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4 Sep 2005 @ 15:54, by swanny

Wow they're estimating over "10,000" dead
in New Orleans
I can't recall of ever ever hearing of
that many American Civilians being killed
at one time. Even 911 was less.
The sad truth though is that they knew this
was coming and had been predicting it.
Not sure what to make of the complacinsy then.
Did people perhaps not care that they were
about to die?

Strange..... most strange....

This is a disconnect of major proportion
it would seem that there may have been
other forces at work here then....

What I am not sure

Are we that asleep.... at the wheel....

comfortably numb....

What "other forces" may have been about...???

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4 Sep 2005 @ 16:27 by swanny : ........
I wonderin there seems as though
this complacency is almost a kind of
"mass denial" a denial of truth perhaps
and more so reality....

a mass denial of ....???
a changing world ....????
a refuseal to open a closed mind
or mindset....


4 Sep 2005 @ 16:32 by swanny : ,,,,,
The "force" of Time

Force LInk =  

4 Sep 2005 @ 16:43 by swanny : .......
it wasn't nature then that was the archcitect of
New Orleans misfortune but the "force of time."
The dykes were only built to withstand a 1 in 100
year event and not like the dikes in Holland
which are now built to withstand a 1 in 1000 year
event so New Orleans simply ran out of time
and time as nature is a rentless force.  

4 Sep 2005 @ 16:56 by swanny : .......
Well it occurs to me that we just had
a 1 in 100 year flood in Alberta Canada
just ten years ago and this year we got
a 1 in 200 year flood.

Link =

So I guess the clock is striking Black o'clock/moon  

5 Sep 2005 @ 00:45 by jmarc : Man Vs. Nature
All else is commentary.
I'd no idea they had such tough dikes in Holland. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
In a thousand years they'll realize they were short sighted though.
In Holland.
They're realizing that today in New Orleans.
Man has always been like this though.
Villages built below volcanoes everywhere,
on earthquake faults, in siberean tundra
because we can.
and sometimes we're so sure footed and far sighted
we don't see the danger right before us.
Sad but noble.  

5 Sep 2005 @ 07:44 by vaxen : Not in the least...
noble! If you'd do just a little research, JM, you'd find that funds were actually diverted from levee repair to the Iraq war! But this has been going on for quite some time even before Bitch got into 'power.'

A major military exercise was planned for around the same time. The simulation of an all out 'nuclear' attack. Was to take place, of all places, at and around Fort Monroe! Know where that is? An all out nuclear attack to train our soldiers, et al, for a nuclear conflagration with Iran! Ya wanna talk logistics?

I won't bother anyone with the fetid f*****g detaails, for that might wake you up, too, too, much then you might actually do something about all the lies and subterfuge and bullshit! Weather war is a present reality and has been for quite some time. And if you think this bullshit nation is beyond sacrificing a few tens of thousands of its' lower life 14th amendment citizens then I'll caution you to research 'Operation Northwoods.' Let that be just a beginning that, hopefully, might open your eyes.

Those of us who know beyond the shadow of a doubt what is going on have lost all hope. But hope is an illusion, and a cop-out, anyway. I have no hope and that's good. Easier to die, or to kill, that a storm trooper.

If you want the reference to the 'wargames,' swanny, I'll probably post it in a little while or if you want I'll send it to you. America is quite a prize for these New World Order scumbags. Sieg.

PS: You may also be interested to know that Kellog, Brown, and Root and Halliburton got the 'clean up' contracts. And don't forget that on 9/11 wargames were planned for that day too! Coincidence? No such thing! Act of nature? Nature enhanced and controlled!  

5 Sep 2005 @ 17:21 by martha : Katrina
is a wake up call to drop the hate and come together as a nation, united and ready to make drastic changes. Hate, bigotry, paranoid thinking, need to be left behind. No changes can come with negative energy except more distruction.  

7 Sep 2005 @ 13:27 by rayon : The only advantage
from the catastrophe I can see is that this was a first class opportunity for the Government to reach out to the less able left behind to show real human kindness. Most of these had TV's showing effects of world disasters, and therefore have a given right to expect no less expert assistance in this day and age.  

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