I walked out of dispair and into my joy => Part 8 ((FOUNDATION))0 comments
Monday, June 11th 2007
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 Random Acts of kindness - JOY - & Music => PART 70 comments
Monday, June 11th 2007
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 Snake on my arm?? Part 60 comments
Monday, June 11th 2007
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 MY GOD GOD works fast!! Part 50 comments
Monday, June 11th 2007
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 What you can do 4 a dieing Boy can be done for This Earth!! Part 40 comments
Monday, June 11th 2007
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 HOW 2 FIRE YOUR GRID => Part 30 comments
Monday, June 11th 2007
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 BOY DO I PICK the waves or what!!?? PART 20 comments
Monday, June 11th 2007
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 BOY do I pick winners or what!!?? PART 10 comments
Monday, June 11th 2007
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 Peacemakers Organize the “Jerusalem Hug”0 comments
pictureSaturday, June 9th 2007
Friday, June 08, 2007 ::Peacemakers Organize the “Jerusalem Hug”
Current mood: grateful while tears of utter gratitude flow from my heart!!
Category: Daring 2 LOVE Life!!


By Paul Pierce, Quaker International Affairs Representative

On Monday, May 21, the Jerusalem Peacemakers organized an event to show the message of unity between the families of Abraham. Nearly 2000 Jews, Christians and Muslims and other friends and supporters from around the world gathered to show unity and came together to "hug" the old city of Jerusalem.

"By coming together to hug the old city, we show unity between Arabs and Jews, between all human beings, and by symbolically coming together to hug the old city we show that it is the heritage of all of humanity," says Eliyahu McLean, of the Jerusalem Peacemakers.

McLean acknowledged the work of the human rights organizations "Who are rightfully working to oppose various aspects of the Israeli policy, such as occupation, checkpoints, the building of the wall, etc," but said that the "big hug" is not against any particular policy.

"It is for showing unity between Arabs and Jews", McLean says. "We want to show the positive example of peace for the future that we want to manifest."

He also acknowledges the importance of Jerusalem to the three major religions.

"It's a holy place for the Jews. It's where the first and second Temple stood. It's the holiest place for the Christians. It's where Jesus walked and where the crucifixion happened. And it's a holy place for Muslims. It's where Mohammed came on his night journey. Al Aqua Mosque is here. Jerusalem is really a symbol for all of the world's traditions. The problem is that each tradition builds an exclusive narrative on this city that doesn't include the other people who also consider it holy. We want to show another way," says McLean.

"We want to show the peace of Jerusalem that we want to see manifest on a larger scale. We want to show a taste of that peace today on a smaller scale," says McLean.

Another leader of the Jerusalem Peacemakers, Ibrahim Ahmad Abu El-Hawa, a Palestinian Muslim living on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, joined with McLean to call for the end of violence between Israelis and Palestinians and for a ban on the importation of weapons that build the conflict on all sides.

El-Hawa called the guns and arms that are imported into Israel/Palestine "worse that drugs and alcohol," because they wind up in the hands of Jews and Arabs alike and both groups suffer as a result of the proliferation of these weapons.

Groups of "peacemakers" gathered at five gates of the old city of Jerusalem to dance, sing, pray, chant and hold hands in unity during the event. Israelis and Palestinians joined with Christians in the celebration and people from several countries including Turkey, Russia, Japan, China, the USA and the Netherlands took part in the event. At 5pm, they all joined hands and symbolically hugged the Old City of Jerusalem. Afterwards, the group moved to the area around the Damascas Gate and joined in singing, dancing with Palestinians, Christians, Jewish settlers and a wide variety of people who were on the scene.

Event organizer Dvora Pearlman said the gathering took months of planning, lots of meetings with police officials and that it resulted in a lot of positive energy for the city of Jerusalem. She said that Palestinians from the old city asked if the event could be repeated. She also expressed the opinion that the quality of the event was more significant that the quantity of persons attending.

"The joy of being together is better than the sadness of being apart," says Pearlman, and she feels that "Jerusalem is like a magnet that draws people together because of its significance. They can feel it in their hearts," she says.

Pearlman says that now that the precedent has been set, more people will come next time because it's enjoyable and its fun.

Brenda Says, "Watch the most wonderful sight & sound you will ever HEAR here It is the sound of LOVE stopping the world and turning it around!!! Listen with your heart and soul. You will never be the same again..."  Read More

 WE ARE NOW in the 5TH Dimension INDEED, by Dinesh Kuwar 2 comments
pictureThursday, May 24th 2007

PART 1... We are now in the Fifth Dimension meaning that the mechanism of our Reality is based on the workings of the 5th Dimensional Gadgetry. It is a a Point of No Return (Unless you Time Travel).

I Know this like I know there were some butterflies in my tummy when I got up this morning. I was filled with stunning hyped amazement yesterday evening knowing and feeling that I could instantly Create through Powered Thought and it all became complete clarification this morning.


THANK YOU Lightworkers, Every Being that contributed, Higher Beings and All Encompassing Creator. You are the ones that are Fundamental for bringing the Divine Decree into a new World just as Source is Fundamental for Creation.

What has changed ? ? --------------------

Basically, our World Earth now works of Fifth Dimension "Hardware" (Heart)

-This 5D World is now more than just Physical Density. -Creations appear quicker in Reality. -The Scope of Creation goes beyond limitation. Anything that can be thought of has an equal possibility of manifesting as anything else does. It depends on a Critical Mass of Beings of this world to Focus on bringing it into Reality. With Divine Decree and the Additional Energy influx of Higher Beings, this will be brought to manifestation in Divine Timing so that All are comfortable with it.

-First Contact by Extra-Terrestrials is highly possible now since we match their Vibration. They are the ones that will be fundamental in advancing all kinds of (not just Transistor) technology including Scientific, Political, Social...

-The Construct of Time in the measurement sense that we've "invented"is falling away.

How to Align with 5D --------------------

The 5D Hardware and Pure Raw Energy Source is available to All who are housed on Earth. What's required is to be in alignment with it through adjusting the Mind ("Software") to make use of it's Complete Potential. This means that all Older Frames of Mind (Restriction) need to fall away.

You have to believe and trust that Strongly Focused Thought and Powered Intent is the method of operating the 5D mechanism so that Source Energy can be conceptualized, put into Production and also reveal Undiscovered Existance.

What do You do Now ? ? ----------------------

*Learn how to Create accordingly.

Now that you are Conscious of this New Earth, learn the methods that harmonize with it. Learn how to create efficiently and effectively.

I encourage Lightworkers to continue so that more miracles can be brought to fruition and I would like to see more and more Awakening to the Divine role of Lightworker. In that way we could continue to essentially Crank away up the Dimensions until we're completely Surrended in Love.

Do you want to shift into the role of Lightworker?

Lightworkers are crucial. Being a Lightworker (if you can't identify yourself as being one now) gives you access to what you have now and more and they work towards the Wellbeing of All. Access is granted to All the wonderment and ability of the Potential that's unconditionally available so I would recommend it with a boost to those that choose to want to Walk the Path of a Lightworker.

----- *see care2firethegrid Light Worker Group Here we have 110 beginners and about 25 advanced lightworkers participating and classes (by phone conference usually on Saturdays) in BEGINNER and ADVANCED group energy work to date.

----- *Familiarize yourself with the workings of this New World for it is as Realistic Truth as the core Crystalline Grid of This Evolved Earth IS. *We ALL have Ascended since we reside on the same Planet*. Some of us are Aware of it and some may be not. Which one are you? What do you want to do about it?

PS. Please don't mind me (Dinesh Kuwar) for sounding like a Technical Artisan. It is just that this all happened today! May 21, 2007

"Atlantis has Risen like an Indestructible Brick Wall standing stunned and flowing a million tears of Passionate Pride in all remembrance of what IT was and what IT is NOW"  Read More

 If It Ain't REAL - Spit out your Meal!! *VIDEO REPORT*0 comments
Monday, May 21st 2007

THIS JUST IN: From The Million Mouth March on Washington DC earlier this week!!

read much much more at: http://www.mouthrevolution.com/

 ASCENSION SYMPTOMS & adjusting to the NEW TIME, frequencies of1 comment
pictureMonday, May 21st 2007
Archangel Michael & Celia Fenn ~ A Dialogue

"Infinity" (image shown here) Is a representation thru. Janosh from the Arcturians - Link to the CODES also on bottom of EXCERPT. [link]

An Archangel Michael EXCERPT:

I am sure that most of you are familiar with the "Ascension symptoms". Well, most of these, including the exhaustion, the nausea, the dizziness and headaches etc, have little to do with "cleansing", and more to do with *the body adjusting to a new time frame*. It is a *process of recalibration* of the being to a higher frequency that manifests as a much "slower" reality frame. But, within that slower time frame, the process of manifestation is moving much faster, creating feelings of anxiety and disorientation in some.

The deep emotional and mental changes are *a result of this recalibration and re-alignment*. As you align more closely to the Divine Essence within you, your core center of light and love, you move into a clearer and purer sense of your own being, that which we call the Absolute Truth of Who You Are. With each small shift you become more of who you truly are, and more of the illusions and the dross falls away. You discover that you are a Being of Light in a Cosmos of Manifest Love. That is your true identity in the realms of light called "heaven", and it is your true identity as you bring heaven to earth to create the New Earth as a place of Love made Manifest.  Read More

 DIALOG with a DREAM WALKER0 comments
pictureFriday, May 4th 2007

What is a DreamWalker?

She can help you consciously:

Explore your dreams and visions,
Develop your own dream diary,
Practice lucid dreaming
and learn to interpret your dream images.

I currently have the following services available
by donation only, using email for convenience or by live-time phone connection:

1) Dream Analysis and Interpretation

2) Dream Journal Review

3) Phone Consultations: 208 746 4582 - or email: 555glenda@cableone.net
for email exchange appointment.
email or verbal DREAMWALKS usually take 60 minutes and are donation supported @ $60/hour recommended.

Click more 4 A DREAM and A DREAMWALK example =>  Read More

 Twin Flame Energy Seeding The NEW EARTH - by Celia Fenn2 comments
pictureWednesday, April 25th 2007
"Merging Red and White" A Report by Fons Koopmans

This was undoubtedly the most energetic and controversial of
the workshops. The workshop was presented by myself and Ian
Henderson of the Netherlands. The topic we chose continues to
be controversial and, I think, much misunderstood. Or, should
I say, that most people's understanding of what the Twin Flame
energy is about derives from Old Energy paradigms. The
function of the Twin Flame energy is the New Earth is indeed
quite different, and , as Archangel Michael keeps saying, it
is the basis upon which we will create the New Earth. Well, I
can say that after this experience I have a very clear
perspective on what this energy is all about. I will start by
saying that it is NOT about a great Romantic relationship
between two people. It is not about "finding the other half of
your Soul"! While the idea the someone out there may hold the
key to your happiness, and that all you have to do is find
them and become whole, may be deeply comforting, it is indeed
just a form of co-dependence. Maybe the ultimate form of
co-dependence. "I need you to be whole". This is just not
true. Each of us must become One and Whole within ourselves
before we can venture into the area of the Twin Flame. The
Twin Flame is not a "person" that you find, but a spiritual
experience that can be created and re-created. It is an energy
that is within you and within all living and sentient beings.

It is the energy of the Source and the Creator! It requires
maturity, love and acceptance, to be strong enough and
compassionate enough to engage this energy and its tremendous
power. It is indeed the raw power of Creation based in Love
and Desire and Manifestation. It is the original template of
Love as given by the Divine Source. Re-Creating the Original
Split and its Unification into One:

The "Pulse" of the Cosmos

In the beginning....the Source or Creator was "One" and
"Whole". But the desire to know the "Self" through another led
to split of that One into two, so that the Source could see
itself through the eyes of the "other". But the "other" was
the "self", and so the wonderful experience was created of
seeing yourself through the eyes of another, and experiencing
who you truly Are.

Now, this is the basis of all relationships, but the closer
that the relationship gets to expressing the pure Twin Flame
energy, the more powerful the Divinity and Creativity within
that relationship.

For in the "beginning", as it is known, the Source divided
into two - electrical/masculine and magnetic/feminine. And
from these two energies, all Creation streamed forth. And so,
the gift that is given is the gift of Reversing the "split" to
become One and United, in order to release the intense
creative power of the original Manifestation into Love. So,
when the Twin Flame energy is engaged, whether between two
people or between groups of people, a POWERFUL process is
engaged in which those who participate can access deep
wellsprings of creative power and love within themselves and
as a group.

For the purpose of the New Earth is to work as a Group and in
groups and communities. Those who can access this archetypal
energy and release the power of their inner being through the
energy of the Twin Flame will be those who create and manifest
peace and love on the planet. See *Twin Flame in Personal Relationships* =>  Read More

 Realizing The Universe Is Working In Your Favor Part I (posted only:by Brenda)2 comments
pictureSunday, April 15th 2007
Realizing The Universe Is Working In Your Favor
Part I: Introduction by Jason Randhawa

Life is the mechanism through which God expresses itself.
Life is perfect. All the events and people in your life are
helping you. Everything that is happening is perfect for you.
The Universe is actually working in your favor.

I know, based on your perceptions of life (i.e. experiences),
you probably think all or most of the statements above are
not only absolutely ridiculous but also very naïve. By now,
you should understand the basics of the Law of Attraction and
that if you want to believe this and experience it you can.

The majority of people don't see that life is actually good.
These people are like fish looking out of their tank. What
the fish see of the external world is very limited and
extremely distorted by the glass and the water. They do not
realize they are in a tank looking out.

Like the fish, we too are for the most part unable to see the
bigger picture. Humans tend to see only a small part of it.
But, everything is very multidimensional.  Read More

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