The Night 'I SAW' a River of Stars2 comments
pictureMonday, November 27th 2006
One night when i was 16 months old and We lived in Jacksonville, Florida on the outskirts of the city (while my dad was a drill sargent in the US ARMY) on a swampy lake in a log cabin surrounded by white sandy beach to the front, a huge rock wall to the left facing the lake, and to the back a jungle forest full of wild pigs.

This night at 9:30PM EST I was in my crib awake looking up and as usual I could 'see through' the ceiling & roof as if there were a large seeing lense in the roof, just like sky lights look on houses today! I peered at the stars a lot then. I was one energy with them then. This night as I vibrated with them and celebrated watching them in my whole horizonary view, suddenly a whole group of stars, about 1/2 of the whole night sky full, began to fall all at once and they fell down through the night sky they ran together to make a glorious river of stars. I was utterly delighted and filled with massive exuding JOY feelings beholding this phenomenon. I of cource called for my mother to come in and see it too but alas, she could not 'see through' the roof of the cabin... So all that I SAW was not even there for her.

*She had a very strange reaction to my enthusiastic account. She became hystericle and frightened and forbade me to ever tell anyone 'WHAT I SAW' that night. 'WHAT I WAS CELEBRATING THAT NIGHT'... in 1943.

As it turned out that vision portended THIS VERY POINT IN TIME here on Earth when we lightworkers have all come en-mass into incarnation AT THIS TIME, becoming.... A River Of Stars.  Read More

 A mighty army wielding the Sword of Light will lead you onwards 2 comments
pictureSunday, November 26th 2006
Ela: A mighty army wielding the Sword of Light will lead you onwards ============================ channeled by Mike Quincey

I come to you dear friends from realms that are both your future and your past. Eons of time ago you were fully arrayed in the beautiful splendor of multi-colors that depicted your place in the higher dimensions. You wore your colors so that all would know of your demeanor, not that it was in anyway a show of egotism. You were known by the Light you emitted, and it was glorious and splendid in its purity.

It is not that you have now fallen from grace, but you would have been unable to remain in the lower dimensions with full knowledge of your greatness. The lower vibrations immediately impacted upon you very quickly, and you were pulled into the duality of both positive and negative vibrations. As many of you now know, the veils of forgetfulness were drawn across your eyes so that you could fully immerse yourself in the challenges presented.  Read More

 "Tough times never last. Tough people do!"1 comment
pictureThursday, November 16th 2006
Guidelines for looking at problems in the proper perspective:

Thoughts cause feelings, and the wrong kinds of thoughts can cause stressful feelings. We can look at the same event different ways. One is in the optimistic way and the other is pessimistically. It is the age old debate of whether to look at the glass as half full or as half empty.

It helps if you can learn to look at the good things in life rather than the ugly. For example, if you got into a car accident and totaled your car, you can sit there and feel sorry for yourself, or angry for losing the car. These are all self-defeating. On the other hand, you can thank God that you were not killed or, worse yet, maimed in the car accidents. When you look at life's events like that you will have something to smile at every event and that is the power of positive living.

Robert Schuller, the author of "Tough times never last. Tough people do!" gives the following guidelines in looking at problems in the proper perspective:

* Every Living Human Being Has Problems.  Read More

 WHAT SHOULD WE EXPECT NOW? by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles1 comment
pictureTuesday, October 24th 2006
Article Source => [link]

Last week the Earth was bathed with a colossal influx of 5th-Dimensional Ultraviolet Light. This shaft of Light interpenetrated every electron of precious Life energy for approximately 17 hours. This powerful influx of Light accelerated one-millionfold the Etheric frequencies of the mental and emotional strata of Earth. During that time, this acceleration had the effect of amplifying Humanity's thoughts and emotions one-millionfold as well.

Lightworkers around the world took advantage of this rare opportunity and empowered hopes and dreams for themselves and for all Life on this sweet Earth. Now what should we anticipate from this gift of Light? How can we expand the beneficial effects?  Read More

 Are We Ready 4 Where We Are Going? posted by Freo`71 comment
pictureThursday, October 19th 2006
"The Humanity Ascending Series is breathtaking in its scope, startling in its clarity and gloriously hopeful, demonstrating why Barbara Marx Hubbard is a global treasure and one of the greatest visionaries of our time." —Neale Donald Walsch

The human body is a living “holographic projection machine”. As the neurological structure process the DNA codes as electric impulses, the individual will perceive outside of himself - as three dimensional matter - the images and events that where programmed into his DNA.  Read More

 WE LOVE 4 THE SAKE of LOVING1 comment
pictureWednesday, October 18th 2006
Please Everyone involved now in the 1017 Mission,

Post all of your ongoing follow up ideas and activities
in the comments section below that are ALREADY MANIFEST
and in the Earth Womb OVEN


Here's 2 to start just in in the last 30 minutes:

*****Make Someone Feel Good***** [link]

***I AM GOD's LOVE Manifesting NOW*** [link]


B Free B Now B the LOVE and...Live It's Power

Read about Valeria the beautiful Feminine voice in
I LOVE YOU Audio above =>  Read More

 THE BELIEF FACTOR . You'll see it when you believe it….By Gillian MacBeth-Loutha0 comments
pictureMonday, October 16th 2006
THE BELIEF FACTOR . You'll see it when you believe it….By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

The numerical doorway of 10-17-2006 (1-8-8 = 17)

A place where the numerical status of planet earth comes to an immediate turning point. Exceeding the speed limits of the turn stile one will be catapulted forward into the echo of every past thought. A perpetual place of transformation held captive by all energies that are and have been aligned with the host human.  Read More

 Calling All VIRGOS & the people who put up with US!!6 comments
pictureThursday, October 12th 2006

Notable stars in Virgo: Epoch 2000
Longitude Name Nature Mag. Position Lat. Dec.
27 Vi. 10 Zavijava Mercury/ Mars 3.8 Near head of maiden 01N 02N
04 Li. 31 Zaniah Mercury/ Venus 4 Southern wing 02N 00N
09 Li. 57 Vindemiatrix Saturn/ Mercury 3.0 Northern Wing 16N 11N
10 Li. 08 Porrima Mercury/ Venus 2.9 Maiden's waist 03N 01S
11 Li. 28 Auva Mercury/ Venus 3.7 Maiden's stomach 09N 03N
21 Li. 53 Heze Mercury/ Venus 3.4 Maiden's thigh or girdle 09N 00N
23 Li. 50 Spica Venus/ Mars 1.2 Ear of corn in maiden's left hand 02S 11S
03 Sc. 48 Syrma Mercury/ Mars 4.2 Hem of dress 07N 06S
06 Sc. 57 Khambalia Mercury/ Mars 4.6 Left foot 00N 14S
Virgo is the only female figure in the zodiac and as such has been associated with most of the main female deities: Ishtar, Innana, Aphrodite, Ceres, Demeter, Astraea, Erigone, Isis; and in Christian symbolism, the Virgin Mary. The zodiac figure is generally depicted as a winged maiden holding a palm branch in her left hand and an ear of corn in her right. The palm branch is an ancient symbol of rejoicing, triumph and glorification. The ancient Egyptians used a branch of Palm stripped of its leaves to mark the passage of years and the hieroglyphic of the Palm thus became a symbol for words such as 'year', 'time' or 'season'. Palm branches were waved in jubilation at important seasonal ceremonies to celebrate the rule of a king or annual festivals. The ear of corn held in the right hand clearly links the constellation to the season of agricultural harvest or expectation.  Read More

 I didn't write this BUT I WISH I HAD!! "The Ascended Earth"2 comments
pictureMonday, October 9th 2006
A LIGHT WORKER PROJECT I have adopted 100%

1. Ascended Earth Focus.

Visualize your Higher Self as a brilliant golden ball of Light above your head . On the In-breath, breathe in that vibrant Golden Higher Self Light to the solar plexus and allow it to fill your being. With the out-breath, send it down through your feet to the Earth , seeing the Earth blanketed with this sparkling, healing Golden Light.

My Higher Self suggests that, after bathing the Earth in Golden Light, we can visualize a giant man and woman, dressed in black, superimposed over the Earth , symbolizing all humanity on Earth. We can then sweep them with a Giant Golden Broom, sweeping all fear based energies into a Giant Golden Wastebasket. Keep sweeping until they turn Golden. This means Pure Unconditional Love has replaced fear in the collective mind of humanity.  Read More

 LOA Story #2: MY DREAM HORSES and Red Cloud6 comments
pictureSaturday, September 30th 2006
When I was 7 and in the 2nd grade they all thought I talked too much. I was always telling others about my dreams and they were tired of hearing them I guess. I used to love to dream about my horses... I had horses of all colors and a ranch with grassy hills. And All my horses were named...

My own mother was so exasperated at my imaginary horses she forbade me to talk anymore about them and she made me sit down and write & illustrate little books about "MY HORSES" instead.  Read More

 THE BIG DO-NUT0 comments
Saturday, September 30th 2006
LOA story #1: THE BIG DONUT ... My age 6 first day of the first grade, standing in the hot lunch line. Alas, my last name started with an S which put me at the back of the lunch line going slowly in alphabetical order... I stood in the lunch line 3rd from the last person. Up ahead I could see a HUGE platter of home made donuts piled high. It was way up at the front of the line where all the kids in front of me were receiving their lunches on plastic trays. The donuts were all you could smell!!

I was SO HUNGRY that my stomach ached and I was very sad that there might be no donuts left by the time I got up there in front of them. So, I shut my eyes tight and I pictured a great big steaming hot donut as I pick it off an almost empty tray. I put it in my mouth and I took a bite. MMMMMMMM it was so good! I kept my eyes shut and moved step by step along with all the other kids in the lunch line. I took another bite. MMMMMMM it is so good too! And another bite and another bite until my BIG DONUT was all gone but the sugar left on my fingers. As I lick my fingers, another kid behind me poked me in the ribs and said, "HEY!! move up...will ya?"

I opened my eyes and took a step. There before me was the biggest sugar donut I had ever seen on top of 3 smaller ones on the big platter. Of course I took my big donut immediately.

The rest of the lunch was terrible. They had the most awful chocolate pudding made from soy powder I've ever NOT EATEN but my donut was just as good in every bite as the first time I ate it!
_________________________________________________________________  Read More

 DOORWAY to all our gifts is LOVING OUR SELVES I got it from...the Pleiadians2 comments
pictureMonday, September 25th 2006
All quotes below are from the latest Pleiadians through Barbara Marciniak book, Path of Empowerment: Pleiadian Wisdoms for a World in Chaos (2004)

Pleiadian Wisdoms on "Gratitude For Who You Are"

The new common sense is about knowing that all of life is significant and that you must take care of it. We recommend that you become enamored of yourself, for you are a miraculous form of creation, capable of manifesting a magnificent and majestic version of existence through your thoughts, words, and deeds. Seek the path that brings fun and joyful living, where you attract meaningful and significant life experiences.

*You always automatically energetically pass on what you are learning*
*SEE LOVE OURSELVES ISLAND and join the forum/left margin, to practice & process with others
*To see the rest of this piece click for =>  Read More

 THE GREATEST Law of Attraction Story EVER TOLD ! !13 comments
pictureFriday, September 22nd 2006
Believe it or not.... This is an actual account... Total reality meaning...THIS DID HAPPEN Tuesday evening about 5 PM PST and it is SO PHENOMENAL I must give you the background first:

For 3 days prior to MY GREATEST LOA EXPERIENCE of all time bar nothing... I was enjoying a fantasy of me being in a live-time seminar with Joe Vitale`. Joe is tops on my super-special list because he opened the DOOR to Ho`oponopono 4 me about 2 months ago in a one page article that just about everyone on planet has seen by now. And if you scroll my sidebar here you will come to wherever and whenever I posted it THE DAY IT CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!  Read More

 MANIFESTING HEAVEN ON EARTH - Part 2 of 2 by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles2 comments
pictureTuesday, September 12th 2006
MANIFESTING HEAVEN ON EARTH - Part 2 of 2 by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles [link]

After that activity of Light was complete, the Angels of Ministering Grace were summoned from the Heart of the Great, Great Central Sun. The Angels of Ministering Grace are selfless servants of God, and they consider it their great opportunity and joy to serve Humanity and all Life on Earth.

In the fullness of God’s Love, these blessed Angels bathed Humanity’s physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies in the healing unguent of God’s Faith and Power. As this Divine Substance penetrated into the core of Humanity’s Earthly Bodies, every person was lifted into new levels of wisdom and understanding. The following profound Truth was awakened within every Heart Flame:

“I live, move and truly have my Being in the living, breathing, intelligent Body of God, All That Is. No matter how far I may have strayed in my behavior or thoughts, I can never leave the safety of God’s Presence. All I need to do is awaken to the reality of my own I AM Presence within the safe and secure Loving Heart of God, and I will be lifted in consciousness out of my self-created illusion of separation.”

On August 14th, the Beings of Light said the events of the previous day had raised the vibration within Humanity’s Earthly Bodies high enough to withstand a 5th-Dimensional frequency of Healing beyond anything we had previously experienced. The Divine Intent of this particular Healing was to heal the wounded hearts and minds of the recalcitrant souls who are still resisting the Light and acting out of the obsolete, behavior patterns of fear, hate, aggression, violence and ignorance.

These souls are modeling the epitome of Humanity’s fall from Grace, that horrific time when the Love Nature of our Mother God was forced to withdraw from Earth, and we began distorting the Power and Will of our Father God into gross mutations of abuse and lack of reverence for Life.

The attendees at the WCI, serving as surrogates on behalf of Humanity, expanded their Heart Flames into one unified forcefield of Transfiguring Divine Love. In an unprecedented act of compassion and forgiveness, these selfless souls asked the I AM Presence of every person evolving on Earth to bring into our forcefield of Divine Love those who were resisting the Light of God and the Truth of their Oneness with ALL Life.  Read More

 MANIFESTING HEAVEN ON EARTH - Part 1 of 2 by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles1 comment
pictureTuesday, September 12th 2006
MANIFESTING HEAVEN ON EARTH - Part 1 of 2 by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles [link]

Precious Hearts, in alignment with the request of the Company of Heaven, I AM writing this article on September 7, 2006, within the embrace of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. This Divine Light is amplifying exponentially the activities of Light that were victoriously accomplished during the 20th Annual World Congress On Illumination, which took place on the Island of Kauai in Hawaii, August 12-17, 2006.

Through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth, another vitally important facet of the unfolding Divine Plan has been fulfilled. Once again, it has been demonstrated by our mighty I AM Presence that the Light of God is ALWAYS Victorious and that WE are that Light. The joy and gratitude pouring forth from the Heavenly Realms to all of the Lightworkers around the globe is truly wondrous.

During the first eight months of 2006, Saint Germain and the Legions of Light serving Life through the gifts of Violet Flame assisted Lightworkers around the world to purge literally tons of the discordant energy associated with Humanity’s human miscreations. After that intensified purification, another activity of Light took place during the 20th Annual World Congress On Illumination. The miracles that occurred during that time frame changed the course of direction for Planet Earth.

During that Cosmic Moment, the patterns of perfection from the original archetypes in the Garden of Eden were reactivated. These archetypes are encoded with the perfection of Heaven on Earth. They had been held in dormancy within the Etheric records of Kauai since Humanity first fell from Grace aeons ago. The initial impulse of the fall took place on the ancient continent of Lemuria, which was once a large land mass in the Pacific Ocean. The Hawaiian Islands are remnants of Lemuria.

After the activation, the Company of Heaven and the I AM Presence of every Lightworker around the world projected the patterns of perfection into the voids that were left behind by the Violet Fire purging. These newly-reactivated patterns of Heaven on Earth have been permanently encapsulated in God’s unfathomable Light. They cannot be contaminated by Humanity’s lower consciousness. At long last, the voids where darkness previously dwelled have been sealed forever.  Read More

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