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26 Jun 2006 @ 01:09, by Vaxen Var

I hear -- is dead. Yet... the beat goes on. Darfur, Somalia, and a dozen other 'hot spots' outside the immediate 'middle east.' Who invented all this consternation anyway?

In America not a day has gone by, since way before I was born, that we haven't been involved in some war -- somewhere -- be that a U.N. "Peace keeping action," such as Korea and Vietnam, or the present crisis... it's all inter-related and that includes the creation of the State of Yisrael.

Avodah Zara means a 'strange work.' A work sanctioned by Sitra Achera or 'the other side.' The other side meaning those who wish to wipe us off the face of this Earth thinking that that will be the answer to their ''Jewish Problem.''

One maxim of the law of Commerce (trade) states that "In Commerce the truth is sovereign." Sovereign really means 'self determination.' In a world where other determination is the order of the day and where agreements oft times are coerced by 'the Secret Team' of ''currency debasement for profit'' -- self determination still ranks as the most important Res of all Res's for it is only via self determination that we flesh and blood creatures can fulfill our individual destinies.

Clarity, duration, intention. Truth in lending. An act...

De Saddamization via sodomization is part of an old, old, plan... The opium trade is once again blooming thanks to our intervention in the affairs of state between the UNITED STATES, a for profit corporation operating out of Washington D.C., and the Taliban. Funny that on the eve of our invasion we should have given them $40,000,000.00 isn't it?

Public debt illimination and income enhancement is up for discussion, of course, instantiating it could end up in real concussive testimony bringing blight upon us all according to the Fuhrer Prinzip being enacted by the Corporation called the UNITED STATES that sits on old Abrahams' throne in that god awful ugly building called the White House in the criminal District of Columbia. Where is the real Kali cartel located?

Remember good old Batista, the Roth gang, and mobocracy? I worked with Alef for awhile and got to know some of Fidels supporters who idolized Che Guevarra...

I'd love to be able to take some high class PC's with me to Havana and sit down on one of those nice little open air res-taurantes where one can sip that great cafe slowly and talk about old times and Santeria...

All my old friends are either dead, now, or in prison -- save for a few who rot away in their delerium traitors to the cause watching grey hounds running around that endless track... counting their dollars and crying bitter, empty tears, at all they lost.

It is time for me to learn the art of acceptance and the resulting power received by returning energy back to the source...

The basics of the Administrative process in order to get a 'contract.' Learning, relearning, that every offer is like money in the bank. The R6 bank. More legalese...

We don't see them die in the trench mouth nor in the trenches... their words are hollow, gold, silver, red ink, green ink... on recycled paper made from dead trees.

The root of truth is the same as the root for tree and druid, too, yet my eyes grow dim as I look upon that distant horizon where the new world screams at me to simply... enter.

Enter? A zero? A one? Numbers in a holo-game. Wealth? Supply and demand? Negotiable instruments? My kidneys are worth $50,000.00 in Rangoon and that price almost triples daily in some quarters.

1866 Civil Rights Act? Internal Revenue Act of 1939? The organic constitution for the 'Res' ratified in 1791?

In the North-West Learning Grid
I placed my Dida...

Justice, professional excellence, re-spect for the law...

Define Federal:

merger of two words. Bid farewell is from O.E. biddan "to beg, ask, demand" (class V strong verb, past tense bæd, past participle beden), from P.Gmc. *bithjan (cf. Ger. bitten "to ask"), from PIE base *bhidh- "command, persuade, trust" (cf. Gk. peithein "to persuade," pistis "faith;" L. fidere "to trust," foedus "compact, treaty," O.C.S. beda "need"). A bid at an auction, meanwhile, is from O.E. beodan "offer, proclaim" (class II strong verb; p.t. bead, p.p. boden), from P.Gmc. *biudanan "to stretch out, reach out, offer, present," (cf. Ger. bieten "to offer"), from PIE base *bh(e)udh- "to offer, present" (cf. Skt. bodhati "is awake, is watchful, observes," buddhah "awakened, enlightened;" O.C.S. bljudo "to observe;" Lith. budeti "to be awake;" O.Ir. buide "contentment, thanks").


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27 Jun 2006 @ 08:00 by jazzolog : Carry On For Freedom
An inspiration, Vax! And so good to dig deeply original Vaxen mind...clear and true.  

27 Jun 2006 @ 14:48 by rayon : Definition of War
Apparently for a conflict to deemed a War, a total of minimum 100,000 lives will be lost. Doing a quick math, it went on, during the 20th Century, on this basis there were a total of 74 wars.  

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