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23 Oct 2005 @ 04:16, by Gavin Bellis

I have continued to add to my previous article, deepening the understanding of the dimensions that make language, language.

Adding on to my 3d language ideal, is the middle-path of action, or gestured language. This is where action does, indeed, speak louder than words.
I am a martial artist, having taken Tae Kwon Do for a number of years now. Often, I learn the most about a person, or a potential opponent, simply by studying how they make every movement. Every step, every spin, every time they flow (or lack flow) in an attack or defense.
For example, someone who simply flails and flurries, has no real foresight. Often, they hardly even care. This is clear either in newbs, or brutes who are as dull as a sack of hammers.
Naturally, emotions come clear in combat as well. Pain, anger, determination...sometimes, if a combatant is feeling unchallenged, a nonchalance, or no emotion at all, just droning away.

Gestured language, and Action, are heavier dimensions in the 3D language, but are the easiest to falsify. For example, faking someone in. You pose as a weakling to your opponent, and often, the opponent wouls simply try to teach you a lesson. They read a message which does act as a real dimension in language...and this is why the thought dimension is so important. It makes a true definition of all the 'contours and textures' of the gesture dimension, whether that dimension is straight and true, or erratic and crooked.
Tuning into this, one can detect true actions with false intentions...furthermore, true intentions with false reasons, which further leads into the very basic rules of spiritual alignment between good and evil.
A good soul (whatever it embodies, corporeal or not) would do the wrong thing but for the right reason.
An evil soul (whatever it embodies, corporel or not) would do the right thing for the wrong reason.
This is why it is alright to make mistakes, even if outcomes have been thoroughly thought. It's not a matter of what you do or even how you do it, but why.
Thus, the gestured dimension adds significant shape to this alignment.
However, as said before, this dimension can be misinterpreted, like looking at something through warped glass.
But thoughts are hard to perceive.
So these two are immediately required to exist together to discern any form of truth.

The most warping of all dimensions, of course, is spoken.
Because we are such social creatures, our spoken language has developed to the point where we rely less and less upon thoughts and gestures/actions. We are blinded by sound.
The worst part is, this dimension places so much variation on the other two, especially when it's input from another soul, that truth can be very hard to obtain. The truth, which i relate to the centroid of the three dimensions, would waver around so much that the only way to ever get very much reality out of reality would be to simply flatten out this dimension, that is, become more silent. Someone told me that the best communication was made in silence, and while total silence is impossibly attainable for a human, it does remain consistent with the three-dimensional structure that is housed around truth.
Flattening out all dimensions is in fact the best way to attain truth. This is clearly so in meditation, as one eliminates thoughts, forgets where they are, stops listening to the sounds around them, and pays no attention to their body.
Very few people have flattened out all three dimensions to nothing, making the truth fully percieved, but this would be characteristics of a master Taoist or Buddhist, who spend much of their lives doing meditation.

Of course, some people love an erratic lifestyle, and most of us end up living one anyway, so our structures are much more spread out. But, if one really wanted the truth, this would be the best way.

As well, as truth wavers less and less, the chances of lies and inconsisencies being transmitted to that very point and being interpreted as True...are less.

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