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 'In Debt We Have Trusted'
19 Aug 2007 @ 21:15, by Astrid Ware

'In Debt We Have Trusted'
...For Over 300 Years
Jim Kirwan
8-18-7 /// Posted on [link]

After decades of searching for the lynch-pin that literally holds everything about this corrupted world together; this morning brought an answer in a
Forty-seven minute video. It asks a seemingly very simple question:
Where Does Money Come From?
The answer is equally simple but devastatingly obvious, once the players and their rules are clarified. (1)
This also tangentially explains just how it is that the Corporatocracy and the Banks continue to demand that "growth must always increase" ­ every hour, every day, every year and every decade. This is impossible because under the laws of nature nothing can go up forever-and yet that is exactly what our entire monetary system is based on-along with its shadow partner-the ever-expanding debt of individuals, companies, corporations, and especially governments.
One explanation of how such a flawed design could ever hope to work is quoted in the video: "In the child's game of musical chairs, so long as the music continues-no one loses." This is what was being threatened on the markets all last week-the music was about to stop; because credit-everywhere was drying up.
Most people work and live in a world of tangible labor; thinking that the reward for that labor is as real as the sweat of their efforts to obtain it. But the answer to 'Where Does Money Come From' shreds that cloak of secrecy that has hidden this shell-game from the general public for centuries.
Brasscheck said the following in introducing this video:
"What do Presidents John F. Kennedy, James Garfield and Abraham Lincoln, and Congressman Louis McFadden all have in common?

They all believed in the necessity of dismantling what has evolved into what is now known as the Federal Reserve Banking System ("The Fed")

They were unique in that they all had the understanding and power to act on their beliefs, but never got the chance to because they were assassinated before got the chance.

What's the big deal about the Fed? For starters, it's not, contrary to
popular belief, a part of the government. It's privately owned...which means the United States does not control its own money supply. Strange but true.

The Fed was created around the same time that the US adopted such charming practices as taxing the income of working people
and conscripting its citizens against their will to fight and die in overseas
wars. Who really rules America? It's not who you think."
Bankers have always been publicly seen as solid, no-nonsense guardians of growth and prosperity in many countries. In truth it turns out they are mostly fraudulent tricksters performing feats of pure fantasy that make them rich to the direct degree that they succeed in undermining nature, while destroying economies and most forms of general prosperity-along with the global security of the planet. These are the same people that have elevated 'money' to its currently outrageous position over everything else in life.
The history clearly shows that the international bankers were behind both World Wars: They financed both sides before during and after: including the especially lucrative and destabilizing re-construction that altered the equations for global trade in the post-war period. The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) were also the tools used to destroy the few remaining independent nations after WWII. Those were previously self-sustaining states that were forced, though 'loans,' to become single product exporting nations, at the expense of their former ability to sustain themselves.
This made them vulnerable to monetary shifts in global trade, and virtually enslaved those people in a global-system that did not serve to keep them alive. The latest additions to these crimes were and are all the international trade agreements that began in Europe and have now spread to this hemisphere. However, at least in Latin America there is finally a real public resistance to this takeover of so much of the world's natural resources and the people that once owned them.
Of course the so-called "War-on-Terror" is only the Middle-Eastern form for doing what was done to so many other nations around the world-and because its resources are oil and water, the banks methods have become far more violent. Religion, politics and Armageddon along with race-hatred, and shear terror have are all being used now to bolster the mandatory levels of fear that are needed to keep this open-ended war burning - forever: Or until these same central banks that seek control over all the resources of that region are victorious ­ whichever comes first.
No one in these institutions seems to have factored in what will really happen, to those resources or to the planet, due to the methods being used and the nuclear contamination of so much territory ­ after the bullets and bombs have ceased to rain on what's left of those people.
Instead, as the film points out, the goal seems to be to simply own all the money and all the goods-with no real thought of what that will mean to those of us from whom everything will have been taken. What good will the money or the power be ­ when virtually nothing is created with it? The money in itself is completely worthless-it's not backed up by anything except more worthless paper. Without the creation of goods and services, there is no "growth," and without the means to obtain what we need to live-there can be no economy and hence no life!
Our national balance of trade is negative, because when we speak of "trade" we are referring to all those imports that are coming in from all those outsourced 'American' companies overseas. The USA has become nothing more than a dumping ground for junk and poisoned food, made in China and elsewhere by US affiliated companies that escaped US regulations and taxes, while reaping obscene profits at the expense of American workers and customers.
The latest chapter in this nightmare is called the North American Union (NAU) that is slated to be completed by 2010. This would combine Canada, Mexicoand the United States into a single military, economic and trade block: as a new entity in the world. This concoction would open the door for the bankers to extend credit to a whole new population of the poor and as yet uninitiated ­it would also dissolve the USA as a nation. The currency for this new obscenity will be the "Amero." There is a meeting being held on this subject, next week-be sure to demand coverage from whatever media you have!
"Next week, on August 20 and 21, Stephen Harper, George Bush and Mexican President Felipe Calderon will spend a couple of days quietly sequestered at a hotel in Montebello, Quebec, a location that will not be open to the public or the press. No cameras will be permitted inside and public discussion of what takes place in those meetings will be tightly controlled and managed by the three leaders.

While camped out at the Chateau Montebello, a luxury hotel in Quebec, the three will discuss what is being called the "Security and Prosperity Partnership" or SPP. While SPP is officially being spun as little more than an opportunity for the three amigos to discuss security and prosperity many critics are calling the SPP a case of NAFTA (The North American Free Trade Agreement) on steroids. SPP was initiated in March 2005 at a summit of the Canadian, US, and Mexican leaders.

The SPP exists only as a verbal entity and is not found in any official treaty or identified in any government legislation. Instead SPP is based on private discussions between the leaders themselves and closed door meetings with big business, lobbyists and political insiders.

From the Canadian perspective, the SPP is a means of completely overhauling Canadian business, military and social programs without having to adhere to normal democratic processes or contend with unwanted public scrutiny.

Since none of what is discussed or agreed upon during SPP meetings is ever reflected in official documents the public has no idea what is being done behind the scenes and no opportunity to have a say in the nation's future. A future which, if SPP proponents like Stephen Harper have their way, will see Canada suffer massive job losses and lead to the destruction of the of social programs and benefits we all depend on.

One of these secret meetings took place in Sept 2006 in Banff Springs, Alberta. When asked by the media if he was in attendance Public Safety Minister, Stockwell Day refused to confirm or deny his attendance. He instead said that "if he was there" it was a "private" meeting that he would not comment on.

"No item - not Canadian water, Mexican oil, or American anti-dumping laws - "is off the table"; rather, contentious or intractable issues will simply require more time to ripen politically."

- Leaked Minutes of a 2004 meeting of the Task Force on the Future of North America

The North American Competitiveness Council, (NACC) was launched as part of the SPP program in June 2006. It is the only known advisory group to the SPP and the only "tangible" component of the SPP itself.

The NACC is made up of 30 powerful, hand picked and influential corporate leaders from the three nations along with a few "special" advisors. According to recent reports the minutes of a January 10, 2006 "Dialogue on the Security and Prosperity Partnership" meeting reveal that the NACC was created to "engage substantively and pragmatically on trade and security issues without undue deference to political sensitivities." (2)
The clock is ticking and we must demand answers to these basic questions from this so-called government that supposedly serves us. This government needs to learn the hard way to fear its people, just as people should remember that government is only there to serve the public and not to enslave us!
1) Money as Debt
2) Harper Bush and Calderon Secretly Plot Future of North America

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