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8 Nov 2004 @ 14:52, by Lucas Gonzalez

I think I belong to the fine group of the easily distracted, or maybe it's my pay-job's fault (at times, that is).

Fact is, I've started carrying a notebook to work, where I write what I think about whatever I'm suposed to be doing. Otherwise I easily drift over to more interesting subjects, and the boring parts never get done.

I think it's a way to try and make dull activities more interesting. And, if at all posible, to rutinise them so much that they will disappear into automatism.

Some people talk to themselves to achieve just that: to keep themselves on track. A bit like when actors are helped in the theater play, by someone who is whispering what the next line is.

Of course, it's a pity that there are such jobs that need mumbling or notebook-writing to make them doable.

Also, not all boring jobs are like that: the job has to be both boring and demand your very own initiative. If I don't do something by my own initiative, it doesn't get done. Quite different from helping someone over the counter (or near a patient's bed), when that other person provides the motivation and you just have to dance to their rhythm. There's a problem that grabs your neck and forces you to pay attention.

Not so with many really important things such as changing the world. Those you have to look for them - or maybe not. Hmm, I'll have to think a bit more about this.

So maybe a software-bot that keeps me in track ... hmmm ... what if I code it right now (well, start anyway) and forget about that boring thing I was doing until that fly flew near my head?

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1 comment

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