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3 Oct 2004 @ 05:49, by Marissa A Spencer

The Great Stone

How great is a stone that sits by flowing water? It in its massiveness seems impervious, omnipotent. If there is one crack upon its great face, there comes opportunity for new things to happen.

A cold stone is at first a sterile and uninteresting thing. This great rock was cracked upon its surface. At first the crack was small, almost invisible. Then, a small seed was dropped into the crack by a passing bird. It was an insignificant event wouldn’t you say?

As time passed by, a plant grew from that small depression. It grew and grew, to a large bush. The sun shone, the water flowed and the bush produced a fruit. The fig grew strong; the crack became larger and larger. The gardeners came and cut it to the quick. “That is that”, they thought.

A few weeks went by, and the bush had returned. The moral of this little story is…
Once a seed is planted and it has grown, if its roots are deep, it is as strong as the stone it grows in. Even though at times it can be cut down and seemingly destroyed, it will rise again.

© October 2, 2004 Marissa A Spencer

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