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4 Jan 2006 @ 20:48, by Vaxen Var

While the politicians of the republic think up new crimes to charge Americans with, the Nationalists are pushing ahead with a positive agenda. Americans are acculturated to being pitted against each other, so the idea of a united friendly society is a fundamentally alien notion. However, anyone who brings up the possibility that a less hostile social system is even possible is laughed out of the dialogue by a cynical press, under the influence of a cynical bureaucracy.

The biggest fear of the bureaucracy of the republic is that the American people will find a common cause, in which they will find the strength to retire the republic. To postpone that inevitable impulse towards a genuine national unity, the bureaucracy constantly seeds the various ethnic groups that collectively constitute the "American people," with suspicions of each other. Often the very programs that are designed to create rivalries and jealousies carry such lofty sounding names as Affirmative Action and Desegregation. This is not an attack on the noble ideals underlying Affirmative Action or Desegregation, it is rather an acknowledgment that the programs of the republic are named in a misleading fashion, so as to distract the illiterate masses from the underlying strategy of divide and rule.

The American Kingdom

The illiteracy of the masses is not an accident, especially in a country that spends so much supporting educational institutions. The shameless boasting about the quantity of Americans who are not completely illiterate, ignores the more significant issue of the QUALITY of literacy possessed by the average American. This is because the people have been indoctrinated with a civic creed, at the very core of which is a falsification of history. The only way any fraud can be accomplished is to limit the information available to the victim. The way this is done in the United States is by the coerced memorization of the false chronology of events through such a painful methodology, that the very subject of "history" becomes painful, and a topic of discussion most average Americans enjoy avoiding for the rest of their lives.

The American republic derives of the era of slavery, and the institutions of a divided society are deeply embedded into the very essence of the Federal Government. The rhetoric of law and justice and community is designed to give the individual a false sense of security, so that the individual will make no effort at self-defense when attacked. To the authorities of the republic -- who once policed such things as the deliberate suppression of literacy among the population of black slaves -- any signs of intelligence on the part of the population is a cause of alarm. It is important to remember that the men who met at Philadelphia to write the Constitution of 1787 were seriously class conscious, and the institution they devised was specifically designed to enable the upper class its "rightful" control over the lower classes of indentured servants, slaves and propertyless freemen. What's more the lower classes accepted this system of patronage, and deferentially looked up to their "betters."

The republic is best understood when compared to the qualities of a corporation. The corporation exists only by the agreement of men, but it is clothed with the powers of a natural human being. This means that it can act, it can own and use and dispose of property, it can assume liabilities, and it can enter contracts and demand performance. The corporation, however, cannot die. Yet the fiction of the existence of the corporation is MORE important than the actual human beings who function as its eyes and ears, legs and arms. The people come and go, even the chief executive officer, but the identity of the corporation, with the appropriate symbols and slogans, carries on indefinitely until someone calls off the game. Most significantly, of course, the notion of the corporation led to the evolution of the legal doctrine of the "corporate veil," which disconnects accountability for the actions of a corporation from any of the human agents whose actions may cause harm or damage.

No one in the republican government in Washington, D.C., actually believes that he or she will ever be held responsible for any of the things they are doing while in service to the republic. The Federal Government is little more than an organized system that enables the business interests of the nation to exploit the national wealth of the American people, without sharing any of the proceeds of that enrichment with the American people. This is part of the reason why so much effort is made to encourage individuals to disregard the needs and wants of their fellow Americans -- such consideration being criticized as "communism" -- while showering public approval on anyone who is "career-oriented," and devoted to self-indulgence.

The consumer society is full of contradictions, promoting employment as the means of liberation; possessions as the means to fulfillment; and the prison/police state as the means to security. The loneliness this breeds as individuals launch themselves towards the ideal of massive wealth is only accentuated by the brutality they cause others, who get in the way. Children who saw injustice and asked why, turn into adults who take up Cain's cause and demand, "Am I my brother's keeper?" It is hard for the successful to remember that the human race is like a pool of water, and any time any individual is deprived of his lawful human rights, it causes a disturbance throughout the whole pool.

While it is easy to point out the faults of any system, it is much trickier to suggest alternatives or solutions. This is made even more difficult by the basic assumptions indoctrinated into average Americans by the institutions that collaborate in the deliberate disinformation of the population: the media, the politicians, the schools (from grade school to university), and the corporations. The republic is driven by forces that break down traditional families to the smallest unit possible, the NUCLEAR FAMILY, so that the family's ancient role as the "breeder" of the society remains in place. The traditional family of multiple generations, united by positive and long-term bonds of love and loyalty to each other, which enabled the traditional cultural values to be passed on from one generation to the next, was outlawed, so that the members of the family had to rely on the institutions of the mass society for information and comfort. Thus things that were once done by a people in common, lightening the burden on individuals -- like the care of the children -- now became the province of licensed, profit-making "professionals;" and the elderly were, in effect, discarded, confined to "convalescent centers," isolated from the youth who are their actual reason for living.

One of the most serious blows to the family as a political and social institution came about from the republican notion of "equality." Equality did not mean that slavemasters were the equal with their slaves; under the statutes of the republic no man is obliged to consider another man an authority, because men don't possess authority, only officers acting in their official capacity have authority. This is part of the corporate ethic, and it infers that only the Republic-Corporation has authority. It is directly contradicted by the ancient principle of princely authority, the prince having the authority to act, but also the responsibility for his actions and the consequences thereof.

The equality of the republic is not the same as the principle of equality of all people UNDER THE LAW. The equality of the republic is based on encouraging raw competition, and the fulfillment of the republic's underlying purpose as a mechanism for inciting rivalries and jealousies among the American people, to keep them divided. Under the republican creedal definition of equality no man is wiser than any other man, and the only genuine "authority" is that which rests in people who have been properly accredited and licensed by the republic: Doctors, Lawyers, Police, Firemen. This is why the penalties for impersonating authorities are so severe, because such impersonations encourage individuals to distrust the official channels of the government.

The most serious damage done by the republic's theory of equality is that which is done to the authority of the family. The structure of authority in every family is tribal and hereditary; it cannot be any other way. The children look up to the parents; but deprived of the tribal arrangement of cousins and grandparents that prevails in all traditional cultures universally, the parents have to turn to the institutions of the republic to educate their children. The monetized economy, of course, also works to break down traditional family bonds, especially as women join the labor force. Most women would love to be an influence in the lives of their children, but are unable to as a result of the demands made upon the typical family to pay "its" bills. Bills such as to water companies and electricity companies that used the taxes collected from the same families to build their infrastructures, so that families continue paying for (and working to pay for) the same services many times over.

The authority of the family has been undermined by the evolution of the educational institution and the rise of the so-called professional class. Of course, after two centuries of coercion, fragmentation, and falsification the end result is not only a disintegrating civilization, but a condition wherein the natural leaders of the society, the elders, have none of the traditional wisdom that enabled societies in the past to continue in existence. Warehoused and marginalized in senior "ghettos," the elderly look on in horror as their children and grandchildren engage in a virtual daily slaughter, feeling completely powerless to intervene as a result of the conditioning they received throughout their lives, of reliance and dependence upon the institutions of the republic.

The most direct and open attack on the authority of the family in America came about when Thomas Jefferson penned legislation that made it illegal for land to be held in perpetuity for the welfare of the family as a whole. The Jeffersonian laws abolished the rule of primogeniture, or the right of the first- born, and en tail, which had worked successfully for thousands of years, both of which acknowledged the traditional principle that each family had a family chief (who could also be a woman in many cultures, based on necessity), whose authority the law recognized, especially pertaining to the family's possession of land. The new laws set up the principle that families could no longer act as intermediaries between the individual and the republic; instead, the individual was now responsible directly to the republic, above any allegiance owed to the family. This became the basis of modern mass campaigns encouraging youngsters to spy on their parents, and to inform on them to the authorities of the republic if they commit a crime.

The system of justice set in motion by the Founding Fathers reinforced the authority of the slavemaster over his slaves, with statutes, police and prisons; but family's were not allowed control of even their own homes from one generation to the next. The imposition of taxes made it necessary for families that had paid off their homes generations earlier, to join the labor force and learn about the gadget-based lifestyle enjoyed by those who have the money to pay for it. Employment, of course, is an adult extension of school-years, in which obedience is rewarded and a bad attitude will show up on your credit report. The entire grading system of the schools exposes us at our most vulnerable and formative ages to forces of approval and disapproval. The grades are all based on tests in which the students have already been provided with the right answers, so that the reward of a good grade is directly related to saying what the teacher has prompted the student to say. In adulthood this leads to uncomfortable situations whenever anyone violates the unspoken rules by actually saying what is on his mind, instead of the expected statement the prompt might suggest.

American society is in a desperate state now, but the only answer of the republic is a barrage of WORDS: New laws, threats of harsher punishment, innuendos and grandstanding. It is inconceivable for average Americans to comprehend that all evidence of law-breaking on the part of the institutions of the republic, suggests that the adoption of new legislation is not a solution with any promise. This is particularly true of that institution that came into being solely as a result of the policies of the republic: Organized crime. The mass media never raises the issue that maybe the willingness of Americans to join the Other Side in the republic's war on crime derives from the greed instilled in them by mass society institutions, that is supposed to motivate them to become gainfully employed. The glamorization of wealth backfires every time an illiterate teenager acts on the impulse to acquire WITH A GUN AT A CONVENIENCE STORE. Of course, most people resist the impulse to violate others due to natural tendencies towards empathy that are innate in human life as a potential; but if that empathy is stifled, and the individual is not moved by the suffering of others, that individual can become PREDATORY towards other human beings, and the results of this are witnessed daily in the news.

The American republic is heavy with the legacy of the nation's slave past. The only way to address the police state of the republic is through a national dialogue of reconciliation among the various ethnic groups that constitute the American people, based on an impartial and honest understanding of America's past under the republic. And the actual solution to the nation's crises will derive from the deliberate fostering of a social peace, to put an end to the constant Wars of the Republic against the people: The War on Crime, the War on Drugs, the War on Poverty, the War on Sex. Wars are powered by hate, and it must ultimately be acknowledged that the hate taught by the institutions of the republic, that make it possible for them to exploit the people to prosecute these wars, gets out of control and becomes the source of its users' destruction. Thus a new legal and political order is called for that is not anchored in the euphemisms of plantation aristocrats 220 years ago. This is a vital recognition, because so long as anyone believes that the "System Works," there will be no energy or momentum to wind down and dissolve a system of government notable only for its institutional harshness.

The founding of the republic represented the rejection of the ancient executive native to traditional law, that was derivative of the natural authority of the father of the family, the chief. The republic was made up of competing land-owning families, all of which were suspicious of each other's intentions. While no one in 1996 can reasonably debate whether independence from Britain in 1776 was the best way to handle the differences that existed at that time, it is vital to understand that law-abiding people did stand on the side of the kingdom and the monarchy which were central to the legal system of government in America. The reason for this was not loyalty to an antiquated system, but a sense of reliance on the principles of law that had succeeded for TEN THOUSAND YEARS.

A duly constituted monarchy can only survive if it embodies the national unity of the kingdom. Unlike a republic, which historically have been set up by closed groups of merchants, who use their control of the state to create cartels that enrich them and exploit the nation; a monarchy embodies what is BEST in a people. The monarch and the royal family symbolize the good-will and good-faith of the community in its relations with the people of the nation, the tribe. The American stereo-type of a monarch as a dictator is a knee-jerk reaction to the only institution that can salvage the nation, precisely because the founders of the republic knew that the people would be suspicious of their rejection of traditional government. So they created a case against the English king of America, George III, that was completely false. They made the king the focus for all the actions of his ministers, which under a constitutional system of government he had no control over. Of course, the king had no intention of being a tyrant, and in fact was not a tyrant, and many of the expectations of the English with regards to the colonies were not wholly unreasonable. Second-rate historians feel free to write off the tremendous expense undertaken by the British when they defeated the French and conquored Canada, which had a direct effect on the general level of safety of the average colonial. The taxes the English sought were an attempt to share the financial burden more equitably. Another fact that is conveniently ignored when the causes of the Revolution are cited, and prominent among them is the battle-cry of "No Taxation Without Representation," was that the well-to-do did not intend to pay taxes on property such as land they stole from native Americans, or people they held in bondage as slaves, who were given a value in money due to the machinations of the slave market. Additionally, the credit that made it possible for the plantation aristocrats to acquire land and slaves derived from banking institutions in London, the seat of the legal government, and a Revolution made it possible for American colonials to repudiate their debts WITHOUT PAYING THEM OFF.

While no one can actually turn the clock back to make up for mistakes of the past, the living generation can learn from the lessons of history so that they can act in the present to avoid repeating mistakes. The American republic is an aberration that has caused an untold succession of injustices due to its perversion of the law at its very heart and soul. If America is to have a peace it will derive from an honest dialogue about the past, and the development of genuine resolve to address the consequences of this past. Most significantly, a genuine lasting social peace will only be possible if based on new institutions of a united nation. First and foremost is the monarchy, which is perhaps the single most important institution of traditional law. Unlike a popularly-elected president of a republic, the monarch is a neutral embodiment of national unity, who is constitutionally duty bound to represent EVERY national without regard to political party affiliation. The very campaigning presidents must undergo to become elected pre-disposes them to the resentment of the members of that political party that lost the election, which in America is roughly half the nation at any given time. A monarch, to the contrary, is usually a widely loved figure, whose family -- the royal family -- is deeply involved in charitable institutions that reach out to the most deprived members of the national family, to offer them hope.

The traditional kingdom depends on the long-term committment to public service of the monarch and the royal family, which is a concept that is totally alien to Americans, who are used to rank politicians being elevated to the presidency. Any sign of nobility is automatically assumed to be a pretense hiding a genuine personal motive or ambition. It is impossible for a society hide-bound with a 220-year-old police state, which makes folk-heros and celebrities out of slave-masters and insurrectionists, to comprehend that sometimes good men do good BECAUSE IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. While hereditary nobilities are viewed with contempt by average Americans who drool over the ostentatious displays of the blue- blooded American billionaire class, it is because they have forgotten that the hereditary nobles came from families that had made genuine sacrifices, and performed actual services for their nations, for which they were rewarded with HONOR. Honor is the lifeblood of the traditional nation, and like love, it cannot be earned or awarded under false pretenses.

The restoration of the American kingdom represents the restoration of the fundamental sinews of law that enable the nation to become unified by law. Law is not rules that some politicians agree on amongst themselves, which benefits them at the expense of the nation. Law is a universal standard of justice derivative of the ancient customs and traditions and taboos of the human community, which give shape to what it means to be a human being. The departure from this norm was the basis of the American republic, which was actually a fixture for the preservation of the property of the Founding Fathers -- their land and slaves -- at the expense of the whole nation. The restoration of this standard, through the revival of the American kingdom, restores to each human being his or her place in the nation as a true equal UNDER THE LAW. This speaks directly to all the so-called "freedoms" Americans are convinced that they receive from the Constitution of 1787 and the so-called Bill of Rights. The truth is that Americans have legal rights to freedom because of thousands of years of legal precedents set forth in case law and custom, not because a lawyer wrote down an unenforceable list of rights that were voted on in an elaborate system by politicians that, as an end effect, allowed the most absolutist government of all time to come into existence. The entire language of legal rights and obligations derives from that womb of law we call the unwritten constitution, which is the genuine constitution of every nation that originated from English principles of law. Unlike the exclusive Constitution of 1787 -- which was enacted -- the unwritten constitution is not dependent upon a single enacted legal document. The unwritten ancient constitution is an accumulation of customs, treaties, practices, statutes, scholastic writings, case law, and the minutiae of the agencies of the government; it is inclusive in nature and genuinely guided by academic principles and constitutional history. It is this unwritten constitution that gives life to the American court system, and while the American unwritten constitution has been submerged for 220 years under the iron-claw of the republican Constitution of 1787, it remains in tact waiting for restoration BECAUSE IT CANNOT BE REPEALED. Common sense dictates that something that was never enacted cannot be rescinded. While such a notion as the existence of another American constitution appears to be a technical issue suitable only for lawyers to understand, it speaks to the crux of the issue, the legitimacy of the government under law.

The evolution of a genuine American nation has been postponed by the totalitarian regime imposed by the Federal Government of the Founding Fathers. Today we suffer due to the miseries preceding generations of Americans inflicted on millions of people who were defenseless, and powerless to protect themselves. It will take more than the creation of a legitimate executive, a lawful kingship, to bring peace to America. It will take a concerted effort by all Americans to find solutions, to build bridges where in the past all that existed were moats and draw-bridges. We are fooling ourselves if we think that contemporary communities, governed by municipal corporations, are an expression of genuine community spirit. These local institutions bear the real brunt of social control, organizing the police forces that are the frontline between the institutions of the republic and the average citizen.

The police of every precinct have a detailed social and political agenda, which includes a strict code of conduct they enforce over every citizen. Americans think that they are free, but they are not even free to chose their own moral codes, because the police have already picked one out for them, and they enforce it with brute force and determination. The so-called law books are full of statutes that allow the police to do what they please, such as the "community morals" laws, and when they actually violate laws (of course, in the "higher service" of their moral code), the entire police force closes ranks with the code of silence to protect those who broke the law, as if the police were the adversaries of the public. The truth is that every American has an interest in consistent and fair law enforcement of genuine, valid law; the only dilemma is that the republic is structurally incapable of giving out justice because it was born to preserve innate injustices.

The expansion of the police force represents an underlying view of man that is negative. The insistence of the politicians of the republic to hire more police underscores their genuine opinion of the American people: That Americans do not refrain from committing crimes because they are GOOD PEOPLE, but because they are afraid of the possibility of being caught and punished. The prison system is also illustrative of a pessimistic, cynical opinion of the human race, which holds that people refrain from crime only because of the deterrent of prison.

The only way to walk away from the police/prison state model for community is to start a dialogue among the living generation of Americans, as a basis of a FRIENDLY society. No one should have to defend themselves FROM THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT. The American kingdom embodies the aspiration of millions of Americans to attain relief from the burdens heaped upon them by the republic. The kingdom exists as a brilliant promise that a TRUE LAW does, indeed, exist, and that justice is something attainable IN THIS LIFE. The American kingdom is actually constituted of every American national who has ever lived, or who shall ever live in the future, in a spiritual union that never challenges the patriotism of another American. The kingdom exists as an eternal challenge to the republic and its superficial "patriotism," which masks business deals as patriotic causes. The kingdom is the total people, each person possessing individual human rights that come together to create a complex nation of law. There is no loss of the identity of the individual in the kingdom; the mere fact of birth merits every human being the fundamental human rights that make mortal existence feasible.

The most important objective of the Nationalist kingdom is a re-birth of local community life. A civic virtue must be honored that makes it acceptable for communities to come together and rescue the most desperate Americans who live in their midst, who are now the victims of the republic and its punitive will. The homeless, the runaways, the mentally ill, all are increasing in numbers at an alarming rate because the society is self-destructing. We forget that before we domesticated animals, we had to domesticate ourselves, the human family, and whenever a society turns its back on people it creates the conditions that lead them to GO BACK TO THE WILD. This is most relevant to property-owners, because people who have reverted to wild practices are no respecters of property conventions. They are governed by instincts and impulses, like animals. While most of these unfortunates can be saved by a small effort on the part of every American, it is vital for average Americans to understand how the homeless crisis relates to them and their own personal safety. Yet aside from issues of safety, basic humanitarian sense is outraged by the fact that Americans are dying from things like exposure and starvation every day, but we do not hear the statistics. The fact that the Federal Government spends billions on troops in Bosnia, or in the Middle East, but it will not spend what it takes to get American homeless off the streets, reveals that its real intent does not include saving American lives so much as imposing the power of the republic on foreign states.

Americans have a choice to make. For the first time in 220 years they can actually make a choice, and stand behind that choice and see it become a reality. Of course, the movement to restore the American kingdom is not a revolution; it is not an angry movement, with some intention to overthrow the Government. Instead, it is a social movement that speaks to the soul of every American in a language of values and virtue. The intent of the kingdom is not to do harm to the people who are running the republic; the people running the republic stand to gain as much from the restoration of law as every other American. The people running the State and Federal Governments may be misled, but they are still American nationals, and the ideal of the kingdom is to DO NO HARM TO ANY COUNTRYMEN. This is vital because a friendly society can only be inaugurated in a stress free environment, in which everyone's grievances have been addressed, and everyone feels confident in the humanity of his neighbor. The accomplishment of such a state of good-faith is absolutely impossible if the nation is divided in civil war or revolution.

The only way the republic can be peacefully wound up and dissolved is if the majority of the American people act socially to restore the monarchy, which will create a basis for the American people to act in unison. Once a true human community -- united by bonds of love -- has been forged, the tired republic will begin to see that its days are numbered. It will find itself constantly confronted by the stubborn resistance of the American people to countenance its continuance, and the morale of the politicians and the bureaucrats will sink like a stone. The Acts of Congress will become increasingly irrelevant as the whole nation focuses its attentions upon the new Parliament of the kingdom, where the exercises of the parliamentary system of government will expose the American people to genuine checks and balances that were only insinuated by the republic. Ultimately the men and women who run the Federal and State Governments will recognize that it is in their own best interests to retire, and at the right moment, for all practical purposes the police state will cease to exist because there will be no one to defend it.

The American kingdom is an appeal to the very best in Americans. It calls for all Americans to embrace each other as brothers and sisters and to work together for the common good. It invokes the most ancient laws of legitimacy, and it demands that the law shall be applied equally to all persons before the law. Above all, the American kingdom IS the American nation, the American people, and it embodies the imperative of human solidarity. The American kingdom speaks to the world community, saying without hesitation that universal HUMAN RIGHTS are the cornerstone of American values. The rise of the kingdom puts every petty tyrant and dictator who now rules due to unwholesome deals between themselves and the American republic, on notice: IF YOU VIOLATE THE HUMAN RIGHTS OF YOUR PEOPLE, YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR IT.

Indeed, every American has a choice that must be made in the privacy of the soul. KINGDOM OR REPUBLIC? Even though gargantuan forces now line up to discredit the ancient traditional system of govenment, forces that are MAKING A PROFIT from the perversion of law embodied by the republic, the basic decency of Americans will prevail. Every day the arrogant bureaucracy of the republic creates supporters for the kingdom, through thoughtless and careless acts that betray its real lack of concern over the welfare of ordinary Americans. Under the republic the politicians offer no relief because it would break the rules; rules, of course, that they invented and imposed. But allowing a burdened people no relief is unwise, for when the pain is sufficient they will demand mercy in no uncertain terms. While we pray that mercy shall come forthwith from the hearts of all people, we know that it cannot be long denied without grave consequences. And it all comes down to the will of the individual: Shall we have a kingdom or a republic?

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5 Jan 2006 @ 14:22 by rayon : Dear Vaxen
If only it were this simple. Not only is the law and legislature against the country. I have found examples of American tranlations writing out the notion individual, that refute whole satisfactory philosophies, simply because I believe they want to be able to control the reinvention of the wheel, and make the record get stuck at that point, reinvention of the wh . ., reinvention of the wh..., this is the post modern generator (for consumerism). There is much much more to say re the Kingdom thing. The ecological threat will force the issue. The ideal solution is for all nations to EVOLVE their own government.  

5 Jan 2006 @ 15:20 by freo7 : "Hmmmmmmmmmmmm" from Idaho USA
I am 63 years old and I can say from experience that every word of this is true.
But I have no memory of any monarky being any better as a form of govt. I think the most important thing you've said here is this: "The only way to address the police state of the republic is through a national dialogue of reconciliation among the various ethnic groups that constitute the American people, *based on an impartial and honest understanding of America's past under the republic*."

BUT I am sure we (USA) will never get TRUE actual information here in the USA. Someone plese tell me a country (as they are now on planet) that EVER tells their people the actual history. I have decided that no one is without agenda therefore....all history is is clay in the hands of the powers that be and they form it to perpetuate what they consider to be THEIR GROUP's best interests.

My antedote to all of the above is: "ALWAYS look at what ANY information is calculated to make you feel and do..."  

6 Jan 2006 @ 16:09 by rayon : 2nd reading
It is a nice idea, Utopian, and yes the taxes thing is true. Also a monarch does confer an honorable notion of Individuality, if only by virtue of Expectation (in behaviour) and the monarchial reciprocation of behaviour, as signifier. A good start, can be worked on certainly. Any particular candidates in mind?  

13 Jan 2006 @ 10:12 by gea : Nazional Sozialismus
All under One Ring (the Nibelungen, of course). ;-)  

17 Jan 2006 @ 11:42 by rayon : May mean more
than realised. Monarch, attached to church etc, represents constant time (holy time) hence possible direct relation to individual - if whole country shifted to this accent, from the wholly and only utilitarian one, an emphasis could possibly shift. Constant time permits creativity etc?? Just a thought  

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