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 A Crappy New Year from the rabbit...4 comments
picture2 Jan 2008 @ 16:42, by Max Sandor

I overheard the following conversation, shortly before the rabbit escaped from the kitchen... guess who was his little helper...

Little Anthony: Happy New Year, Big Ear, peace and success!

White Rabbit: Crappy New Year to you, Buddhinho, war and lots of failures!

Little Anthony: Huuh?

White Rabbit: aah, I forgot, no pain, no gain! Therefore I'm wishing you lots of suffering as well.. so that may you gain more than just weight...

Little Anthony: well, thank you rabbit. You're so thoughtful today...

White Rabbit: I know, I know, don't mention it...

Little Anthony: hmmm... but tell me, what would be in for me if there would be war?

White Rabbit: don't worry, there will be... lots of it... I got friends in high places, you know... and one of these birds whispered this into my big ears: without war, there is no progress, did you ever think about this?, or so they think upstairs. It's all for the best of humankind, in the long run. Without war and conflict, no society can evolve to a higher level, they claim. Of course, they say exactly the opposite of what they think... that's an iron principle for them...

Little Anthony: Grandpa says...

White Rabbit: oh no, stop it! Don't listen you your crazy granny, please, get real! That guy makes tea from tobacco leaves and smokes the roots of coffee plants in the pipe. Did you notice the two new plants in the garden the other day? No good can evolve from this, believe me. You gotta lift heavy weights to get strong arms. Only if you don't get what you want, you will grow strong, believe me.

Little Anthony: I believe you, I believe you. But in the first eight months around here I got everything in less than two seconds. If not I scream and it arrives in a few more.

White Rabbit: that strategy is very limited, trust me. It will fail you once you're older.

Little Anthony: hmm.. we'll see..

White Rabbit: yup, you'll see for yourself, Buddhinho, that's alright. Just don't forget that it was me who told you what to expect... and never forget to make a lot of problems for yourself and others! That will evolve your abilities to solve them! How else would you learn how to solve problems? Solving problems of other people? Haaah! NOBODY wants their problems solved. And if you should solve them, they will quickly create new ones, even crazier ones. But then, of course, our modern governments already take care of a lot of that.

Little Anthony: I like to grab anything I can and smash it on the ground. Is that what you mean, rabbit?

White Rabbit: that's a good start. And you'll learn quickly, I must say! But to create a real nice conflict you will also have to learn how to make it appear that SOMEONE ELSE was the guilty party.

Little Anthony: like blaming the kittens the other day for the torn napkins?

White Rabbit: right on, little Anthony, right on! You'll be a great man! Always remember what people believe: "from failures do we learn!". Therefore, don't leave out a chance to solidly f..k up whatever you can!

Little Anthony: great advice, will do! What else can I do?

White Rabbit: for example, open the door of that stinky cage and the kitchen door as well. Need some fresh air, ah thanks, buddy, eh, Buddhinho!

Little Anthony: don't mention it...

White Rabbit: I won't! Ciao!

Before I could interfere, he was already gone, chewing my new plants...

And so it came that there was no grilled rabbit steak this new year's lunch, oh well.

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2 Jan 2008 @ 23:42 by mortimer : Nature Is War zone
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3 Jan 2008 @ 02:24 by Merlin Silk @ : What a smart rabbit...
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