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11 Dec 2005 @ 06:44, by Shreepal Singh

Mind is the sole light. Reason is the only test of right or wrong. Truth is the supreme object of search but it can only be revealed by reason. Mind searches around for truth of the existence and gives its judgement. With the development of science, we go on knowing more. Science is based on mind and reason. In its highest flight, mind gives light about itself. Mind tells that as we depend on body senses to get data of world around us and the human mind processes this data, what we get is the result of the mind's processing, and this result may have some part of the subjective adulteration of mind. There is an unbridgeable gap between the world as it actually exists in itself and the world, as we know of it as the result of our processing. There is no way to bridge this gap through mental means.

Reason & desires

Mind and science, which is dependent on it, observe and analyse the world around us. As a result we get that exists is matter and by analysis we get the laws of nature. These two things are the fundamental truths. Whatever contradicts these two things is false. It is legitimate and morally justified knowing the world in this manner by mind and act on its conclusions. By using mind, we know that exists is material. Material world is vast and to know its extent, nature, property it is necessary to explore the material world. To know the truth, we should explore outer space, interior of atom, look inside the genes, and penetrate the earth and oceans. Whatever knowledge we get out of this exploration, we should use in the cause of human beings comforts.

Our body is made up of not only the mind but also the sense organs. Body requires its demands to be met. It is morally justified to meet the demands of body. We know by analyzing by our mind that it is better alternative to co-exist by meeting demands of maximum numbers of people to the maximum extant than to meet all demand of a single person to the maximum and risk mutual conflict and destruction. So demands should be met within reasonable limit so as to avoid the conflict. If the conflict may be managed or averted, it is justified to meet the demands of a person or a group of persons to the maximum. To meet the bodily demands of human beings, it is necessary to produce the means of satisfaction of these demands. It is morally justified to produce the means of comfort to the maximum. For economic development it is necessary, as economic science tells us, to create more demands of people even by artificial methods like advertisements and then to meet such inflated demands by offering them items of comforts (manufactured goods). This creates an interdependent chain of cause and effect of consumption, lower cost of production by producing more, use of technologies so as to reduce dependence of human work-force, elimination of weaker manufacturer by resorting to competition so as to reduce cost of production and price etc. To create the climate of free demand, free supply, free production of the things needed, democracy is the most suitable political system. It is morally justified to consume more. It is morally justified to make people aware of their needs that were non-existent or lay dormant by advertisement and to maximise their consumption.

Consuming man: An Ideal Society

It is reasonable and moral to spread this model around the world so that maximum human being may get the benefit of this comfort-oriented model of way of life. It is reasonable that this model should be extended from local areas to national levels, from national to international level. All means should be used to ensure that this model defeats the alternative models, if found it contradicting in any part of the world. Therefore, it is reasonable and morally justified for the leaders of society to gear it towards consumerism.

In this pursuit, it is morally justified to resort technology to reduce dependence on human labour. Advertisement may be resorted to create needs of people that lay dormant. There is no wrong in elimination of weak by strong to make goods of comfort cheap. Since this is an ideal model of society, there is no wrong in the use of force against those who do not subscribe or conform to these ideals to make sure that this social model survives at the international level.

There is no moral wrong in pursuing a national and global system wherein entire world's natural resources may be used in sustainable manner to meet the inflated and unsatiatable desires of human beings. It is economic development of man. If in the process monopoly of natural resources in the hands of a few persons is created, and war among nations is fought in defence of this social order, there is nothing wrong in it so long as the troublesome things are planned and managed by mind.

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12 Dec 2005 @ 09:41 by Sarah Herrmann @ : Old Civilization: Summing Up
I really like your insights. All sciences are not based on mind and reason; philosophy is. All other sciences are based on economic feasibility. Philosophy answers why. The other sciences answer what, where, and when.  

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