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6 Jun 2005 @ 11:41, by swanny


Even in the light of the unfairness of life, we are still called and charged by some distant honor and grace to be fair and honest in our dealings and doings, less that this realm and wonder be pitched into the utter chaos and darkness of the void. We thus Love in this hope and freedom, that by such doing and strive, we are evolving a more just and noble reality. As grand a reality as has never been seen or known before and that stands as proof and fact of the existence and industry of Love, True Love, the Love that never dies.
And if we stand steadfast and sturdy in this we can find and know the Truth of this in those rare and golden moments of this passing now. Those rare and golden "Nows" that we reach and "touch" from time to time.

Carry On...

A. G. Jonas
(c) 2005

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6 Jun 2005 @ 13:52 by jstarrs : Nicely said...
...and I'll go along with that.
Thank you.  

6 Jun 2005 @ 14:40 by swanny : Thanks J
"The Transit of Venus"
06-06-05, 07:33 am (PDT)
Well supposedly a transit of Venus is occurring as
it crosses the sun in front of the earth today or so
now I was wonderin if venus were bigger it would be
that the earth is being "eclipsed" by venus but as
such we are just having a line of venus'es "shadow" being
travelled upon the earth today.... is that significant...
hmmmmmm are the "spidy senses" tingling? no but I got
heart burn.... and .... hmmmmm seems a fairly ordinary day

this is your
mild mannered news/muse reporter

alfie kent  

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