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29 May 2005 @ 00:58, by swanny


Much of my early life was spent sensing that something was missing or displaced in my life or this world. I am not certain where such feelings originated and had little insight into what they might involve. Needless to say though, as many they caused me to search somewhat blindly for that "missing" something.
Many have had this same quest perhaps for something that came to be called the unifying theory I suppose. We are not that different after-all but I came to question the probability of a static unifying theory in the light of progress and evolution and realized perhaps its inherent impossibility.
Now though in light of my discovery or the rediscovery of Phi (1.6180339...) the golden ratio, while I see it not as a unifying theory, it is or does suggest in a way, a divine unifying ratio.
I can't help but speculate thus, that the current dysfunctional planetary society, is the result of our deviation or such, from the expressions and principles of this golden or divine mean. (phi) We have, it would seem forgotten or taken this very fundamental and important aspect of harmonious existence and development for granted. It is after-all, or can serve as a very basic guiding light, factor or consideration in organizational and holistic endeavor and development.
A fact, which previous earth societies once acknowledged and held in high esteem and regard, as history would seem to indicate but which through some oversight or some such was supplanted or replaced by humanities obsession and fascination with and to itself.
It is only now, once again, as we begin to reap the consequences of such self absorption that we see the real and urgent need to redeem and reacquaint ourselves with this ancient, divine and unifying ratio and its holistic aspects.
Hopefully some remnants of its properties and understandings still remain in spite of our neglect towards its inherent and necessary truth.

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29 May 2005 @ 11:12 by swanny : explan
Explaination for some.
well as far as I can understand
phi is an infinite or irrational number that
represent a "relationality" or a divine relationship
between the larger and the smaller....
to me it suggest the "correct" proportion or order
of existence in which things are to exist in order to
be in holistic harmony. If you go bigger the whole goes
out of harmony if you go smaller ditto....
it is sort of a confirmation or correlation
of correct or divine or unifiying
proportions or "ratio". There would also appear to be a psychological
or "synenergistic" effect of phi as that things embodying its
proportions are said to exhibit a radiating beauty of sorts.  

29 May 2005 @ 14:14 by swan : I have been interested in the Fibonacci
Sequence :{} Fibonacci numbers are also important in art and music. The ratio between successive Fibonacci numbers approximates an important constant called "the golden mean" or sometimes phi, which is approximately 1.61803. The higher you go in the Fibonacci sequence, the more closely the ratio between two successive numbers in the sequence approximates phi. This pattern is repeated through nature.

I incorporated a fibonacci sequence in my Egyptian painting {} that I did in Vermont. If you look at each section beginning in the middle left with 1 ( honeycomb), it moves to 2, 3, 5, 8, 13. 5, 8, 13 are connected to the rotations of Venus. If you remember I worked with Venus energy in this painting.  

29 May 2005 @ 18:03 by 777sunrise : I think I may get what you're saying...

I'm not heavily into mathematics, but I can understand the concept of there being a "perfect" place at which things can meet. I worry, though, about focusing on a "correct" way or place from which to operate. Feeling that one is not perfectly in sync with this place, would cause one to seatch for it, rather than noticing the perhaps "imperfect" perfection or unity already in order.  

30 May 2005 @ 15:02 by astrid : Swanny Boy,
there isa Coffee Table Book out there called "The Power of Limits". ( don't remember the Author... sorry!... )It is from the earlier part of the Eighties. Very very beautiful pictures of Nature Representations of Phi; the spiral way of creation in Phi ratio! See if you can find it somehwere.The pics are so stunning!  

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9 May 2011 @ 07:12 by James @ : Phi
Phi isn't a number by itself, but a ratio. 1 to 1.618 if you divide a line in just the right place, the ratio of the larger segment to the whole line is the same as the ratio of the smaller segment to the larger segment. make sense? its the ratio on which all growth in nature is based.


C/A = B/C  

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