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picture4 Jun 2006 @ 14:12, by Max Sandor

An Intellectual Sunday Brunch for June 4th, 2006:

mx sez:
All is fine analyzing the game patterns of individual humans, major and minor Gods and Goddesses, of groups and their wars, nature, all the 42-stuff...

Objectives, purposes, rules, all cool... goals, subgoals, supergoals, stop!!! so what's the ultimate supergoal of playing all these games?

Here is a principle to shed light on the structure of the games, and all of them, ahem...

The Meme-Amplifier-Theorem (Sandor, 2006)
The top-level supergoal of any observable process in this Universe consists of obtaining a maximum resonance to one, and only one, super-energy.

- a local process ends exactly when a local resonance is found
- a local process will a this point compete with other local games to dominate the next higher level of processes
- if the resonance obtained is sufficiently close to the original super-energy, the process will auto-destruct (duplication theorem)
- auto-destruction occurs via the phenomenon of the 'resonance catastrophy'
- the auto-destruction can be an implosion or an explosion
- implosions do not leave ANY trace
- explosions, even though destroying the structure of the original meme-transporter, will infect parallel systems via its exploded fragments
- a process that ultimately will end in an implosion is called a 'destructive game'...

- a process that ultimately will end in an explosion can be called a 'constructive game' but turns at its conclusion into an 'infecting game'
- the super energy of an imploding game can be seen as created by a positively charged polarity
- the super energy of an exploding game can be seen as created by a negatively charged polarity
- it could be argued that the 'new' theorem would be nothing but a rephrasing of the meme of the 'war of memes'. However, the latter treats the event of victory of one meme over another as its supergoal, a purpose that CANNOT be directly experienced (only deduced), in contrast to the 'super energy'
- the basic assumptions of 'polar dynamics' (see the book of the same name by Sandor/Dawson) hold true and find further depth with the above theorem
- entropy can be explained via the observation that negatively charged super energies propagate via explosion (as opposed to the autodestruction via duplication of positively charged super energies which does not leave traces, hence does not propagate)
- additional note: a super energy should not be confused with the polarity that created it
- as demonstrated in the book 'Polar Dynamics', super energies can be classified via 256 polarities that are creating them into 1024 distinct super energies (see Zousel Graph)
- the assertion "the highest purpose of a Being is the creation of an effect" (attributed to LR Hubbard), describes method but not purpose and is a lemma to the new theorem
- the structure of processes, in this light, is universal, that means it is the same for physics, technology, politics, religions, and Hollywood!

Final note: there are too many notes to write (a book entirely) that the time and space right here and now is not sufficient. With time, I'll expound the theorem some more and give examples.

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5 Jun 2006 @ 18:49 by Ge Zi @ : gordic knot
so, let's see... first of all I have to admit that this is too difficult for me, so in order to remain sane (become sane??) I have to try not to get trapped into all that complexities, laced with so many words that I don't really know.

OK, I looked up 'lemma': A subsidiary proposition assumed to be valid and used to demonstrate a principal proposition.
But super energy - could you possibly mean what drives this {link:|jet powered VW bug}?

But whatever it is, I think I will take the position of Alexander the Great when confronted with the trapping task of opening the Gordic knot. You remember, legend was that whoever is able to open that knot will rule asia.

Good old Alexander saw this as what it was and did not try to open that thing because it was a trap. Unsolvable problem to get an agreement that A = A and so if one could not open that knot one better go home. Must have worked well - - until Alexander. He just did not go into agreement with the builder of the trap, swung his sword - - "See, open now! - let's go!"

So, I'm going to do that Gordic know thingy now: The world IS as we see it.

This is the way to get a parking ticket, by the way, and sometimes a stick is just a stick ;-))  

6 Jun 2006 @ 03:22 by mx @ : simplicissimus
Geee, the idea behind the theorem is to provide a SIMPLE solution to a lot of complexity that is around.

A super energy is an energy of a fully empowered polarity. This energy, which does NOT!!! arise in PEAT or similar necessarily but which can be tapped by chance or via Skywork or the Girapoli process described earlier in this BLOG.

Psychologically they are nowadays called PEAKSTATES.

So what you are beating upon is the bush, not the fire, hehehe... the complexity is not in the theorem but in the complexities it is helping to make transparent...  

6 Jun 2006 @ 04:47 by Ge Zi @ : VW
At least it's not that super energy VW bug!
THAT got me worried!

And by the way, I'm not beating no stinkin' bush, OK?

And I'm sure in the end you will just come along, like na, na, na, na, naaa, na - made it all up for my own entertainment. ;-))))  

6 Jun 2006 @ 11:54 by ori @ : meme theory
sound like you may be comming up with a new list of axioms!!!!!!!!!  

6 Jun 2006 @ 14:03 by mx @ : list of axioms
axioms are components of a system of basic assumptions, a MINIMAL SYSTEM.
A list as such doesn't make sense. The best such system in modern times are the Axioms of Scientolgie published by Anastasios Nordenholz in 1934. It describes the basic triangle of manifestation and provided examples like affinity-reality-communication and knowledge-responsibility-control. ALL phenomena in the world are arranged in such triangles. The circumstance that Hubbard made up his own list PLUS that he never constructed other examples of triangles other than given in Nordenholz books from 1934 and 1937 demonstrates that he DID NOT understand what an 'Axiomatic System' signifies.

As precursors of Norderholz in the history of philosophy we find the Gunas of Patanjali and in modern times Hegel's Dialektik.  

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