is male can go into an ofun headspace and get them done a little easier.

A path of Shango called Oban Yoko has this even worse because he is trying to do BOTH oshe and ofun at the same time, and often gets the two into direct conflict within himself. In such circumstances his Shango-like preference for oshe tends to give him a flinch on ofun in a final product. Perfection can horrify him unless he is attempting to undo his own existence. Once it's perfect, it vanishes. This flinch may get associated in his mind with his urge to Power (irosun), in which case perfection will appear to have a final product of "dead energy" and "the Past" (owonrin). This appears to be a loss of Power, which Shango hates. To Shango Power = Life, and the Past = Death.

One of the A=A=A=A which gets going here is:
Perfection (oshe'fun) = Void (oyeku) = Past (owonrin) = Death.

The Shango person should work to pry these apart! (hint! hint!) they are not the same; please don't identify them with each other!

Warmly, but obnoxious as ever,

2 Sep 2005 @ 15:36 by mx @ : yes, but...
Ed, everything you write is right on the mark.
The problem of this is below the level Odu, or, perhaps better, lies the design of the Universe itself..  

3 Sep 2005 @ 23:40 by Jude Adebosoye Ogunade @ : Perfection! What of Equlibrium?
Sometimes I wonder when people express their feelings of being fearful! No human alive is afraid, most are just afraid of being afraid! The air we breathe in itself is filled with germs, bacteria and if one is unlucky a full dosage of them(SARS). Well, be perfect if you can, why must you stop striving of breaking new grounds? No, you don't need religion to tell you not to hurt or make someone unhappy as you go about your goal of striving after perfection and doing the thing you fear, sorry if you don't have a conscience(many people do that - including an uncle who used his nephews and nieces for rituals) try inflicting the pain you think of inflicting on others first on yourself and see if your gumption will allow you to inflict that same dosage of pain on another! Well, imagine yourself in another's shoes before making him to be unhappy! Ok, the end justifies the means you say! Well, go ahead there are countless philosophy in this world to teach you to do just that! Forget the unknown (this include Paradise and Hell), as long as you don't know about it yet should not stop you from doing things contrary to either of them! Well, Mr. Wise (or I should call you intelligent for wise men don't hurt others!), have you talked to your passions? Have you thought about your emotion! I am sure most of the ills in the world is due to the fact that most people are just delinquents! Whether adult deliquency or adolescent deliquency! Most people who would go to any extent to hurt others just because they feel slighted, inadequate and inferior are the same people who will not strive after perfection. Seeking perfection does not necessary qualifies one to be a Wise Man neither does apathy towards perfection makes someone a Fool Man (Fool - I don't know the reason people don't add man after the word Fool but they easily do that after the word Wise, anyway that is for the Gender aligned individuals). Strive after perfection, seek to be better than your status quo but don't hurt another or make another unhappy! After all, how many years will you spend in this world that you want it to be a Hell for others!
Therefore, think about Perfection in the light of balance or equilibrium and see whether you're in line with nature if not, then seek perfection but don't step on the tiny ant on the floor!

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