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 Human Energy Cap and Freeze 201021 comments
picture12 Jul 2010 @ 09:06, by Unknown

July 12, 2010, Earth, Monday, Dawn

In 2008, we, humanity were using about 474 Exajoules of energy per year.
If we humanity, will not and won't at some point cap or freeze our own global energy use and waste
and addiction, then who will and when?
I think thus and then, right now, limiting ourselves humanity, to 474 Exajoules of energy per year right now and here in 2010 and for such per year for the foreseeable future is more than sufficient to live satisfactory and successful lives.
When there is no more, then we just have to do without, that is how it was and how it has always been and perhaps how it always will be.

Ed Jonas

Various Internet and Media Sources 2010

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