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10 Jan 2006 @ 15:46, by Shreepal Singh

Instincts, impulses, desires and all sorts of cravings are the motive-force of creation. These are full of life-energy. Without them there is no reason for life to manifest in varied forms. Though the universe as a whole is an ordered apparatus, without these forces there was no scope for this ordered apparatus to come into being. All beauty, love, passion and urge to go ahead in life emanate from desires, and also all ugliness, hate and dark impulses have their origin in desires.

The raison d'être of the creation ranging from this universe to life in its highest form is desire. If there is no desire there is no reason for life to exist. In human beings, if all traces of desire are eradicated by persistant efforts, as various spiritual disciplines for gaining self-control and mastery over one-self prescribe, the man would not only die like a dry leaf comes off a branch of tree but he would not be born again.

But we find there is this universal creation and therefore there is a wish, a desire that made this creation possible. We associate desire with human being but this force of creation, the force of an urge, is not dependent on any human agency. Though this universal force of creation is received and identified in human beings as desire. This whole universe in its present ordered state is a creation (it is not the creation out of nothing but merely a transformation from one state to another in a cyclic manifestation) and therefore it is driven by desires. The whole Creation is a grand desire. Within this whole there are infinite numbers of self-sustaining and independent constituent parts of desires that are beautifully integrated into this whole. And, not only the grand desire but also these constituent desires that are integrated with this grand urge exist as a hard realty. These have their own world and own rules. These cravings are formed and transformed, and received and transmitted by living creatures, though the creatures themselves merely feel them a part of their own consciousness. Is it true to state that desires exist in universe independent of human beings who feel them? Also, as we have said earlier, is it true to state that thoughts exist in universe independent of human beings who are conscious of them? Let us give an analogy to understand the truth of the matter in this respect. We human beings perceive colours, beautiful and of various hues. Do these colours exist in universe independent of human beings? Yes, they exist. But they do not exist in the form of ‘colours’ as we perceive them. The colours are the corresponding sensations in the bain of human beings of particular frequencies of electromeganetic radiation. Colours exist in nature, though not as colours but a corresponding reality. Our universe is an apparatus that is full of order and logic, if there is a human being to search and sense these harmonious structure. Even if there is no human being there to sense and ‘certify’ this orderliness of universe, it still exists there as a hard reality. Our universe is a beautiful creation that is still continuing to grow. Our desires are its reflection in our consciousness and even if we are not there to feel them, they exist there.

The Desire body of human being is an independent formation and remains interwoven with the physical body during the life-time of human being. After his death, this body is released into a world of Desire-World. After this release, this Desire body remains emotionally attached to the dear ones of the dead person and does not wish to leave the company of these realatives. However, it is not always possible for this Desire body to get connected with the people living in the physical world. Under certain conditions, like receptivity and open willingness of the living dear ones, this body some times gets connected with them. Then, these persons are said to talk with the dead soul (but it is not soul, depending on the definition of soul). This body remains intact in its Desire World for a certain length of time, like we live for certain period in this physical world. Also, some time, this intact body is assimilated completely by a new born baby and then the child ‘remembers’ his past birth.

It is rebirth of desire body, that remained intact under suitable conditions, like strong desires, demands, revenge, love and innumerable other circumstances. The Desire bodies in the Desire-World, spend their appointed lives. Some times, they happen to come into contact with the physical world of human beings, under suitable conditions and they are perceived as ‘strange beings’ by human beings. These beings have real existence. Within ourselves, we all have our such beings. After death, our desire bodies are released into the world of these beings. On completion of its appointed period, the Desire body also gets disintegrated into its constituent elements. These disintegrated elements of desires are again absorbed by growing children in our physical world. Thus the cycle of transformation of desires goes on in nature.

In fact, we ‘receive’ desires, though we feel as if we are desiring. We human beings are meeting place of various forces, desires, thoughts etc. We not only receive desires from other sources, but also we generate and transmit them to others. It is a subject of complexity much more than the the problem of Grand Unifification of Fundamental forces of physical Nature. So far as it is relevant for human beings to understand and utilise their conclusions in day to day life, this subject has been beautifully dealt with by Lord Buddha and Lord Jesus Christ in their prescriptions.

Under certain conditions and in certain places, we sometimes get chocked with certain kind of desire, say desire of hate, or love, as we are simply receiving them as receivers.

As we possess desire body, the great persons (like Jesus Christ, Gautam Buddha etc.), have taught human beings to channelise desires in a particular direction to gain mastery over them and ultimately eradicate them (by dedicating them to certain ideal or other suitable means).

Like physical body, Desire Body also is an instrument of Eternal Element and exists only because there is this Eternal Element. The Desire body is never destroyed, it is simply disintegrated, recycled, absorbed, assimilated and transformed in cyclic manner.

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13 Jan 2006 @ 22:15 by jerryvest : Thank you for this excellent article
on desires. That they are ever present and can be transcended is a new way for me to engage them. I have often thought of my desires as my enemies, now I am going to be more accepting of them. Thank you Shreepal.  

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