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28 Oct 2005 @ 13:35, by swanny


I was somewhat reluctant to turn on the computer today, because, well not sure.
And then it occurred to me, there's a question I seem to be asking myself a lot these
days as I approach my 50th birthday. The question is "What's Important?" or more
so What is really important in this life?
So many times of late it seems my time is taken up by somewhat of mere distractions
and illusions and I have forgotten or never really taken the time to consider what is the essence
or "fundement" is of my or this life.
Certainly like many of youth, I wanted to save the world from the dangers of my time, and I tired
but as a mere youth, what could be done. But now with some of the wisdom hopefully and experiences
ganered from life, I find I must seriously sit down and reflect upon this life, my life and the world in general
and chart perhaps a new and different course or at least take the time to understand , to truly understand
the things and reasons for the things that I am doing.
I pointed that out to a dear friend the other day in that so many people seem to be doing things and yet
they seem to lack any understanding of why things are done a certain way or such. I mean they are simply
following orders or rote without having the benefit of the whys and wherefores of their actions. ie People drive cars
and work computers and nuclear stations perhaps without knowing the nuts and bolts of same. It could be
called a "Credibiliiy Gap"or "knowledge gap" or some but this seems done almost to the
point that such is not relavant or an issue and one simply does what ones told because "it works". And why it
works is not necessary to question or understand. This seems somewhat negligent to me...... for some reason.
Because it creates a world or reality ill or poorly founded and grounded.
Anyway thought it would make a good topic of discussion before we go to far in our ignorance and progress
that ....??? well whatever.

Alfred J.
Alberta Canada
October 28, 2005

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28 Oct 2005 @ 14:29 by scotty : hmmm ! Try this recipe !!
Your Inner Being is guiding you toward well-being. ALWAYS!! Whether you are listening or not.

And so the question is . Are you listening? And how do you know when you are?

And we say to you .

You cannot hear the guidance when you are angry.

You cannot hear the guidance when you are mad.

You cannot hear the guidance when you are fearful.

You cannot hear the guidance when you are fitful.

You cannot hear the guidance when you are guilty.

You cannot hear the guidance when you are lonely.

You cannot hear the guidance when your valve is closed You see.

So!! Just get happy in any way you can.

Do the things that please you most.

Spend time with the people that thrill you most.

Go to the places where you bask easily .

And most of all make a decision that "Nothing is more important than that I feel good."

And under those conditions you will be guided with a precision that will knock your socks off.

Not just to an area that will receive little disruption, but to an area where you can thrive. To an area where you can find joy. To an area where you will rendezvous with the others you've intended.

Extract from Abraham-Hicks tape G-4/17/94  

28 Oct 2005 @ 14:44 by swanny : I don't agree
I don't agree that "nothing is more important than that I feel good"
that's not what I feel anyway. I value all my feelings good, bad or indifferent...
they constitute more than the sum of their parts
Yet what is that called but "being human"
Thanks for this scotty....
hmmmm I am listening I suspect but I am trying to listen to the
subconscious as well and trying to harmonize it with consciousness....

Life is complex and confusing though at the moment
which ain't terrible bad just a curve of sorts


28 Oct 2005 @ 17:18 by swanny : needs
Heart and Ego

Ah yes Heart and Ego.... somewhat irreconcileable at times
yet the ego does have role in protect our own perhaps not always
interests but needs. We can not give for instance if we have not or no
basis of giving because then we are giving from nothing and what then is the
worth of that. Ego though can have a tendancy towards self referencing
and self interest..... How is this reconciled then.... It is difficult because
it becomes a question of "relativeness" Now for instance a poor person in
the West is indeed poor by western standards but more "rich" than say
someone poor of Asian or African or Eastern standards. Difficult aye....
the heart or the ego giving mixed messages depending on ones focus.
As well one can not ignore the survival instinct. Is that from the heart though
or the ego. Is it good for instance to sacrifice to the point of extreme conditions and how then
does that serve one and others equally.
Ultimately it is a question of "balance" perhaps Serving others or the many
when their needs are greater than ones own and serving oneself when ones
own needs are greater than the others or the many.

A. J.  

28 Oct 2005 @ 18:46 by jstarrs : As Shantideva said...
...'the joy that comes from making others happy is the greatest happiness, isn't that enough?'  

30 Oct 2005 @ 07:15 by swanny : help me
October 30, 2005
Sunday morning
12: 14 AM MST
Alberta Canada

Well thanks all...
I'm not a big reader anymore but if I run accross it
I'll have a look.
Yikes yesterday must have been a hard one
I a bit exhausted from the thoughts of moving
and sorting and throwing away stuff.
And then I thought well what is it anyway?
And this song appeared.
I guess when I can't find the words
sometimes music helps to get the message accross
so I present to you "Now help me"

Mp3 Link =

By Ed Jonas  

30 Oct 2005 @ 14:11 by swanny : Song Lyrics
OCTOBER 30, 2005

Now help me lift the sorrow from our hearts,
Now help me dry the tears that we have cried,

Now help me right the damage we have done to this old world
Cause together, there ain't nothin we can't do.

Now help me sing a song to ease the pain,
Now help me shine a light, to show the way.

Long ago, I tried alone,
To fight the night, that stoled our home,
Long ago, I had a life,
But I lost it there, one lonely night.


Now help me find the love that we once knew,
The love we tired but couldn't hold on too.
Now help me right the damage we have done to this old world

Cause together, there ain't nothin
Cause together, there ain't nothin
Cause together, there ain't nothin we can't do.........!


31 Oct 2005 @ 14:43 by jerryvest : Beautiful song, Ed. I think that you
have helped yourself with this one because "...there ain't nothing we can't do...." Happy 50th. birthday. If I were to offer any suggestions about focus and direction, I would continue to keep Sunyata in your heart, mind and emotions as this is beyond doing anything.  

31 Oct 2005 @ 22:27 by swanny : Thanks very much Jerry
Yes this song is quite special
I actually just got out of the studio of a friend
and we added some drum, bass and strings
Yikes it makes me want to cry...
It needs a couple more hours but if you send me an email to where
I send you an small mp3 file of what we came up with....
My friend is quite gifted musically


oh and "sunyata" I'll have to investigate.....  

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