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picture11 Jul 2006 @ 01:30, by Brenda McCann

Appreciation, Mental Focus & Intention Exercise 2 Share, A Law Of Attraction Exercise Extra-ordinaire` - just follow the flow and then fill in your own words of LIFE ~ This works 4 me!!!!!!!!!!

*APPRECIATION gets your thank *fullness* going!!

*I appreciate that I have always LOVED dreaming, lucid dreaming and adventure dreaming just for the fun of it.

*I appreciate the great love that I feel for the Earth and animals.

*I appreciate that that kinda love has come so easy just like motherhood.

*I appreciate that my grown children are always appreciating how I parented them and that their close friends growing up seem to be looping back to appreciate my presence and play with them then, also!

*I appreciate that my Grand Children - now in college - are making their "almost adult relationships" with me, and are telling me how much they love me and want to share their lives with me "all the way GrandMa!"

*I could cry right now I appreciate all of the above so much.

*OK, I appreciate that I now cry so easy because it *so puts me in touch* with my true feelings.


*I appreciate the vitality and health of my children and grand children and that my Grand Daughter (pre-med student) actually thanked me for her good genes. LOL

*I appreciate my own genealogy so much more now that my 45 year old daughter took up genealogy about 6 months ago and discovered that both sides of our families (that's my 2 sides and her`s) all stem from Wales and Ireland back in the 8Th century.

*I appreciate that I am not alone and have such massive love and light support from people with physical bodies or without. Thinking of my Dad who passed on in 1966. and my Gramps (maternal Grandfather) who passed on in 1972. And P`Taah whom I had never heard of BE4 a personal meditational contact and somewhat of a multi-dimensional trip to meet him - one on one - in my higher selves council of 12 last Dec. 20, 2005. Story about the P`Taah experience to follow...

*I appreciate the WWW, where I have met thousands of people on planet at this time who think and feel JUST LIKE I DO as compared to feeling rather socially and spiritually isolated before 1999.

*I appreciate that I am able to learn new skills and languages and ways and means of living life.

*I appreciate that I am living my 7 to 10 year old dreams of life-style=ranching and taking care of land, trees, hay fields, barns full of hay, feeding cattle horses dogs and cats, etc... All of whom share the love with me. My 2 primary children and I even shared an on going adventure dream from my age 5 to 15 til` one day when they were laying in my bed and I was standing over them watching them sleep so beautifully and peacefully then they were my same age so I guess the dream part stopped. LOA! LOA! LOA! because later when I was 19 and 20 they were manifest in my life looking exactly the same as the dream and of course they were already named. LOL

Alas, at 19 & 20,.... i did not realize that I should dream a marriage and a husband, so the marriage only lasted for the first 2 years and 2 babies. OOPS and OH WELL. We have a family motto now though, that says: "The Best of ALL Worlds no matter what..."

*I appreciate that I really do have all that I need just about as fast as I need it whatever that may be.

*I appreciate my own mind and heart and that I like my hair. LOL since it has evolved into a wash and go style with very little maintenance.

*I appreciate that I like my own body and always have enjoyed its symmetry, posture, agility, athletic ability and grace.

*I appreciate that "Learning is Forever" - a line I got from my then 12 year old grand daughter when she was orienting me to even touch my first computer in 1999. I am the type that would be too bored to stay on Earth if that were not true. LOL


1. I am continuing to write the book on health and fitness "How to feel better than ever after age 63" I have 'no impact' isometrics, stretching and breathing exercises combined ~ as learned from experience in chapter 1, "A little pain goes a long way" - about how a fractured left hip (horse accident 1994) taught me to tune into the pain rather than resist it during that time when the pain.... bone pain, was so excruciating that I HAD TO learn to breathe and slow my metabolism down down down to keep from crying and wellah! In that process I FOUND my own pain free *healing rhythm*. `Course I had to let the whole world and everyone in it GO to learn at last, HOW TO CARE 4 ME...

I also include many natural healing, [link], immune boosters & aids and photo-nutrient sources that have become life-style for me since 1994.

2. I am continuing to work on another book called, "The Science of Attunement Skill" and it seems that - just by working at articulating what we can do = what I know and how to replicate it = the scientific method, ON PAPER, is now attracting me to many many others from all walks of life and all ages on planet (through the ethers and the www) who are also *already adept at such things* so this part of my so called 'book' has become a mentoring process. And this is a side effect I never expected or even ever thought of - and it is MEGA~FROSTING on my damn good cake of life!

3. I am reading and learning how to teach and train, (my flaming red with a white diamond between his eyes, yearling Stud colt now, Diamond`EL) how to drive so he will grow up to be dependable and fun and pull a 2 to 4 person buggy with trail bike wheels because I love trails and the out of doors in the mountains. Even this focus brought me another person with similar physical handicaps who is a horse woman and moved 2 section blocks down the road from me from tim - buck- 2 who is also training her horses to pull and we met this 4Th of July weekend and she shared tapes and books with me and we are going to start a buggy club!!

4. I am clearing all blocks and hindrances - if any are still there - to my full and complete actualization of the planetary service (energy work with groups) that I am here on planet to do at this time. (A) An intensive class with Shondra The Chakra Queen in the care2 Global Social System (B) and am acting as scribe the Energetic Synchronicity Teleconferences with Lisa Renee - and ma the editor of a weekly online newsletter called Love's Loop Planetary Alerts Weekly see this weeks issue here [link] . And I am the acting coordinator of the Global Healing Hoop Group and private forum that again requires application for membership to avoid auto spammer memberships in the live and learn WWW world. LOL

5. I am just now ((2006)) activating the sometimes called *mother ray* which is also labeled by others (not in my own direct experience) the 11th strand of all of our spiritualized human DNA.

6. I welcome a larger flow of money into my personal bank account so that I can support my parallel friends and family on planet along with supporting the work we are all here to BE HAVE & DO. I am currently vibrating having 500% increase of daily income without ANY more W O R K ~ LOAD.

7. Also I want to *learn by doing GIFTING* that is based on the passing energy (can also be in the form of money) FORWARD, always forward, while knowing that all we so called humans are ALSO simultaneously all units of the ONE BEING manifesting AS 'all of life here & now on planet Earth' and every other creation location - known or unknown as yet, to HUman kind.

Mah Gii Kah Oui,

The Relationship of all that is light & life vibrates the ONE LOVE frequency

By Brenda Freo` Grandma, Rancher, animal lover - 6 horses 3 dogs & 3 cats, 8 career cows & calves who writes poetic anchors 4 life experiences. Poetic anchors are energy codes or portal coordinates so that inner experience can be returned to. *This skill is called mapping. *My practice is Lucid Dreaming, Meditation & The Law Of Attraction. Life is living proof of Law Of Attraction's creative authority ~ call it success ~ Or Call it LOVE...

Brenda Freo` ~ Lives in Idaho USA Earth & Beyond, aka Freo`7 *Visit her site & celebrate the LOVE you truly already are..

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