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 Don't be a sucker, man - face the cougar, baby !10 comments
picture13 Jan 2008 @ 13:16, by Max Sandor

"What nonsense are you telling the kid?" I challenged the rabbit the yesterday.

"If you'll be a child again, you'll understand." was his dry response.

"No point in ACTING OUT polarities if it's enough to raise the energies in oneself," I said.

"You got that right, But there is a gray zone where one must start to act, at least starting, in order to convince the soul that the spirit is serious about its claims. After all, it is not that you as a philosopher would be a friend of Sophia, it is that SHE is befriending YOU. And sometimes she only arrives if you're willing to demonstrate in action what you raised in your mind."

"You mean the attitude is the cause of events, NOT the other way around, like people say. Or, a lil' sloppy: Shit happens only if you are ready to be pissed off"...

..."Unless you're polarizing, Then shit happens when you think you're ready to be happy!"

"That seems difficult to differentiate, rabbit."

"Not if you keep in mind INTENT. Intent is everything, But sometimes you have to demonstrate it, JUST A LITTLE BIT, you understand?"

"Not quite. Give me an example..."

"OK, if you get lost in the jungle, like you did quite often recently, ahem, and if you see a cougar or a jaguar in front of you, what do you do?"

"You look in the eyes of the cat, If you don't or if you should run, it will certainly come after you and getcha!"

"Yup. Ye see, your actions betray you and you can fake courage only to a certain degree. BUT if you overdo it, if you try to attack the jaguar or cougar, you'll lose your life too, That's the difference! Now, am I smart or no, tell me quick, aahh, I'm so intelligent...." the white rabbit entered a state of ecstasy, emerging in admiration of itself.

"Cool off!" I warned the rabbit "your ecstasy is dangerous, If you polarize, you'll find yourself EATEN by the cat..."

"Don't worry, human," answered the rabbit calmly, "I am not in ecstasy but in ekstasis - I am within the outside of my inside and with-out the inside of my outside..."

Oh well, the rabbit went bunkers again, I said to myself. And went to search for a phone booth to call home to say I am late for supper. Which ain't easy if you know my sweetheart.... That's how I found the phone booth in Ourinhos (Brazil), in front of the makers of one of the finest booze in Brazil Oncinha. After a long. inner struggle, whether to drink their cool booze and forget about supper, or to face my fate, I jumped into the heart of the cougar and dialed the number...

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13 Jan 2008 @ 19:05 by Ed Dawson @ : Ha!
That wikipedia link is funny! Their listed definitions for ekstasis show a general lack of comprehension of the word. The ancient Greeks weren't very big on extending meanings of words metaphorically. They were practical people and used words very concretely. So "standing outside of yourself" should be taken as exactly that and not used as a metaphor for something else.

Tsk! As bad or worse than the redefinition of dukkha... ;-)  

13 Jan 2008 @ 23:35 by mortimer : before supper,
Motivation /Intent
Motivation and Intent are two different things.

Do I really need to separate the salt & pepper from my salad before I eat it…
Spirit is Why
Soul is Conviction
It’s a big salad.  

13 Jan 2008 @ 23:52 by mortimer : heart of the cougar and dial the number
There is a Lie algebra En for every integer n≥3, which is infinite dimensional if n is greater than (2^4)=16 or (a box of mirrors inside (a box of mirrors);)
the nanu-nanu-dukkha

Maybe change that E to an H?

(Lisi’s E8 theory) is the n>3 a bijection composed of an injection and a surjection?  

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