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20 Aug 2005 @ 03:18, by Bee

The monsoon rains became a biblical torrent that brought four feet of rain to the city of Bombay in one day. I saw mosquitoes that looked as big as bumble bees. I was bit more then a few times. I had already booked on a flight out that was cancelled a number of times due to the rains.

Power had gone off for a few days. Cell phones did not work, no cable or internet. Food deliveries halted to stores. I found a little cyber place that had an emergency internet hookup with a satalite and a generator. I was sitting there scrolling through email when my cell phone finally rang after two days of silence. It was the airline telling me that there would be a special flight out the next day and I was booked on it. If I did not take it there was no telling when the next flight out would be.

I packed and said my goodbyes which really were au revoir for I knew that I would be back soon to Mumbai. India has got into my blood and my heart.

Servants took the bags down and I said my last farwells to the animals, telling them I would be back soon. When I got downside the car was pulled up in fron of the door and the house oand office servants were lined up with some of the guards to see me off. Suraj, the majordomo saluted me. I gave him my hand. Then I said goodbye to all of them and climbed into the car.

Riding out to the airport I was sad to be leaving. There was a break in the rain and some sun even shined. Water puddles overywhere and still people went about their business of living. Some already hard at work repairing the damge in the streets caused by the torrents of rain.

I got to the airport with plenty of time to get through all of the checks and ticketing. THe first leg of 4 hours took me to Singapore for a long two day layover. Then a five hour flight to Tokyo with some hours layover I used to explore the airport, go on the internet. Another 12 hour flight and I was in Los Angles, California. Amazing, I had been in Tokyo eethe same morning of the day that I arrived in LA.

I love India. I will be back. Namaste.

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20 Aug 2005 @ 11:27 by judih : and that's it
funny how within a jumping 24 hour stretch, cultures so diverse can appear in our reality. (i just hopped from connecticut, long island sound over italy to tel aviv). It's hard to believe how simple it is to glide over time zones.

Hope all's well and that you return to India when the time's right.


20 Aug 2005 @ 23:16 by b : So fast it is hard to believe
Judih, nice to hear that you have been traveling too. The change in time zones are a little wearying but most is the culture change. One of these days I will visit Israel. I have often thought that if I went there that I would never leave.  

21 Aug 2005 @ 00:13 by judih : i hear you
That's how i got here - came for a month's vacation and that was that. (in '78)

I would like to come to Israel some day. Though I have traveled and lived in many parts of the world ,I always felt if I went to Israel, I would stay there.

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