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11 Jul 2006 @ 19:20, by swanny

July 11, 2006

Hi all...
at the lib...

well we've spoke of leadership before...
and heart or conscience is a fair good leader
as Martin Luther was bent to....

but then there is the evolution of democracy
which some still say is only majority rules
but in truth or intent was the greatest good
for the greatest number....

and yet how do we determine greatest good?
Which makes the question on the ballot a 2 parter

so Natural global leadership is needed to balance the
long term aspirations and needs with the short term
and restore some honesty and honor to the equation
and institutions.... so

forming a Natural global Democracy....
tough job....

a take on the United Democracies of Earth but

still what is the greatest good....

and then still what is the greatest good for the greatest

well these things I have been pondering

but we have achieved this....

look around.... still a bit rocky and sucky
but this is somewhat more sustainable than before
though a little taken for granted but

look around , we have achieved "this"....
and for that we should give thanks


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11 Jul 2006 @ 19:58 by swanny : Global Profit
ah yes that was the other point
is that as far as the leadership of the
almighty dollar....
It is the understanding that unless something
results in profit for all or at least most
ie global profit then it is not really profit
at all....
profit to be benefit should be global or universal
and the along with the greatest global good for the greatest
number and the aspirtation to notions and such of global


3 Oct 2007 @ 20:40 by googie : "Hi" my friend
Natural global leadership ~ that's good. And like the nature surrounding us, it still blooms ~ even clinging to a rock, when noone is watching it there! Sister nature/brotherhood of man leadership.  

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