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3 Dec 2005 @ 16:00, by Shreepal Singh

The innermost being of man is always thirsty for something that is yet unknown to him. This inner core of his existence always spurs him to move on in quest of the unknown. In his quest for the unknown, man is able to formulate and put straight questions to him, and seek answer to them. And more than that, he is able to wonder. This, his unique ability, alone has propelled humankind's civilizations on an ever higher trajectory and this has enabled it to reach dizzying height where it is today.

The very existence of world is a great wonder. Every thing in this world is wonderful and, among all these things, life is wonder of all wonders. And, the crown of life, human being, is the greatest of all these wonders.
All these things, when pondered over by man, raise serious questions about them. The more man becomes enlightened, the more questions arise for his attention. Why, and how, did he usurp the place of the sole leader of an earthly caravan of varied life forms? Why his caravan is solitary, as far as he knows, in an unfathomable universe? Where this earthly caravan of life's evolution is heading for? We put questions to ourselves to seek answer about all these things but still we do not put enough questions. We remain primarily and for most of our lifetime pre-occupied with ourselves, - making provisions for our food, cloths, pleasures and petty needs, and our thoughts remain centered on them and acts remain guided by these motives.

Putting question is the secret key for opening the gates of the unknown. Every question, howsoever insignificant it might be, if put with diligence and investigated with due earnestness for an answer, makes a discovery. For example, you ask why is the sun the way it is, always shining and spreading light all around? You search for the answer and you find the nuclear fusion. You ask, why do apples fall from tree down to the ground only and not go above and you make the discovery of gravity. The greatest quality of human mind is to experience wonder, wonder at things and at the way they are, and wonder at the mystery behind all that exist and at the amazing phenomena behind all this creation. Human mind is his sole powerhouse that propels his development, his civilisation and his evolution.

Man is at the apex of life-evolution on earth. He has mind capable of wondering and questioning. It is worthy of him to wonder, to question and to seek answers. A civilisation that encourages human being to seek pleasure in and remain satisfied with his self-indulgences is below the dignity and esteem of mankind, of the leader of life evolution on earth. Man has risen above animal and its kingdom's rules by his persistent struggle with himself. He has come out of his self-indulgent animal existence by evolving mind and putting questions. He has to go forward, and not backward, on life's evolutionary path.

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3 Dec 2005 @ 20:43 by jobrown : a LOTof OLD Paradigm thinking
going on here!... Hierarchies. Man at the TOP of (Cosmic) Evolution... etc; HYBRIS at its "best"!
Let me give you and example of what I mean with all this: The NANO TECHNOLOGY, for instance, used by Nature/Life; let's say Hydraulic Presses in a Moscuito's -or Spiders' leg -just as an example, and we then COPIED to make similar to move around and /or lift heavy things; do you really you think thatthis our Hydraulic Machine is somehow a greater achievement than the one in the Insect's leg??? Or do you think that Life thinks that the Human knee joint is "more" than the Insect leg's hydraulic joint??? and who in LIFE's OWN Workshop makes that judgement-and why in the world????????
Any true Artist knows that each Work from their Hands is a Master+ piece in its own right and just as "easy" or "difficult" to dream up as the other!
(I personally don't think a CONFUSED Mind will make it "into" the NEW PAradigm ( Understanding ) Granted, there's few places in the world with so much OLD Paradgim confusion masquerading as New Civ-thinking, as exactly on these pages of New Civilization Network.... where people SUPPOSEDLY have separated the wheat from the chaff already!)
Whenever Humans put a VALUE judgement on something that was NOT created by Human, we are mocking Life/God, thinking that WE know better than Life Itself, which is exacty what the OLD Paradigm thinking is all about-and what has gotten us in "hot water", not getting our act together, so to speak, by grasping that ALL LIFE is equally incredible and valuable to Itself.
Sincerity and enthusiasm alone does not substitute for the work/effort needed to SEPARATE the ERROUNEOUS WORLDVIEW from one's thinking! Any true Master know better than to EVER ask "How" and "Why" about life expressions of higher frequencies than where the person making the Question is -unless that person DWELLS in the same frequency as the Sun ( in this example) I just don't think so!
To even think in such trains of thought that we could from our frequencies -where the establishment's Newtonian "science" is paramount- ever answer such questions accurately, shows the human arrogance and hybris! Why not just admire, worship -whichever- the Sun with awe and wonder, instead of thinking "we can solve Its Mysteries". What mysteries are there to "be solved" in the first place???? What kind ofthinking is this, and where does it take us, humans???... I don't understand!  

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