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12 Jul 2007 @ 06:23, by Marissa A Spencer

My friends at reiki are using this as a emotional baggage releasing tool.

Basically she explained...when an unwanted emotion rears its ugly and usually buried


"I'm sorry" *I see this as showing a certain responsibility for your issue.

"Please forgive me." *an acknowledgment of our humanity and vulnerability

"Thank you" *for the lesson I have learned or whatever you want to think it is.

"I love you" *a remembrance that you and others deserve love.

She basically said that this done with intention can work wonders. I believe her. Sometimes just facing the issue and addressing it and then forgiving yourself or others can do great good.

another good link


I have found it very well. I have successfully gotten myself out of a low funk I was in.

here are some links..


and more


one more


I hope this is of interest to some. I don't insist that everyone do this, but felt it was helpful enough to share..



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12 Jul 2007 @ 10:03 by susannahbe : Thanks Marissa
I had heard of this and have been doing a version of it myself ... I am off to explore the links now :-)  

12 Jul 2007 @ 16:35 by skookum : There are more links
apparently there are more complex forms of this basic practice... but I will keep it simple myself.. that way it is more likely I will use it.


13 Jul 2007 @ 03:15 by freo7 : Hey Oh from HO`OP in Idaho Thursday 7/12
We are using our Ho`Oponopono moment to moment these days. It has become a staple and a W A Y of life living and a service to the ONE WE ALL ARE all wrapped into 3 simple phrases:

Please forgive me
*and the new one for us is:
Thank you for this opportunity to clean!!

The one realization that launched my partner and I in Ho`Oponopono was..."There is no out there."

and a year and a half later, coupled with the realization that we are saying I LOVE YOU to the ONE WE ALL ARE within all life and whatever the 'perceived problem needing cleaning out of us is'. DR Len says that in the I LOVE YOU cycle of HO`OP the love from source comes flowing into the area of the problem within the practitioner and reconfigures and fills with LOVE whatever the perceived problem situation person or our own attitude is...

*Glory to GOD THE ONE "we & all atoms of life forms are",

Here's this week's Love's Loop Alert for your review:  

13 Jul 2007 @ 05:49 by skookum : thank you sooooooo much
love that link

we are all one...



29 Jan 2015 @ 07:23 by Alejandra @ : HHlklnhATw
dear marissa,I have 6year old son with ASD. He is on CF diet for about a year. I find it hard to stop his Gluten in his diet beasuce he only eats biscuits and bread with some chicken and fish. I have tried giving him gluten free biscuits and cereals but he refuses to eat. He prefers to starve rather that eating the GF food. I am giving to him some multivits and omega 3. He is so thin and he only put on about 200gm a year. Sometimes i do feel like to giving him pediasure milk. I am so confused and worried. please advise me.  

29 Jan 2015 @ 15:08 by Truongquang @ : KjRNkmMMNvPSPrAVi
NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee / David~you have no idea how much your mini-vlogs mean to us. Warms my heart to get a glimpse of the mankig of your incredible CD BEGIN.You are so missed by your fans so hearing your voice, your thoughts sharing insight into the song selection is special to us. I've thanked you many times but it never seems enough. I just received BROKEN through my purchase of BEGIN from ITunes & there are no words to describe how I feel when I hear this hauntingly beautiful song. Your powerful message will remain with me always.God Bless & Keep You Safe on your mission ♥Marylee_DA2014 aka Marylee_DAangel  

30 Jan 2015 @ 01:28 by Chris @ : dgTzxeRcWKQnoA
heartsong / I so appreciate getntig this insight from David in these little videos. How wonderful to not only let us in on his process but getntig to see and hear him talking to us while he's gone is such a treasure. Thank you again, David. [url=]ldhfqnuhk[/url] [link=]hxlxot[/link]  

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