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picture22 Apr 2004 @ 03:11, by Bee

OT3 was called the Wall of Fire. It was a broad level. I learned to focus on what I needed to do to get through it and do it. Doing the auditing as I found more of me I found that I had more self control. Focus and determination.

I went to the tech division office on the ship to get my OT3 materials. I was told that I would get a review session before they were issued There were some necessary prerequisites. I had been assigned an auditor for the review session. I found him in the auditing rooms that had been set up under the forward well deck. It was Bill Robertson. He smiled as I came in, closed the door and sat in the chair across from him. There was a table on which he had his emeter and cords to the cans that I would hold. There were some manila folders opened to screen the emeter and the session report that was annotated as the session went on so that I couldn’t see the reads on the meter or what was written on the report. I smiled back at him. I have always liked auditing and being audited. I picked up the cans. He sat down and looked at me and said, “this is the session.” “OK” I said. He asked me if I had enough rest, was I hungry, was I all right?. I answered. He went through session rudiments. He asked if I had any communication breaks, any problems, any overts or withholds, I answered. Bill made notes and checked the meter from time to time. Then he went on to the body of the session. What he did was go through all of my bridge auditing from Dianetics Clear through my grades of release with quad flows, power processing, grade 6,scientology clearing course, Clear, OT1, OT2. He rehabilitated each grade or level. Then we moved to the next. He found the exact moment of clearing or release and we returned to it, reliving the wins so that it all lined up. Then I was ready to go on to what was next, OT3.

OT3 has been called “the Wall of Fire”. It is best to be well prepared before going through. One of the original LRH writing that I read said, “The way out is the way through.”
After I got my OT3 materials I knew that I was about to change again. I went to the cabin that I had been assigned on a corridor that led to the main dining room, locked the door, and read the introduction and instructions. This was to be solo auditing. I had graduated from the solo auditor course at Saint Hill, I had solo audited before. I was confident that I was a good auditor and could do this. When I completed the clearing course and went Clear something went away. In its place I had a fresh new mind that I was still learning how to organize and use to my best advantage. That had been six months before. I did OT1, OT2 and I regained some former abilities I did not know that I had. After reading through the materials I knew that I would be dealing directly with spirit, spirits. Scientologists call spirits thetans. I began a schedule of: eating, auditing, exercise, eating, auditing, exercise and auditing, eating, auditing, sleep. This changed the second night into my schedule. Breakfast and lunch people came and went in to eat in the dining room. At dinner, the students all lined up in the corridor waiting because all could not fit at the same time. I usually waited until most had gone to dinner before I went in. I had a small cardboard sign on a string that said: auditing in session. I hung it outside on the door handle. I had just removed it, locked the materials away and was having a wash at the small sink when the door opened. She came in and closed the door and flattened her back and hands against it. I looked at her from the mirror on the wall above the sink. She pursed her lips and almost stuck her tongue out. I knew the muscles on my back rippled. I had done fifty pushups not long before. I wiped my face dry and turned. She said, I’m Petal, I’m from South Africa. I looked at her. Long blond hair, blue eyes, slim figure, she was very pretty. “ Hi, I’m Baron” “ I know who you are.” “Do you always come into a man’s room without knocking”? “There’s a lot of people in the corridor. I didn’t want to talk through the door.” “Fair enough,” I said. “Can we just skip the preliminaries”, she said We stared at each other for a while in silence. Then she came off the door into my arms. She molded her body against mine. I never had any resistance. “Let’s get in bed.” We took our clothes off and got into my small bed. We kissed and time past well. Then she left. She put her clothes on and said “give me about ten minutes before you come into the dining room.” “OK” I smiled. “I’ll come see you again sometime. Some other girls want to meet you too.” Then she went out the door. Uh huh, I thought. B.’s stud service? That went on with a different young lady almost at every dinner time. I did not resist it or discuss it. It was a part of my busy day. After my sessions I had to turn in my material and session reports to Qual for my case supervisor. One day I got a note that said, “Cut it out” it was in LRH handwriting that I knew well. I went to see the Qual supervisor and asked what is this showing her the unsigned note. Her face took on a stern expression, “You know what it means. Just stop it.” I actually blushed. “All right, I said.” She took the note from me. I left. When I looked at the instructions from the C/S in my folder it said: continue auditing.

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