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12 Aug 2005 @ 14:05, by swanny

by a.g. jonas

Who won the cold war? Well I heard some say that the cold war wasn't necessarily won but successfully avoided and only by "luck" as it were.
I suppose it really doesn't matter somehow. The problem though was that the current state of affairs was never anticipated. No one anticipated the avoidance of the catastrophe it demanded. It perhaps was not even considered probable to arrive at our current situation so it was not planned for. No one anticipated the current reality. No one could see past the bomb, No one could even "imagine" past the bomb. John Lennon? well hmmmmm

None the less here we have arrived without a plan and without a vision and I suppose some opportunists ie: terrorists, have taken advantage of this lack of vision, leadership and foresight to impose their agendas of confusion. Thats perhaps how strong the enigma of the "bomb" was. It was perhaps a potential and power so vast that we somehow could not contain it and the imaginings it purported in us.

But here we are, like lost sheep in a post cold war, post bomb reality, a reality that defied and still seems to defy the odds. The bomb has been relatively contained or somewhat half heartedly accepted and we have in a sense transcended it for lack of a better sense but now we sort of aimlessly wander from day to day.

The Internet, that somehow was not anticipated either, even in the visionary annals say of "Startrek" and such, we have no precedence for this means of communication and whatever.

So what is this.... Is it perhaps a "success" of sorts a "mutual success" a mutual "compromise" a mutual reality. And where do we go from here. It is perhaps a blank canvas of sorts and a second chance of sorts for humanity. And an unprecedented one at that. Yet where are the visionaries, the poets with there pens, did they all take the last plane to the coast the day the planet died and they were singing bye bye miss american planet, took my chevy to the levy but the levy was....

Hmmmm just food for thought.... Nothing comes to mind at the moment except perhaps enjoying the passage of time.... and.....

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12 Aug 2005 @ 14:41 by swanny : link
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12 Aug 2005 @ 15:42 by swanny : The Garden of Earth
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