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5 Dec 2004 @ 15:41, by swanny

ahh hello world.....
what of the now....
where and what is the now

the global now.....???

or the local now.....????

well it be Sunday..... Yes?
and December.... Yes?
and the year 2004 ...... yes?
on the planet Earth.... yes?
in many places..... Yes?
and it is the 5th of Dec...... yes?
and morning..... yes?

Yes and no.....

we live in a swirling whirling dervish of time

Locally it is cold and windy here today and early.....

and cloudy... but quiet......

Globally ..... it is many and every thing perhaps.... yes?

Now again .......

what is our "agreement"...???

of this?

of now?

What is our "understanding".....???

of this?

of now?

time is circularly passing.........

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5 Dec 2004 @ 18:10 by hgoodgame : Swanny, these are all good questions,
My perception of my NOW reality is very different, say, from yours and from every other being, animal, vegetable, mineral, etc. So many variables.
You asked some relevant questions, the times, the issues, where are we focused?
Or more precisely as you put it:
what is our "agreement"...???

of this?

of now?

What is our "understanding".....???

of this?

of now?
That's one of our current dilemas, we have no current agreement or understanding of THIS or NOW. To me the scary part (well, not too scary, lol) is that 1. until we figure out each and every being is here for a purpose no one else could fathom, then 2. do our best to fathom our own purpose, time is not circularly passing. It's always NOW. Every moment. Time is a man made convenience to organize what appears to be a passing of time, circularly as you said. In the true sense of living in the NOW, time does not exist, linearly or circularly.
Thank you for having the depth of caring to keep on questioning.
We live in a whirling dervish of mankinds's projected hopes and fears.  

5 Dec 2004 @ 19:40 by swanny : Thankyou
Now is a very strange thing indeed


5 Dec 2004 @ 21:39 by jstarrs : Since it can only depend...
...for it's existence,
on the past, which is gone
and the future, which is yet to be,
it is,
strange, sir.  

5 Dec 2004 @ 23:25 by hgoodgame : We carry scars
to remind us that the past did indeed exist.
The now is merely where the past and future converge and merge.
By this line of reasoning I could deduce that the past and future have more solidity than this ephemeral moment we call 'now'.
Stranger and stranger, said Alice as she tumbled down the rabbit hole.  

6 Dec 2004 @ 06:11 by jstarrs : As I said...
...there's no past in the now, no future either: yet the now depends on them both for it's existence.

7 Dec 2004 @ 15:36 by jerryvest : No Time
If we take no position, there is no contradiction, just pure interaction of all that is in the present moment. I love Ram Das's book _Be Here Now_.  

10 Dec 2004 @ 03:01 by swanny : Taking a position
Hmmmm but that would seem to be what
life is all about is it not.....
first finding and then taking a position
we can not seem to not help taking a position of some
sort ..... even not taking a position is taking a position in a way
is not the question what is the consentual or majorital position
We are in a sense not allowed to "not" take a position
It is an interesting concept though......
is it the same though as not being non judgemental or non prejudicial
How does one not take a position because that seems the essence of
being human not taking a position is inhuman or not done....

11 Dec 2004 @ 14:19 by jerryvest : Taking a position
Very thoughtful response, swanny. Yes, we do make judgments and take a position on just about everything one can imagine. Perhaps if we learn to reason rather than to react, we could transcend the contradictions that get us into conflicts and wars.

I would like to suggest that we learn "Trialectics" as introduced by Oscar Ichazo -- _Between Metaphysics and Protoanalysis". In this analysis, there is always an active, attractive, function and result. Generally we think of reason as being 'a' cause and effect relationship without consideration of function or equilibrium.

I suspect that learning to reason without taking a position requires much more insight and compassion than I have acquired, but I am working on it. It seems that when we make judgments and react, we are only seeing apparent contradictions without witnessing reality as it actually is--in total interaction.  

11 Dec 2004 @ 15:01 by swanny : Wow
Wow interesting and nice ot meet you
your reply makes me question whether
reason itself is a response or perhaps an effect
or neither or both or even something in and of itself
yet again. And that is perhaps a "function" of
disposition or ones disposition at the moment
which is then itself a function of context.... etc etc

This Trialectics then by Mr. Ichazo sounds
most astute somehow.....
but I think I may have muddied the waters
somewhat here. So back to the now then.
Yes now is complex..... many variables
a function of where one chooses or has to
place their attention or awareness or what
one chooses to emphasis. So now then
is somewhat of a constant and interactive
interplay of....???? hmmmmm......

a question.....

What is the substance of Now?

Well definately a composite and compound
of some sort and a dynamic one at that.

The Local and global now

are you familiar with proxemics....
I take for your website that you must be.  

11 Dec 2004 @ 20:19 by jerryvest : Now & Wow
You raise very excellent questions that I can only superficially respond. Forgive me for moving from the Now to Trialectics--perhaps this is a big leap.

As I understand the Now, "it" is in a constant state of flux. We tend to see or perceive reality according to our basic structures, patterns of conditioning, belief systems, development of our senses, and, as you suggest, proxemics that may be culturally based.

During my meditation practices over the years, I found that I can no longer really trust my perceptions. I learned that what I could trust was my 'fair witness' that observes or views reality without judgment--being in the moment. The fair witness, as I understand it, can become permanent with practice as we evolve and transcend our egos. For me, the experience is such that all or everything is interacting as one, in unity, and there is no separation, distinction or division to be made. Our/my identity or image of self is no longer engaged in the activity, rather as part of nature, we are interacting as one body, one mind and one spirit.

For example, as I play with my grandkids (3,5 & 7) it is even more evident to me that their innocense and freedom provides an opportunity for me to move in and out of this state and experience the pleasure, joy and happiness that manifests in the Now. Actually, drumming, dancing, and just being nonsensical is such a treat that I find my enthusiasm for theories is waning. However, discussions with bright people like you, is encouraging. Is there any substance in this experience? Thank you.  

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