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 It isn't enough
picture3 Dec 2005 @ 06:50, by Judih Haggai

"It isn't enough for your heart to break because everybody's heart is broken now."
(Allen Ginsberg)

I've just been cruising through some quotes looking for inspiration and this one is the one that resonates most.

If I begin with the premise that we're all recovering from shattered hearts (lost love, grieving, disillusion, emptiness), then yes, the pieces I call myself are not enough. It's not enough to have suffered the experience/s. All that experiencing is part of what has to be done in life. This is part of the deal.

But there's a but.
There's a 'now, what?' that needs to be faced and accepted and embarked upon.

It isn't enough to sit upon what I've gone through, what we all go through. Pain is part of life. We suffer, we wallow, but we can't justify a tenacious attachment to suffering. We gotta get on with things.

There's a law of three somewhere. Action. Reaction. Resolution.

What helps us move from inertia to flow? What is the homeopathic ingredient to flush stagnation down the emotional toilet?

Ginsberg speaks of poetry (how I love Ginsberg):

"The only thing that can save the world is the reclaiming of the awareness of the world. That's what poetry does."

Let's reclaim awareness. Let's pull the invisible through the matrix of symbol and come out with a poem to lighten our load.


Welcome to the illusion of warmth
rust embrace
total world empathy
a look in the face of a distant friend
a response in the heart of a sudden dream

a hot flashed moment
when heat is conceived in the mind
homeopathic love affair
a micro chip of hope


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