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14 Jan 2008 @ 00:57, by Marissa A Spencer

I know for some of you it is way too early to think about gardening.

I have planted the English Garden Peas and Snap Peas. I will be planting the Sweet Peas.. which are a flower ... soon.

The root plants,radishes,carrots, beets, turnips and such can go in soon too. I have some onions, beets,chard and turnips growing currently. They winter over quite well where I live. In the upper central valley of California, we don't have a great deal of frost. We can expect perhaps a week or two of it. On rare occasion we will have a late cold snap, but that usually isn't a problem except for those who grow citrus.

I still have plants to pull up and dispose of. Some of it will to into mulch. Some of it.. tomato plants... have to be discarded to prevent the spread of insect and disease that they harbor in the old plants.

I planted lettuce and spinach a week or so ago and the lettuce is up. I put them in planter pots in the front yard. I also planted some daffodils that are starting to come up. The pots also have various herbs, green onions, mustard, pansy, petunia, snap dragons and carrots in them. They seem to be all surviving the winter so far.

I am thinking of getting two Manchurian apricots to plant in my front lawn. It has good drainage and the trees average 10 feet tall at the most. I have found a source that has two for a good price, as they need a pollinator. This variety is a little more disease resistant than some.

Still a lot of clean up to do after the big storm whammed into us a few weeks ago I am sure it is easier for us than the folks up in the mountains who are still knee deep in snow.

I am hoping to have edible landscaping front and back and perma-culture where I can. Planting and planning in such a way to use resources frugally, yet effectively.

wish me luck!

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14 Jan 2008 @ 22:43 by susannahbe : Still too wet and cold here... think of doing much outside, though I did cut back the Buddleia's (butterfly bushes) today.

I need to prune the blackcurrant bush next time we have a dry day and the gooseberry and red current bushes before too long as well.  

15 Jan 2008 @ 03:18 by skookum : ya.. a bit soggy i bet
i want to get some of those.. in my yard..

have a lot of cleaning out and cutting back before i can  

15 Jan 2008 @ 16:59 by jmarc : You Cali People
irk me.
We got a foot of snow here yesterday.
The only thing we are sowing is rock salt.
And yes it's bad for the water table I know.
Just sayin'...  

16 Jan 2008 @ 06:32 by skookum : they are using new stuff
for reducing the snow on the roads

well.. we have to deal with other stuff.. here.. like lawyers all over the place.. so many laws of what you can't do it is annoying  

19 Jan 2008 @ 13:41 by jmarc : Also reading....
{LINK:|"An Island Garden" by Celia Thaxter}. Thought you might have a gander at it...

{LINK:|About Celia Thaxter}  

20 Jan 2008 @ 09:17 by skookum : very cool
I will peruse it dear.. thanks!  

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