New Civilization News: Never repeated too often: Vigilance is the price of freedom!    
 Never repeated too often: Vigilance is the price of freedom!8 comments
picture9 Jul 2006 @ 14:44, by Max Sandor

As we not only have the technology to undo the illusions of the matrix piece by piece, we also understand more of 'technological/scientific' foundations, beginning with its geometry and the classifications of its basic components every day.

One mantra should not miss in all what we are doing:

Vigilance is the price of freedom!

(I don't like using 'absolutes' and therefore skipped the proverbial 'eternal')

Every tool can be used or abused.

Maybe we should discard the notion of 'learning' and regard it is as 'implanting':

as Beings we already know everything that is true: we just need to remember more and more of it.

In contrast, 'learning' adds new (artificial!) data on top of all the (still) existing illusions.

Not only that...

It seems that:

UNlearning is more difficult than Learning!

Having lived in California for twenty years, I still find myself repeating certain errors in English, every once a while. Tracing them back, they ALL stem from my first years at school (and that's where you're supposed to LEARN things correctly!). This pattern is not unique to myself, I find them cropu up in many friends and people I deal with: tracing misconceptions in language (or physics, for that matter) practically always wind up in people's 'formal' education, school that is.

Perhaps a good time to start a new campaign to UNLEARN!!!


This is in stark contrast to the meme of 'Knowledge sets you free', of course. The question "what knowledge?" may be the start to break any potential double-speak. "Does this knowledge rip a hole into the web of illusions or does it weave yet another trap?"

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9 Jul 2006 @ 18:43 by vaxen : Finally!
" Learning is a form of re-membering." ---  

9 Jul 2006 @ 19:13 by joda : learning trap
One has to learn what to unlearn. Not only that, one has to learn how to unlearn. To discern what knowledge rips a hole into the web of illusions and what knowledge weaves yet another trap - it requires even more learning.
It seems that high level of abstraction saves us a lot of trouble, but to perform proper complexity reduction one has to...learn. Again :(

So, is there any way to escape 'learning'?  

10 Jul 2006 @ 12:40 by heimdall @ : Forgotten Knowledge
I am currently "playing" with a topological model in which all knowledge can be represented as a huge (probably countably infinite) set of "nodes" which are all connected with each other. Any group can be considered a super-node. Some of these connections represent "common associations" and therefore build very strong chains, some are completely thinned out (blocked, forgotten, ...). In such a system you can easily create self-reinforcing structures, vicious circles, traps, or other "inconsistent" structures that can only survive by exclusion of other areas (but can collapse upon further inspection, leading to key-outs, reality shocks etc.). You can even create triangles "on top" of single nodes and super-nodes.
Now everything that you learn adds some "weight" to certain connections. Sometimes entire "forgotten" structures are thus reactivated, "re-implanted" if you wish. Sometimes the learned material can add too much weight, resulting in "close-minded" fixed ideas, postulates, prejudices, traps, ...
In this model I think the "key" is simply to create an even distribution of all connections which results in freedom of the mind, or ultimate transcendence. But that sounds a bit vague for an isomorphic representation of "reality", doesn't it?
I have no idea whether this makes sense to you, or you might have considered it already a long time ago... in any case I am looking forward to your feedback. :-)  

10 Jul 2006 @ 12:53 by mx @ : topology of knowledge
your description sounds very much like the direction I am going. In the 80's I developed a system called 'ConCur' to that extent, postulationg that 'everything' could be represented in such a 'Concur'. I think therefore, you are on the right track! :-)  

13 Jul 2006 @ 08:33 by lucky @ : like a child
The purity of a child between 3-6 years old sounds like part of your description. One can see the eyes of that child without too much "learning" but with a deep happiness and wisdom. Someone said "Be and live like a child".  

21 Jul 2006 @ 22:01 by Ettsem @ : Response to Forgotten Knowledge
A representation of knowledge with nodes and weightings and interesting topology? Are you talking about the Internet or the brain?

Interesting how that works.  

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