New Civilization News: Tensegrity of Star-Tetrahedrons and Internal Structure of Odu (proto energy)    
 Tensegrity of Star-Tetrahedrons and Internal Structure of Odu (proto energy) 10 comments
picture29 Jun 2006 @ 16:24, by Max Sandor

The binary code of the Odu of Fa is a reflection (or better an abstraction) of the internal structure of proto-energy.

A more comprehensive model is viewing every proto energy of having the geometry of a double, or "star"-tetrahedron. Wikipedia seems critical of this name without offering a better one. The issue is confused by some claiming it to be the mythical 'Merkabah" of Melchizedek (Enoch?).

In any case, it appears to be close to the basic structure of any "thing", any manifestation within our Universe.

This observation finds support in the tensegrity model of Buckminster Fuller. For the record, the "Synergetics" discussion group of the early/mid nineties on the New Civilziation Network voted for the 4-dimensional "Mayan Time Star", a name originated by Steingrubner because of the close link to the theories of Jose Arguelles about the Mayan "Code of Tzolkin" which consists of 260 proto-energies.

I used a long, hot Brazilian night to make a steel model of the Star-tetrahedron for purposes of better visualization/meditation (see picture)...

... the model in the picture is marked at the top and the bottom with green and blue balls, a representation of the proto-energy okanran-obara (0001-1000). Note that the lower tetrahedron is opposite to the upper.

In the center is a red ball, the 'hara'-center (to use the japanese name), which is 2-finger-widths below the navel on a human body.

The top and bottom points of the star-tetradedron appear to be about 30-40 centimeters above the head and below the feet, respectively.

The lower tetra points forward for a male body and backwards for a female body.

The nodes of the tetrahedrons follow the observations of Fuller's "Tensegrity": they can be contracting (0, two lines, oyeku in Fa), or expanding (1, one line, ogbe in Fa).

Any node can be seen as the resulting vector of a startetradedon itself, allowing for the fractal properties of manifestations.

Note: I can produce the startetrahedron models in limited quantity, send me e-mail if you're interested.

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30 Jun 2006 @ 00:36 by Ed Dawson @ : Question
I'm not familiar with "hara". Could we instead use the Huna system and say that:
The green ball is the higher self
The blue ball is the lower self
The red ball is the middle self?


30 Jun 2006 @ 13:30 by mx @ : the center
the red ball doesn't have a function within the Odu structure other than being the "center" place...

the green ball is the the "1" in Obara ("1000"), and the blue likewise in "0001" Okanran.. that's all..

9 Apr 2008 @ 20:49 by Joseph Parranto @ : Points
It has always fascinated me that triangles, with 'three points' and which make up tetrahedrons which have four points, can coexist without drawing much interest or attetnion to that aspect! The Star, of course, has 8 points (2^x). Two tetrahedrons connected at a common face form a 'diamond' which now has only 5 'points'! This has led to a universal theory I hold that the minimum number of "elements" is always 3 to make "sense of" and a minimum of 5 to "be complete." However, the issue of from [3^y] 'sides' and [2^x] ]'points' must also have a connection to Catalan's Conjecture (now Mihailsecu's Theorem) and the Colltaz Conjecture. Both have this "tetrahedron" characteristic at the heart of the ideations!!! Interesting how math goes...isn't it?  

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