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1 Sep 2004 @ 02:48, by Vaxen Var

The New Civilization Game DEFINITION: A CIVILIZATION is an economic engine that runs on ideas and whose products are:


A GAME consists of freedoms, barriers, and purpose. (LRH 1952)

The Civilization Game

The New Civilization is a game where everyone wins. Its freedoms are for each individual so that all survival and expansion purposes may be obtained. There is freedom of ideas, economics and participation in all the components of a Civilization.

Barriers include the "old" Civilization which is suppressing individuals by giving them what they do not need and do not want, i.e. unemployment; taxes; wars; atomic, biological and chemical weapons; unstable currency; criminality; mind destroying drugs; environmental pollution; destruction of the balances of nature; suppression of economics resulting in bankruptcies; suppression of ideas for survival and expansion and health; suppression of freedoms of speech, press and religion; and police-state control operations with psychopolitical and computer control of every individual.

The New Civilization Game gives Planet Earth several new purposes.

The first is for SURVIVAL. It is based on the observable fact that the Earth is actually a large spaceship with its living space on the outside and containing all the raw material for survival of a large Civilization. It is home for its individuals living on it. Thus the first purpose is:

"To actively put our Home Planet Earth in order, maintaining its Natural Balance for the survival of the New Civilization, and preventing, restraining, and/or ceasing to co-operate with those who would destroy our home."

The second purpose is for EXPANSION. It is based on the observable fact that there are other worlds in space besides Earth and the New Civilization will expand to these frontiers. Therefore, the second purpose is:

"To viably develop the technology and equipment for free-enterprise and private and public travel to other planets and systems for the expansion of the New Civilization, and to protest loudly and refuse to co-operate with those who would keep and use these developments for purely military destructive, or other suppressive intentions."

The third purpose is for PRODUCTION and EXCHANGE. It is based on the observable fact that Earth does not have enough production to care for- its own people fully, much less any exchangable production for export to any other planets or systems. The third purpose is then:

"To make available technology, products, goods and services for all the peoples of Earth and develop the capability to export surpluses to other planets and systems, decrying and refusing to co-operate with those who would keep people unemployed, ignorant, poor, underfed and unhealthy for suppressive reasons of their own."

The fourth purpose is for ECONOMICS. It is based on the observable fact that "Old Civilization" Bankers, Governments, and Politicians have no STABLE medium of exchange of which one can be absolutely confident of equivalent value anywhere on Planet Earth. The fourth purpose is:

"To develop, standardize and get in use a stable medium(s) of exchange so that the New Civilization can confidently flourish and prosper without inflations, deflations, and depressions. And to educate people in basic economics so that they NEVER fall prey to or support those persons and groups who use economics to suppress."

The fifth purpose is for FREEDOM. It is based on the observable fact that the existing "old" Civilization gradually and often suddenly Suppresses freedoms of all kinds - spiritual, economic, travel, speech, writing, and aesthetic freedoms - resulting in a more and more mind-controlled, apathetic and irresponsible society in which the fun and enjoyment of life and creative endeavour is gone. The fifth purpose is:

"To recognize, validate, and support all types of creative endeavour and pro-survival and pro-expansion activities, cherishing ones' own freedom as the key to achievement of all the New Civilization's purposes and actively resisting and defeating any attempt to limit or regulate one's freedoms or rights in the New Civilization Game."

The sixth purpose is for PLEASURE. It is based on the observable fact that much of the "fun" is gone from life in the "old civilization" and a. game should be interesting, fun, and rewarded with pleasure moments. The sixth purpose is:

"To encourage, assist and/or take part in a renaissance of cultural, artistic and social events; sports; hobbies, reading, writing, poetry, music, drama, stage and screen productions, and other creative and philosophic/artistic endeavours as these best express the values, purposes and dreams and vitality of a civilization and help in distributing its message to others who may wish to join the game and have fun too."

The seventh purpose is for COORDINATION. It is based on the observable fact that the "old civilization" is a mess of contradictions, conflicts, and useless expensive actions coupled with useless expensive delays. (Wars; political conflicts; border disputes; your tax money spent on stocks of weapons that could destroy the Earth hundreds of times and kill all life on it; slow justice procedures; delays in payment for sold goods and services; delays in transport, mail and paperwork, and an over-all sense of impending doom and non-survival.) Thus the seventh purpose is:

'To coordinate the New Civilization according to its definition so that its thrust and vectors are aligned for survival, expansion and prosperity in a manner which relies on the continued freedom and happiness of the individuals comprising it."

NB: The New Civilization is not limited to the above purposes. There will be more as expansion occurs. However, no new purpose will contradict or eliminate these purposes or the definition of a civilization. These are yours forever.


Notes on Use of the New Civilization Organizational Plan:

1. This plan applies to all echelons of life on the planet - personal, family, groups, nation, race, governments and all organizations.

2. It has the complete necessities for survival and expansion - given worthwhile purposes to set it in motion.

3. Used by an individual or group, it helps them survive and expand faster.

4. Used by a Civilization, it helps it to prosper and achieve its purposes faster.

5. It is used to gain agreement on matters needing coordination and increase speed of decision.


Knowledge is Power, but Power is not Knowledge.

One who has all Power but little or no Knowledge will lose Power as he uses it.

One who has all Knowledge but no Power will gain and win Power as he uses it.

Power is an ability of using energy and force to Create and/or Destroy.

Used with little. false or no knowledge of the true nature of things and being ignorant of purposes and plans of organization inherent in all life, one without knowledge who uses power will surely create destruction and/or destroy creation. This is observable in the highest echelons of planetary government in the "Old Civilization".

Balancing and far outweighing the small percentage (2% or 3%) of people who have the "power without knowledge" insanity, are the millions of people of Earth who have knowledge of life, the truth of what it takes to survive, the duty and loyalty of their family and friends, and the trust that others will exchange, work and play in a fair and honest. friendly fashion as they do themselves. These millions, (some 97% of the population of Earth) are the source of all good things abd survival components of the civilization. Then why is the "old civilization" in such poor condition? Because the Power that the insane 2 or 3 percent are using is continually being given to them by the 97 percent. It is given in the form of financial energy - (taxes), controlling force - (by obeying those who suppress or destroy freedom and initiative), and confidence - (by electing those who take the fun out of life's games to get and keep more power for themselves).

And this power is given and the insane actions not halted by the 97% because they:

1. Believed there was no alternative., and

2. Were not organized, so

3. Thus, did not recognize that they were the largest Power source on the Planet, and

4. They were the Source of ALL the suppressive power being used against them, and

5. They could take the Power away from the 2 or 3 percent at any time by just not giving it to them.

Note: It is an observable fact that also part Of the power given to the 2 or 3 percent Was used to carefully mis-educate the 97 percent into not having the knowledge. of 1), 2), 3), 4) and 5) above. (For example, controlled media repeatedly being used to voice the "belief" that there is no alternative.)


The New Civilization knows:

1. You have the power.

2. You have the freedom.

3. You have the purposes.

4. You have the knowledge of how to play the game.

5. You have the right to your own sanity and will not agree to insane uses of power.

6. You have the right to leave any game you don't like, take your power, knowledge, and purposes with you and join another, start another, or just not play.

7. You WILL enjoy the New Civilization Game, if you decide to play.

8. That if you do decide to play, you - and ALL people of this planet - will win.


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1 Sep 2004 @ 03:04 by skookum : reminds me of

1 Sep 2004 @ 21:42 by vaxen : Reminds me...
of why I am here. ;) Here is an intresting saying I came across the other day:

" You are a giant who tied yourself down with cotton lint."--anon  

2 Sep 2004 @ 18:38 by koravya : Sounds Like
A plan, an excellent plan, a real plan.
Reminds me of a thought I recently saw written on an eraserboard.
(I paraphrase.)
It is not what lies ahead of us
or what lies before us that matters,
so much as it is what lies Within us
that will make all the difference in our lives.
and from Australian native wisdom.:
If you bring forth all that is within you,
what is within you will save you,
and if you do not bring forth all that is within you,
what is within you will destroy you.

2 Sep 2004 @ 20:16 by vaxen : thanks...
koravya. that is very inspirational. yes i do believe it. in our minds exists the power of ten billion neutron bombs times infinity plus plus. it is comforting to think that you can find things like that on an eraser board. we are not alone! yeah...

~Endure unto the end~  

2 Sep 2004 @ 20:17 by tochtli : that is lucid
very beautiful. how do we achieve that?  

2 Sep 2004 @ 21:38 by vaxen : Achieve it?
I think the achievement must begin by desiring it. Then we can link up in our agreed upon 'real' world in small bands and cells to manifest it in our earthly realms. Your understanding has already achieved it. Thankyou tochtli. One more step.  

3 Sep 2004 @ 01:45 by skookum : I

very good thoughts.. ty koravya,vax and tochtli

power of the mind, spirit etc...untapped power for most of us  

4 Sep 2004 @ 04:09 by koravya : Linking Up
September third into the fourth, Friday into Saturday. Like-minded individuals in tune with the emerging planetary consciousness discover their synchronous wavelength through which they can co-create a manifestation of shared understanding. Artistic collaboration on the canvas of infinite possibilities strikes a chord with the sensibility of another emerging consciousness, around the globe simultaneously on every continent, and between continents. The twin continents, one centered on Giza, the other on Tikal, each in turn are bathed in Light between Dawn emerging and Dawn descending. Scattered in microcosmic nestlets throughout cities and countryside, from mountaintop and high plateau, to the shore at the end of the sea, across the dry and windy plain, and through the jungle canopy, we voice the words of peace together, and through a simple whisper, the thought resounds in multiplying echoes from one magnetic pole to the other. We have seen now who we are together, a droplet of Blue Light in an ocean of emptiness, and there is a faint possibility that the power of self-annihilation could have its day. All the more reason for the powers of Light to continue whispering, gathering ourselves together, cells by clumps of cells, in the maturation of our various organic functions.  

5 Sep 2004 @ 07:56 by skookum : very eloquent
something is afoot...I am sure of it.  

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