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picture 29 Apr 2007 @ 20:10, by Marissa A Spencer

In my wild back yard grew an amazing assortment of things that 'volunteered' as my dear mother would have said. I made a passing wish that I had a fig. Voila...there is a fig growing...and I didn't even plant it. My Cherry tree is laden, my grape vines are meandering everywhere.

This is our attempt to taming the unruly place. It has been a haven for nature though. All manner of birds and assorted small animals have visited. I will tame part of the yard and let the rest be for now. I want to harvest the grapes and the cherries before hacking away at anything on that end. I will post the planted garden (almost done there!) and we shall watch it grow.

faith of a mustard seed ya know...

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29 Apr 2007 @ 22:55 by bushman : Hmm
Sposed to cut back those grapes before they wake up from thier winter nap. But there is a right way to do it, so you got till next year to read up. :}  

30 Apr 2007 @ 00:24 by a-d : Oooohhh, how
wonderful, Mariss! : )  

30 Apr 2007 @ 01:16 by hgoodgame : I love them volunteers!
Got a whole garden full of em myself, potatoes mostly. Yummm, figs. It's hard to get the fresh ones up here but I have a little sprout started, maybe in 10 years or so.. ;)

Grapes, There's several ways to do them depending on how you want them to grow. I've got one that covers a deck arbor, so you can kinda shape them how you want and then keep nipping them back every year.. ya gotta head em back hard while they're still just branches, preferably not too long after they lose their leaves in the fall. Then you can use the vines for wreaths and whatever you can think to weave, maybe an arbor for the grape to climb on! They produce only on the new wood, that's why cutting them back is so important.

Have fun with your garden Skooks!  

30 Apr 2007 @ 05:28 by vaxen : And me...
with acres and acres of scuppernongs, and Carob trees and blueberries and strawberries and... ramps and things that howl in the night. Humbled by a friggin little fig! Way ta go Marissa...
dear vax,
I really like the food pyramid.. it is what I had envisioned it should be.. thanks
I printed it out.  

30 Apr 2007 @ 07:17 by skookum : well ....
yes I KNOW yer supposed to cut back the grape vines...I have to rely on my kids to help me on that one.

I ignored them.. for years I tried to get them to grow...and then when I was able to work on my personal chi and all...well...pow.. they exponentionally took the back yard by storm. I was working and taking care of all the kids and cooking etc. .. and well.. I neglected the back. Wasband had done a good job of ruining it before I booted him out of my side of the duplex.

NOW...her majesty..(me) has returned to bring order to her kingdom.

vax... I too have strawberries...might get myself a huckleberry.. found one for sale in one of my see catalogs. I grew up on them in Oregon when I was a kid. We used to go picking them on Strawberry mountain near John Day. Yeah... funny name lol. My problem is vax...I am not humbled by anything... I am not amused lol ahhahahaha...

actually...the whole shebang humbles me, but I refuse to let it keep me from going to battle...

oh.. by the way... it is going to be an organic garden NO PESTICIDES...cept natural stuff.  

2 May 2007 @ 09:05 by jazzolog : Reading The Climate
We've been very slow to start this year. The main thing was the ferocious cold of April in southeast Ohio. Wet, wet cold. Bronchitis, pneumonia weather. There was absolutely no way to work the soil until now. The fruit crop here is decimated this year. We learned the true meaning of nipped in the bud. Suddenly now, this week, the temperatures are pushing 90. We're just getting started...but anxiously anticipate drought, so I'm filling up huge vats with our creek water while still it is there. O for the days when we were more carefree gardeners, just for the fun of it...and when Rilke more blissfully could sing...

"Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead of colors,
there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night."  

2 May 2007 @ 15:38 by skookum : yeah jazz
no kidding.. but nothing new to farmers... who have had to struggle against mother nature so many centuries..

hope your garden does well.. give it that good chi.. was a bit cold here too.. and dry.. tho today we have rain  

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