New Civilization News: The Sound of Truth    
 The Sound of Truth
4 Aug 2004 @ 23:49, by centrifuge

The mind, where our experience takes its perceived form, is a vast sea, where manifold dimensions present their illusions and revelations. Here, swimming among the glory of pure morning mist and humble dew drops – along with the terror of floating corpses of false-self and rotten ambition, our true center always finds ways to keep itself afloat; ways to breathe truth.

It seems that the mind’s eye learns its own spectral capacity and therefore learns not to strain at that which lay beyond its view. The same mind does also have an ear, however, and learns to steadily tune into the sounds of those illuminations that are beyond.

The sound of truth! Ahhh, it is the sweetest music that can be heard throughout the entire Universe. The sound of truth rings both quietly and loudly, both distant and near. But as it rings, it always sounds the pattern of harmonic resonance. This resonance is the tune of truth, as one principle meaningfully relates to another.

Such strange vegetation greedily grips the ruins of a once glorious consciousness. Through the cacophony of modern awareness – that jungle of commercial and egotistical error - this mind has at last begun to hack away the overgrowth blocking the light and muffling the sound.

Back on the path of seeking, the traveling mind hears the sound of home.

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